17-Gauge P-Trap with Flange and Cleanout

17-Gauge P-Trap with Flange and Cleanout

Bathroom Sink Water Ripple P Trap With Cleanout And Flange Shower Drain

  • Size: 1 1/4″ x32mm
  • This P-trap is made of cast brass which provides strength and durability
  • It features a 1-1/4-inch Fitting
  • This P-trap comes with a Flange and Cleanout
  • The chrome finishing gives it a modern look
  • The included hardware fittings make it very easy to install


17-Gauge P-Trap with Flange and Cleanout


1-“U” Tube: Brass/stainless steel


2-“L” Tube: Brass/stainless steel


3-Coupling Nut: Zinc

4-Rosette: SS430

Surface Treatment: Chrome Plated

It is designed for tubular drain waste applications and has a Cleanout for pipe drainage. P-trap, S-trap, and siphon are essential in collecting debris from the sink drain and washbasin that would otherwise clog the entire plumbing system if it passed through.

It is constructed of 17-gauge chrome-plated brass and 0.6mm stainless steel 304 for longer-lasting use. The Hofen P-trap is built with solid brass and stainless steel with high heat resistance.

P-traps are widely used in under-sink installation for kitchens and bathrooms.

The slip joint bottle trap connection and flange make it easy to install. The included Cleanout makes for a more straightforward way to unclog without removing the entire plumbing system

1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″ P-Trap w/Flange and Cleanout is designed for use in tubular drain

It is designed for tubular drain applications and equipped with Cleanout for pipe drainage and is preferred for areas where the tubular will be exposed.

The p-trap has a chrome plated w finish for a sleek, modern profile.


Introduction: what is a P-Trap with Flange and Cleanout?

A P-Trap with Flange and Cleanout is a type of trap used in drains to capture debris and prevent clogs. The P-shape of the trap allows it to effectively catch hair, food, and other common materials that can cause clogs. The flange helps to seal the trap and prevent odors from escaping. The cleanout allows for easy access to the trap to be cleaned out as needed. How To Install a P-Trap with Flange and Cleanout 1. Measure the length of the new trap you need to install. The flange must be attached to the wall, so plan accordingly. 2. Â Determine how much of the trap you can access once it is installed. 3. Use pipe cutters or a hacksaw to cut the trap at the desired length, leaving an inch or two extra.


Benefits of a P-Trap with Flange and Cleanout

A P-Trap with Flange and Cleanout is a great addition to any home plumbing system. There are many benefits to having this type of trap, including:


1) Keeping your home clean – The cleanout allows you to easily remove any debris collected in the trap, preventing it from clogging up your pipes.


2) Preventing odors – The P-Trap forms a seal that prevents sewer gases from escaping into your home. This is especially important if you have young children or pets, as they can be very sensitive to these gases.


3) Easy installation – This type of trap is very easy to install, even for those with limited plumbing experience. Simply follow the instructions with the product, and you’ll have it up and running in no time.


How to install a P-Trap with Flange and Cleanout

A P-trap with flange and cleanout is a trap used to prevent clogs in your drains. The P-trap is installed under the sink, and the flange is attached to the drain pipe. The cleanout is a small plug that allows you to access the trap if it becomes clogged.


To install a P-trap with flange and cleanout, start by turning off the water supply and removing the old trap. Next, measure the distance between the drainpipe and the underside of the sink and cut a piece of PVC pipe to fit. Then, glue the PVC pipe to the drainpipe using PVC cement.


Next, attach the P-trap to the other end of the PVC pipe and tighten it in place with PVC glue.


How to maintain a P-Trap with Flange and Cleanout

A p-trap with flange and cleanout is a plumbing fixture used to trap sewage and other waste water. It is typically installed in drains and sewer lines to prevent clogs and backups. The p-trap consists of a U-shaped section that helps capture the waste water and a flange that seals the connection to the drain pipe. The cleanout is a removable plug that allows for easy cleaning of the p-trap. This type of p-trap is commonly found in bathroom drains, kitchen sinks and washing machine drains. The cleanout plug can be removed from the p-trap when it needs to be cleaned out.

This product is a basin waste that can be used in kitchen sinks. It has been constructed with chrome finish and brass material, which gives the product durability and strength for long-term use. The siphon comes with a wall bracket that makes it easy to install into any surface of your choice.

The product is compatible with most standard sink basins, so you can have it installed in your home without worrying about its compatibility or size. This also means that you do not need to worry about making adjustments or replacements as time goes by.

The Chrome Brass Wall Siphon Basin Waste is a high-quality basin waste that has been designed to provide an effective and reliable solution for your home. The wall-mounted design allows you to easily install the waste without drilling into the floor, making it ideal for use in rented properties or renting out your property.

This basin waste features a simple push-button operation, making it easy to operate and clean. The chrome finish gives this product an attractive appearance that will look great in any bathroom setting. This product comes with both a plug and chain.

The Chrome Brass Wall Siphon is a waste designed to be installed in the basin of your sink. The waste will enable you to connect the overflow pipe from your sink directly into it, which means any water left in the sink will drain out through this pipe instead of overflowing and causing a mess.

This chrome brass wall siphon comes with a stainless steel tailpiece and rubber seal, allowing easy installation without leaks or dring. The product features an attractive design with a smooth finish and round edges.

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Polishing, Chrome Plated


12 months


Water, Waste Water, Oil, Sea Water





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