Push Pull Rod Lever Waste

Push Pull Rod Lever Waste

Top-rated basin wastes include Pop-up, click-clack, Pushbutton, Plug and Chain, Flip-top waste, Freeflow waste or Openflow waste, Captive waste, plug waste, and sink strainer

  • With Lift Rod and Overflow
  • Chrome-plated of the surface
  • SS304 Connection Rods(2pcs)
  • Media; Water
  • Pop-Up Waste Lavatory Drain Assembly
  • Brass materials
  • With Lift Rod and Overflow
  • Chrome-plated of the surface
  • Type: basin waste drainer
  • Function: pop up basin waste drainer
  • Feature: UPC basin waste drainer
  • Service: OEM+ODM
  • OverFlow Fits bathroom vanity sink with a drain hole diameter of 1-1/2” or 1-3/4”



Push-Pull Rod Lever Slotted Waste is a basin waste that is easy to use. The Push-Pull Rod Lever Slotted Waste is operated by a simple push and pull motion, making it easy for anyone to use. This basin waste is also slotted, making it easy to dispose of any waste.

– This Push-Pull Rod Lever Slotted Waste is perfect for your basin
– The waste is made from durable brass and comes with a chrome finish
– It has a slotted design that makes it easy to install and remove
– The waste also includes a rod lever for easy operation

The stopper is a basin waste that can be easily operated with just a push or pull of the rod. The slotted design also makes it easy to clean. Made from durable brass, this waste is ideal for domestic and commercial settings.

It is perfect for your bathroom sink. The easy-to-use lever system makes it simple to operate, and the slotted design helps prevent clogs. This basin waste is an excellent choice for your home, made from durable brass.

The Push-Pull Rod Lever Slotted Waste is a basin waste used in the bathroom. It has a push-pull rod design, making it quick and easy to remove the plug from the sink when you want to empty it. The slotted design helps prevent clogging of your drain.

It comes with an overflow outlet, which means any excess water is released into the overflow pipe rather than overflowing onto your floor. This ensures that you don’t have any wet floors or puddles around your sink area.

This basin/sink waste has its rod lever and is also slotted. It has a push-pull action, meaning it can be pushed down to open the slotted section of the waste and pulled up to close it. This advantage over a standard plug and chain or ballcock system is that you have complete control over when the water stops flowing.

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Polishing, Chrome plated


Water, Oil





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