Round Clicker Bath Waste with Overflow

Round Clicker Bath Waste with Overflow

Bathtub pop-up drains are easy for clean-up effort and extensive damage in your bathroom.

  • Plastic body, brass flange without hole
  • Zinc alloy handle wheel decorative overflow cover
  • Center distance 55cm
  • Brass cover
  • Gray&White 2 colors
  • Brass waste clamp&big plug


Round Clicker Bath Waste with Overflow


A pop-up drain is just what it sounds like. It is a unique drain to stop something from overflowing. Overflow drains are used in aquariums, manufacturing facilities, and many other situations requiring a constant liquid level. The overflow is designed to stop water from spilling out in a bathtub if someone accidentally leaves the faucet on or overfills the tub before getting in.

The bathtub drain is divided into the main drain and the overflow. The main drain is at the bottom of the tub, and the overflow is a few inches below the rim. Both drains are connected to tubes that meet beneath the bathtub and merge into a single pipe. The central drain may have a plug stopper or a mechanical stopper operated by a lever, but the overflow never has a stopper.

If the main drain is stopped while the water is left, water will keep building up in the tub until it reaches the overflow. Because the overflow does not have a stopper, the water will start to drain from it while it is still several inches below the tub’s rim. Assuming that the pipes are not clogged and can drain faster than the faucet provides water, the overflow will keep the water level a few inches below the tub’s rim, preventing the water from pouring onto the floor.

– With its elegant design, it complements any bathroom style. Made of high-quality brass with a chrome finish, this basin waste will last years of use and comes with a 3-year guarantee against manufacturing defects!

The Bath Pop-up Waste is a high-quality basin waste that fits into most baths. It is made from solid brass and will not rust so it can be used confidently in modern and traditional bathrooms. The waste features a pop-up mechanism to prevent debris or water from entering the drainage system. The waste also comes with an overflow plug that helps prevent flooding if the bath overflows. This makes it perfect for use in homes where children are present.

Bath Pop-Up Waste Components – This is the perfect replacement for your old or broken bathtub waste components. This kit includes the overflow plate, stopper, and pull chain. Easy to install and fits most standard bathtubs.

Round Clicker Bath Waste with Overflow Vs. Click Clack Bath Waste & Overflow Without Siphon.

When considering bathroom fittings, especially for bathtubs, the choice of waste system is functionally and aesthetically significant. Numerous types of waste systems are available in the market, but two common ones are the “Round Clicker Bath Waste with Overflow” and the “Click Clack Bath Waste & Overflow.” Let’s explore these systems, noting their characteristics, benefits, and differences: Round Clicker Bath Waste with Overflow Mechanism: The round clicker system functions through a push mechanism. By pressing the stopper, it clicks into either an open or closed position. It’s essentially a push-to-open, push-to-close system. Appearance: Typically characterized by a round design, it complements various bath styles. Overflow: This type comes with an overflow system, ensuring that water does not spill out of the bath if left running.
Functionality: It offers a straightforward mechanism that is easy for users of all ages to operate. Maintenance: Easy to clean due to its simple design. Click Clack Bath Waste & Overflow Mechanism: Similar to clicker waste, the click-clack also operates through a push mechanism. The terms “clicker” and “click clack” are often used interchangeably in many markets because of their similar functionality. Appearance: Generally comes in a round design but might differ slightly in style or finishing from the clicker waste. Overflow: As its name suggests, this type also has an overflow feature. Functionality: Provides a hassle-free user experience, making it a popular choice among homeowners. Maintenance: The ease of maintenance is on par with the clicker waste. Without Siphon: A significant difference between various bath wastes is whether they incorporate a siphon (or trap). Siphon/Trap: A U, S, or J-shaped pipe below the basin or bathtub holds a small amount of water to prevent sewer gases from entering the home through the drain. It also helps in the smooth draining of water. Without Siphon: Some systems might not have this feature built-in, requiring you to get a separate siphon or opting to go without one. Going without a siphon can lead to unpleasant odors permeating the bathroom, as there’s no water barrier to block sewer gases. Conclusion: Both the Round Clicker Bath Waste with Overflow and the Click Clack Bath Waste & Overflow serve similar functions but might differ slightly in design, aesthetics, or branding. When choosing between them, consider factors such as design preference, brand reliability, and price. If your choice doesn’t have a built-in siphon and you want one, you’ll need to purchase it separately. Always ensure that the chosen system is compatible with your bathtub design and plumbing.

Applications of Bath Waste Systems:

Residential Bathrooms:

Round Clicker Bath Waste with Overflow:

  • Master Bathrooms: Adds a touch of sophistication and luxury to the primary bathroom, ensuring functionality meets style.
  • Children’s Bathrooms: Given its straightforward mechanism, it’s easy for kids to use without the risk of water overflow.

Click Clack Bath Waste & Overflow:

  • Guest Bathrooms: Offers a user-friendly experience, ensuring guests can easily understand and use the system without confusion.
  • Elderly or Accessible Bathrooms: The simple push mechanism is ergonomic, reducing the need for twisting or turning, which is particularly beneficial for seniors or those with mobility issues.

Commercial Spaces:

Round Clicker Bath Waste with Overflow:

  • Hotels and Resorts: Offers guests a luxury experience with an intuitive mechanism that avoids accidental overflows.
  • Spas: Ensures clients can relax without fiddling with complicated fixtures.

Click Clack Bath Waste & Overflow:

  • Gyms and Health Clubs: Provides a reliable and straightforward solution for showers and baths.
  • Hospitals: Offers an easy-to-use mechanism, minimizing complications for patients.

Specialized Applications:

Round Clicker Bath Waste with Overflow:

  • Pet Bathing Stations: Provides ease of control when bathing pets, ensuring water can be quickly drained or held as needed.

Click Clack Bath Waste & Overflow:

  • Therapeutic Bathing Facilities: The quick release and seal mechanism ensures that therapeutic baths can be filled or drained efficiently.

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