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All drain stoppers have the same purpose: to keep water in the bathtub and stop water in the washbasin. So need drain used water with shoppers while taking a bath or wash hands—; A bathtub drain stopper is a sanitary element used in a bathtub for input or output water in a plumbing system. There are a few types of bathtub drain stoppers. The most common bathtub drain stoppers are:

  • Click-clack drainer.
  • Lift-and-turn stopper
  • Free open drainer.
  • Push-and-pull basin waste
  • pop-up stopper, 
  • toe-touch drainer, 
  • flip-it basin waste and trip lever strainer

The bottle trap-siphon is an essential element of the washbasin plumbing that drains used water and is odor-resistant in basin waste plumbing systems. It’s installed below the washbasin and connects with a drain stopper. The used water flows down the toilet trap from the washbasin bowel, into the plumbing drainage pipe, and then into the sewer, and there are many wastes, hair, and dirty. So the waste plumbing pipe with an awful smell nasty and harmful gases. Then P trap is for preventing flowing non-return back through plumbing pipes and returning to house and toilet. There are different names of waste trap-bottle trap, P-trap, Toilet-trap, siphon, and U bend trap.
The primary function is to drain used water to basin waste plumbing pipe and anti-odor bad smell gases

Bathroom sink drain stopper made from different raw materials.
1. PP, ABS plastic raw materials; the feature is the cheapest basin waste with a short lifetime and no use warranty.
2. stainless steel 201 and stainless steel 304.
SS201 is cheaper but has easy corrosion and rust. The lifetime is about one year, but SS304 is a good material with a polished finish and anticorrosion. The cost is similar to brass, with three years warranty.
3. carbon steel metals
It looks heavy, grey, dark, and ugly profile with a long lifetime for working, but fewer people choose it because it doesn’t look lovely in the bathroom.
4. Brass copper.
There are most residents selection, brass materials with polish and chrome plated finishing, CNC machine, three-year warranty, simple installation and looks very lovely in bathroom and home.
5. nickel bronze.
There are a few resident selections; nickel bronze materials are similar to CW602, with the anti-corrosion feature if you stay in coastal cities. It’s more expensive than regular is popular in the US and, Australia, New Zealand
6. Bronze.
Few customers selections-bronze materials; only one weakness is very high cost. The anti-corrosion feature has a ten-year warranty if you stay in coastal cities. Some floor drains, and valves are using this is popular in the united states, Australia, Europe

Hofen drain was founded in 2004 by Mr.Zhou to serve the needs of all plumbing, sanitary ware, and valves in Taizhou, China. The product lines included mixer, tap, floor drain, valves, basin waste, trap, faucet, brass fittings, etc. After a few years of developing plumbing products, the manufacturer focused on bath drain stoppers, kitchen sink strainers, drain kits, and bottle traps and is the leader in Toilet, Kitchen & Bath Accessories.

The factory is fabricating its products made of the highest-class quality materials. These products are certified with CE, ISO9001, and BSCI to ensure excellent finishing and warranty, .customization are available. Bath Waste & Overflows, and Decorative Kitchen & Bath Accessories worldwide. 

Hofen holds several patented items, including the bathtub drain kit with Overflow designed and manufactured. The customer base includes:

  • Kitchen parts and bath toilet showrooms.
  • Plumbing pipe system and water supply houses.
  • OEM and ODM are both available.
  • Bath drain, sink strainer can supply
  • Bathtub drain kits with Overflow
  • Sink Drain without Overflow Vessel Lavatory in bathroom Vanity
  • Grips Silicone/Stainless Steel Tub Stopper
  • Closed spud and flange for toilet fitting
  • Yes, Contact the customer feedback page for a reasonable and moderate latest quote about basin waste stopper. If possible, please forward your specific details, including size, design, artwork, weight, and applications.

Yes! It’s able to ask for a free sample before placing the bulk order. Existing Sample time usually will take 7-15 days, and customized new models will take 30 days with new tooling depending on the specifications you need.

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Lower minimum quantity request, maybe 500 units are available; we can be based on your order requests and manufacture customized plumbing water parts and deliver them to you.

Quality is our life, and it’s our primary responsibility. All of the hofen drain stoppers and siphons are with a 3-years warranty since you received goods. please learn more about our quality now from here

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