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How to Remove a Bath Drain Stopper

Your draining is a short portion of your bath. However, it can create a significant difficulty when it is not operating. 

  1. There are four popular types of bathtub drain stoppers:

Ø How to know which stopper you have:

Ø Pull-Pull

Ø Toe Turn

Ø PressFlo

Ø Lift and Turn

  1. Conclusion


Your draining is a short portion of your bath. However, it can create a significant difficulty when it is not operating. In this blog, you will identify the stopper you still have and how to drop it. 

How to know which type of cork you have: 

When the bathtub is not plunger linkage, it is unless lift and turn, Push-Pull, Toe Touch, and PressFlo stopper. These corks work beside a trip-lever tool. The simplest kind is to replace or remove it as they don’t need to pull out the trip-lever. Study the description below for the different types of stoppers that you have.

Pull-Pull: It has a handle in the middle. You can pick it up to unlock and push it down to close. 

PressFlo: The PressFlo stopper works O-rings to build the tape and spin inside the channel, unlocking or closing place with little tension on a single side. 

The Toe Touch: The cork unlocks and locks with the help of your toe. 

Lift & Turn: It seems like the push-pull way. However, you require raising and rotating the stopper to unlock and shut it in the opposite direction. 

water drainage

2. How to pull out a push-pull tub cork

The tool requires:

  • Pliers
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Clean rag


Cork can be in an open or closed state.


 Push the handle on the head of the cork. Keep the basis of the cork in position with one hand, and with the other hand, unfasten the grip by spinning it counterclockwise. If the knob will not unfasten, cover the rag throughout the knob and apply the pliers to help separate the knob.


Apply a flathead screwdriver to untwist the brass insertion in the cork center by rotating the rod counterclockwise. The rest attaches to the crossbar of the filter.

STEP#4: Lift the stopper off the filter.

3. How to put off a Toe Touch Bathtub Stopper

Tools required:


Suppose the cork is in the unlocked state. Hold the rod tub of the pin and rotate the top shelf rotating to the right. If this creates the bar cylinder to shift, lose your grip on the rod cylinder and proceed to unfasten the cork. The rod cylinder attaches to the crossbar in the filter. When it unties, raise and eliminate the entire pin.


However, for any toe-touch corks, keeping the rod cylinder and rotating the upper lid will enable you to unfasten the top closed part of the cork. If that is the state, then detach the top cover.


When the upper cover unfastens and lifts off. Then, stopper the rod cylinder counterclockwise to eliminate the attached post twisted into the crossbar in the filter. Some rod cylinders should have a screwdriver opening to enable you to unfasten the shaft by applying a screwdriver.

bathtub drain stoppers

How to put off a PressFlo stopper

The tool requires: Small section cup


Make sure that the stopper is level or flat in the drain.


Push the suction cup down over the stopper until a good seal makes. It would take some tries since the plug will need to turn with force.


Tightly hold the suction cup. Remove the stopper right up and out of the channel frame. Again, since this stopper likes to turn, you might require a couple of tries to get it level enough to come out.

faucet and waste drainer

How to eliminate a lift and turn bathtub stopper

Essential tools: 

  • Flathead screwdriver and 
  • Set of Allen-wrenches


The unlocked state holds the stopper’s frame by the plugin, gradually rotating the handle and viewing for an obvious clique fastener on the bump. If your plug cannot obviously set buckle on the grip, shift the plug counterclockwise until the stopper unties from the filter and drive on to point six.


When your cork cannot set fastener on the cork handle and would not untwist, you may use 1 of 2 various fits and rotate stopper styles. One will put a screw below the cork on the upright handle. By the cork yet in the free state, raise the plug. Rotate it until you notice a little pin. 


Each Allen wrench or screwdriver is required to unfix the set fix. It would help if you eliminated the fastener. Lose it somewhat to lift the cork.


If your plug is a set fastener and does not remove the column, try to unfix the set fix. Apply calcium water between the base and stopper when the set ties lift and drive off the shaft. 


When the plug lifts off the post, unscrew the middle from the filter.


Raise off the cork. When the pin does not raise off and does not have a set fastener, but continuously rotates without unscrewing. When the stopper lifts off of the post, then untwist the middle from the filter. 

Then lift the post twists, and you should require applying upward force while unfastening the cork in concern of untying it from the filter. If this plan does not operate, you must detach the bathtub trash rim by the strain pipe.

lift cap drainer

Bathtub Drain Stopper: Conclusion

If your bathtub drain stopper goes broken, it is the best choice to fit the new one. But for this, you do not have to spend many bucks on plumbers. The most challenging part of fixing a new drain stopper is excluding the previous one. 

I have explained four different methods to remove a bathtub drain stopper. If you have any questions about this, hit the comment below. To install the bathtub with overflow, click here.

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