Bath Filler Waste & Overflow

Bath Filler Waste & Overflow

It’s for clean-up effort and extensive damage in the bathroom, preventing used water from splashing onto the floor.

  • Plastic body, SS flange.
  • Zinc alloy handle wheel decorative overflow cover
  • Center distance 55cm
  • Brass waste clamp and big plug
  • Gray and white colors
  • G11/2″
  • 550-700 Length



Bath Filler Waste & Overflow – A basin waste and overflow designed to be installed in a bathtub. A chain and plug operate the waste, and the overflow is connected to the taps to allow water to escape if the bathtub is filled too high. Made from brass with a chrome finish, this bath filler waste and overflow is easy to install and provides a reliable way to keep your bathtub safe.

Bath Filler Waste & Overflow

– Basin waste for baths
– Chrome finish
– Fits standard baths

This bath filler waste and overflow are perfect for quickly and easily fitting a bath waste. The chrome finish is stylish and will complement any bathroom decor. The waste includes most standard Euro baths, making it a versatile option.

A basin waste pipe fitting diverts wastewater from the lavatory basin to a floor drain or soil stack. Basin wastes are available in various shapes and sizes, including round and rectangular versions. A basin waste includes an access cover with a removable plug, which cleans the overflow hole under the sink.

Bath Filler Waste & Overflow is a basin waste and overflows with a chrome finish. It is designed to fit into most baths and basins, providing an easy way to clean the bathwater. The waste features a pop-up plug that can be opened or closed by pressing down on it, making it ideal for use in any bathroom.

Bath Filler Waste & Overflow is an innovative, stylish, and highly effective alternative to traditional basin waste. Our products eliminate the need for a plumber to install a new bath waste system. A simple, screw-in replacement product that anyone in minutes can fit! Bath filler waste and overflow systems are designed to work seamlessly with all basins, including freestanding and under-mounted baths. The Bath Filler Waste and overflow range includes different sizes of basin wastes.

Bath Filler Waste & Overflow vs. Bathtub Drain Overflow: Regional Differences and Specifications

While universally relished, bathtubs differ in the mechanisms they use based on the region. Europe predominantly favors the Bath Filler Waste and overflow system, whereas North America typically opts for the Bathtub Drain Overflow system. In this guide, we’ll delve into the specifications of these systems and the factors influenced by regional preferences.

Bath Filler Waste & Overflow (Predominantly European Design)


This system is a seamless integration of the waste and the filler. Instead of a separate tap, the water fills the bathtub from the waste area itself.


  • Diameter: Usually about 50mm, but can vary.
  • Material: Often made of brass with chrome finishing for a polished appearance.
  • Connection Type: Generally features a 1½ inch connection.


  1. Space Efficiency: The system integrates two functions, hence economizing space.
  2. Modern Appeal: Provides a clean, minimalist look ideal for contemporary bathrooms.
  3. User Experience: Reduced number of fixtures enhances the ease of use.


  1. Complexity: The integrated system might be challenging to repair.
  2. Cost: It might be pricier due to its multifunctionality and modern design.

Bathtub Drain Overflow (Predominantly North American Design)


Its primary role in a more traditional design is to prevent water spillage by channeling excess water back to the drain.


  • Diameter: Ranges between 1½ to 2 inches.
  • Material: Typically brass or PVC, often with a chrome finish.
  • Connection Type: Typically a 1½ inch connection, but this can vary.


  1. Simplicity: Its straightforward mechanism ensures fewer complications.
  2. Affordability: Generally, it is more budget-friendly due to its singular function.
  3. Ubiquity: Being standard, replacements and repairs are more straightforward.


  1. Multiple Fixtures: Requires separate taps or fixtures for filling the tub.
  2. Aesthetics: It might not provide the streamlined appearance some homeowners seek.

Which One to Opt for?

Regional Preferences:

Being popular in Europe, bath Filler Waste and overflow aligns with the European love for minimalist designs and multifunctional fixtures. The Bathtub Drain Overflow, predominant in North America, leans more towards functionality and traditionalism.

Design Considerations:

The European Bath Filler Waste & Overflow system is apt if a sleek, modern design is the objective. The North American Bathtub Drain Overflow is ideal if traditional design and functionality are paramount.


The North American design might offer easier maintenance due to its ubiquity and simplicity.


The Bath Filler Waste and overflow and the Bathtub Drain Overflow have unique attributes catered to their respective regions’ preferences. The final choice depends on design aspirations, functional needs, and maintenance considerations. Whether you opt for European elegance or North American practicality, ensure it aligns with your bathroom’s overall design and utility.

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