Vessel Sink Drain Waste

Vessel Sink Drain Waste

Click Clack Basin Waste Easy Clean Brass Pop Up Waste Sink Basin Tub Drain Protector

  • SS screw connection
  • With and without overflow fu
  • Clic Clac Waste
  • Size 1 1/4″
  • Ceramic top cover
  • Brass body, back nut
  • Chrome plated with overflow.
  • Media; Water
  • Push Button Waste, Click Clack Waste, Or Sprung Waste. These are the same. They are just named different, usually depending on your region.
  • This type of basin waste is the most popular option, as it has a simple design making it easy to use and maintain.



What’s Slotted Basin Waste?

This basin waste allows you to drain your sink without removing the cover. It comes in various colors and finishes to match any decor. It has a removable stopper for easy cleaning and maintenance. The rubber gasket seals tightly against the inside of the sink bowl, preventing leaks and keeping water from evaporating into the air. This product is made with high-quality brass construction for durability and reliability over time. It features an integrated overflow channel that prevents clogs from forming on top of the drain.

This Vessel Sink Drain Waste is a basin waste perfect for your vessel sink. Its sleek and simple design will be a great addition to your bathroom. It is durable brass and has a chrome finish that will resist corrosion and tarnishing. This basin waste is also easy to install and comes with all the necessary hardware.

This Vessel Sink Drain Waste perfectly replaces your old, corroded sink drain. It is easy to install and fits most vessel sinks, made of durable brass construction. The basin waste also has a stopper to seal the drain when needed.

– The perfect solution for your sink, vessel, or any other basin.

– This stylish and easy-to-install waste is the most economical choice for your bathroom.

This Vessel Sink Drain Waste is an excellent addition to your bathroom. The innovative design of this basin waste makes it the perfect choice for any vessel sink, and its high-quality finish will give your bathroom a professional look. This product features a removable pop-up drain plug which allows for easy cleaning. Made from solid brass, this basin waste is exceptionally durable and reliable. It comes with an overflow outlet that prevents water from spilling over the top of the sink when you are filling it up or rinsing off your hands. “This product is a basin waste for your bathroom sink. It is designed to keep water from leaking onto the floor. The product can be installed easily. This is made of brass material, making it very durable and rust-proof.”


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Chrome plated


Water, Oil





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