Sink Spring Pop Up Drain Stopper

Sink Spring Pop Up Drain Stopper

Simply works with a button, Push its button then the stopper will spring up and let used water and dirty or hair are released out, Push it again then the stopper will be closed and will load more water into the washbasin or kitchen sink

  • Brass raw materials
  • Brass tube connection
  • Media; Water
  • Size: 1 1/2″
  • Type: Treble tube
  • Style: Spring-loaded sink stopper
  • Function: Ordinary runoff on the floor
  • Method of drain: Flush with gravity
  • Product Type: Cleaning the house
  • Application: Washbasin
  • Surface treatment: Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Without overflow holes
  • Fits 1-1/2 in. opening with 1-1/4 in. tailpiece
  • Fully finished for exposed installations
  • Fits sink 1-1/4 in. to 1-7/8 in. thick


Sink Spring Pop Up Drain Stopper


What’s Slotted Basin Waste?

Firstly, we have to know what basin waste and bottle P- traps. We have to settle a plumbing system for draining used water after washing hands, face, and vegetables, so there is a good choice if you buy a suitable basin waste drainer. Basin waste and P-trap are below of washbasin; Otherwise, slotted basin waste means an overflow is located on the body below on plug. It’s an automatic drain if water is full in the washbasin or bathtub. Fitting a correct waste drainer, it’s for protecting your floor and home.

How to purchase Popup Waste?

Works with a button. Push its button, and the stopper will spring up and let used water and dirty or hair be released, Push it again then the stopper will be closed, and more water in the washbasin or kitchen sink. Click Clack Waste and Pop-up Waste will be the same, but names will be different with different people.

Sink Spring Pop-Up Drain Stopper is a basin waste perfect for any bathroom sink. This easy-to-install drain stopper has a sleek oil-rubbed bronze finish and requires no tools for installation. With just a push of the spring-loaded Sink Spring Pop-Up Drain Stopper, the plug quickly pops up and out of the way, making it easy to rinse your sink or bathe. The Sink Spring Pop-Up Drain Stopper is also made of durable brass and stainless steel, which will last for years to come.

The Drain Stopper is a durable metal and plastic basin waste. It has an oil-rubbed bronze finish that will complement any bathroom decor. The popup drain stopper is easy to install and use.

The stopper with Oil Rubbed Bronze is a perfect basin waste for your kitchen sink. This popup drain stopper is easy to install and fits most standard sinks. The oil-rubbed bronze finish gives your sink a stylish look, and the stopper pops up quickly and efficiently when you need it.

Sink Spring Pop-Up Drain Stopper Guide 101

When it comes to the elegant finishes in a bathroom or kitchen sink setup, the small details often make the most significant difference. Among these details is the humble drain stopper. The evolution of sink drain stoppers has introduced us to the efficient and stylish Sink Spring Pop Up Drain Stopper. This guide seeks to provide a comprehensive overview of this essential component.

Introduction: What is a Sink Spring Pop-Up Drain Stopper?

The Sink Spring Pop-Up Drain Stopper is a type of drain plug mechanism used in sinks. It uses a spring mechanism that allows the stopper to pop up and down to close or open the sink drain, controlling water flow.

Mechanism: How Does it Work?

  • Pop-Up Mechanism: This type of drain employs a spring at its core. The spring’s tension is released when pressed, causing the stopper to pop up. Conversely, when pressed again, the tension in the spring pushes the stopper down, sealing the drain.
  • Lever Control (in some models): Some designs come with an external lever, typically located behind the faucet. This lever controls the stopper’s movement. When the lever is pushed down, the drain opens, and it closes the drain when lifted.

Benefits of Using a Sink Spring Pop-Up Drain Stopper:

  1. Easy Operation: A simple push is all it takes to either seal or drain the sink.
  2. Stylish Finish: These stoppers come in various finishes, adding a sleek touch to any sink design.
  3. Durable: The spring mechanism is typically sturdy and provides longevity, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  4. Easy Installation: Installation is generally straightforward, often requiring minimal tools.

Choosing the Right Stopper:

  • Material & Finish: Ensure the material (e.g., brass or stainless steel) complements your sink and faucet. Also, choose a finish (e.g., chrome, matte black, brushed nickel) that matches the rest of your fixtures.
  • Size: The stopper should fit the sink drain hole perfectly. Most kitchen and bathroom sinks have standard-sized drains, but it’s always best to measure before purchasing.
  • Spring Quality: A robust and responsive spring ensures the stopper operates smoothly over time.
  • Seal Quality: Ensure the stopper provides a watertight seal when closed to prevent leaks and maintain the water-holding capacity of the sink.

Installation & Maintenance:

  • Installation: While the exact steps might vary based on the specific design, the general process involves:
    1. Removing the old stopper (if present).
    2. Placing the new stopper in the drain hole.
    3. Tightening it from below the sink ensures a secure fit.
  • Maintenance: Regular cleaning will prevent debris buildup and ensure a smooth operation. Most stoppers can be unscrewed or popped out for thorough cleaning.


The Sink Spring Pop-Up Drain Stopper combines functionality and style, making it a favorite choice among homeowners and interior designers alike. By understanding its mechanism, benefits, and maintenance needs, you can ensure that your sink looks good and functions effectively for years to come.

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