Freeflow Open Unslotted Drain

Freeflow Open Unslotted Drain

Freeflow Wastes often look like a Pushbutton or Click Clack waste but do not close

  • Brass with unslotted
  • Brass backnut
  • Chrome-plated finishing
  • White silica seal
  • 11/4″ Media; Water
  • Brand OEM/Plumberstar
    Fixings Supplied Fittings Supplied
    Product Type Basin Waste
    Waste/Plug Type Free Flowing
    Waste Location Type Basin


Freeflow Open Unslotted Drain


What is a Freeflow Open Unslotted Drain?

A Freeflow Open Unslotted Drain is a specific type of drainage system primarily used for sinks, washbasins, or other fixtures without a built-in overflow mechanism. Here’s a more detailed explanation:

Freeflow Open Unslotted Drain: An Overview

  1. Unslotted: The term “unslotted” denotes that the drain does not have the slots or holes typically present in certain waste fittings designed to work with basins that have an overflow hole. In simple terms, the unslotted drain is smooth and continuous without interruptions.
  2. Freeflow: This term suggests that unobstructed water flows freely through the drain. Since there’s no mechanism to close or seal the drain, water continuously flows out, preventing overfilling or accidental overflow.
  3. Purpose: A Freeflow Open Unslotted Drain is particularly suited for basins or sinks that lack an overflow hole. An overflow hole is an additional hole in some basins, designed as a safety feature to channel excess water away if the basin is overfilled. A free-flow drain for basins without this feature ensures that water always has an escape route, preventing inadvertent flooding or water damage.
  4. Material and Design: These drains are typically constructed from materials like stainless steel, brass with chrome plating, or other corrosion-resistant materials. They come in various designs and finishes to match different styles of basins and bathroom or kitchen decors.

Benefits of a Freeflow Open Unslotted Drain:

  • Prevents Overflows: This is especially useful for sinks without an overflow hole, ensuring water drains out immediately.
  • Easy Maintenance: Fewer parts can get clogged without slots or a closing mechanism, making cleaning and maintenance simpler.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: These drains often come in sleek designs, enhancing the overall look of modern basins.
  • Durability: Typically made from robust materials resistant to rust and corrosion.

Types of Freeflow Open Unslotted Drains:

  • Pop-Up Waste: Even though the term “pop-up” usually indicates a mechanism to open and close the drain, some models are designed to remain open always, making them a type of free-flow waste.
  • Grid Waste: This type has a grid or grate-like appearance, allowing water to flow freely.
  • Circular Freeflow Waste: A simple, circular design without any closing mechanism.
  • Square or Rectangular Freeflow Waste: A more modern take, suitable for contemporary basin designs.
  • Tailored Designs: Some manufacturers offer bespoke designs tailored to specific needs, like incorporating a brand logo or design elements.

Finishes for Freeflow Open Unslotted Drains:

  • Chrome: One of the most popular finishes due to its shiny appearance and ability to resist tarnishing and rust.
  • Brushed Nickel: Offers a matte finish that can hide fingerprints and water spots better than shiny finishes.
  • Matte Black: Increasing in popularity, especially in modern and contemporary bathrooms.
  • Brass (Antique and Polished): Both versions have their charm. Antique brass has a vintage appeal, while polished brass is shiny and reflective.
  • Bronze (Oil-Rubbed and Venetian): Oil-rubbed has a dark, almost black appearance with bronze undertones, whereas Venetian bronze has a lighter, reddish tone.
  • Copper: Provides a unique aesthetic and can develop a patina over time.
  • Stainless Steel: Known for its resistance to corrosion and staining.
  • Gold-Plated: Some high-end drains come with a gold finish for a luxurious touch.
  • Porcelain/Ceramic: Not as common as metal finishes but can be found in some vintage or traditional designs.
  • Custom Finishes: Some manufacturers offer custom finishes upon request.


When choosing a Freeflow Open Unslotted Drain, it’s important to consider the type that best fits the basin and the finish that complements the overall bathroom or kitchen aesthetic. The finish can drastically impact the drain’s appearance, from shiny and modern to matte and traditional. Whatever the choice, ensuring the finish is durable and resistant to wear, tarnishing, and rust is essential for long-lasting functionality and aesthetics.

When choosing a drain for a basin or sink, it’s essential to know whether the basin has an overflow hole or not. A Freeflow Open Unslotted Drain offers a practical and elegant solution for those without, ensuring water doesn’t accumulate and overfill the basin. Consider the aesthetics, material, and design when selecting the right drain.

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