32mm Tubular Swivel P Trap

32mm Tubular Swivel P Trap

Bathroom Sink Strainer Siphon P Trap Staying to protect your house related used water

  • Size: 11/4″
  • Materials; Brass tube/SS tube
  • Max work temperature; 150℃
  • Media; Water; Seawater; Oil
  • Golden plated finishing
  • A range of 32 and 40-mm polypropylene traps are available, including self-sealing and anti-siphon bottle traps. All traps have universal.


32mm Tubular Swivel P Trap


For commercial applications, home, bar

Europe’s modern design, OEM/ODM

Antique Brass/ Oil Rubbed Bronze /Golden/Chrome/Antique Brass-red finished for basin sink faucet. 

What is Siphon & P-trap?

A Siphon is a basin waste that prevents odorous gas in plumbing drains and sewers from rising through a toilet, sink, or floor drain into a home or business.
P trap is a U-shaped section of pipe that holds water. If a drain, sink, or toilet is not used for a long time, or if there is a leak in the p-trap, it may dry and allow sewer gas to rise into a home or other building. To refill a P trap, flush the toilet, pour water in the floor drain, or run water down the sink. Then check to ensure the sewer gas has stopped coming into the building. If sewer gas continues, repair or other maintenance may be needed.

A basin waste that is a substitute for the standard P-trap under your sink. It is made of 32mm tubing and provides a convenient, clean way to deal with water drainage from your kitchen or bathroom.

Our 32mm Tubular Swivel P Trap is a great option instead of the traditional P-trap under your sink. This product does not require special installation tools, making it easy to complete the job without spending too much time on it. The swivel feature makes it easier to connect.

The P Trap is a basin waste that provides a clean and stylish solution for your bathroom. This waste combines an attractive design with excellent functionality, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds in your home. The swivel action makes it easy to use, while the 32mm diameter makes it compatible with many different basins.

The 32mm Tubular Swivel P Trap is a basin waste made of brass. The swivel feature allows the drain to rotate 360 degrees, allowing it to be easily moved and repositioned. A p trap is used for a sink’s overflow pipe. It prevents sewer gases from entering your home through the drain pipes. This product was built with durability in mind, as it features an all-brass design that will not rust or corrode over time.

Why is the 32mm Tubular Swivel P-Trap a Must for Modern Plumbing?

Ever dealt with the annoying aftermath of a blocked drain or unpleasant odors wafting up from your sink? The solution might be simpler than you think: the 32mm Tubular Swivel P-Trap. It’s not just any P-trap; it’s a design marvel in the world of plumbing. But what sets it apart from other traps?

The 32mm Tubular Swivel P-Trap is designed to be adjustable and flexible, ensuring a snug fit in various installations and efficient wastewater management. Its unique design makes it a popular choice for both residential and commercial plumbing setups.

What Exactly is a 32mm Tubular Swivel P-Trap?

A P-trap, shaped like the letter ‘P’, is vital in plumbing systems, preventing odorous and potentially harmful gases from entering living spaces. The 32mm Tubular Swivel P-Trap distinguishes itself with its adjustable, swiveling design, allowing for greater flexibility during installation.

Why the Emphasis on “Swivel”?

Swivel designs in P-traps offer the advantage of adjustability. Especially in tight spaces or unique sink designs, the ability to swivel ensures the trap aligns perfectly with the waste outlet and waste pipe, guaranteeing a leak-free connection. This feature is particularly beneficial when retrofitting sinks or during renovations when exact alignments might be challenging.

Benefits of the Tubular Design?

The tubular design ensures a smooth, unobstructed flow of wastewater, minimizing the chances of debris build-up. This efficient design ensures faster water drainage, further reducing the chances of blockage.

Maintenance and Care for the 32mm Swivel P-Trap?

Despite its advanced design, the 32mm Swivel P-Trap maintenance is straightforward. Regular checks for blockages or leaks and occasional cleaning to remove debris or buildup will ensure optimal functioning. Given the swivel feature, disassembly and reassembly during cleaning are more convenient than with fixed P-traps.

David, a seasoned plumber from New Zealand, often emphasizes the importance of quality when choosing a P-trap. He mentioned his preference for HOFEN’s 32mm Tubular Swivel P-Trap, lauding its superior craftsmanship and ease of installation due to its swivel feature.

Sourcing a Quality 32mm Tubular Swivel P-Trap?

For such a critical component, ensuring you’re purchasing a quality product is vital. HOFEN Drain, a reputable fabricator in China, specializes in top-grade plumbing products, including the 32mm Tubular Swivel P-Trap. Their commitment to excellence guarantees products that are both durable and efficient.


The 32mm Tubular Swivel P-Trap isn’t just another piece in the plumbing puzzle; it’s a design-forward solution for modern plumbing challenges. Offering flexibility, efficiency, and ease of maintenance, it’s the ideal choice for those looking to upgrade their plumbing systems. Whether retrofitting an old sink or setting up a new one, this P-Trap ensures a seamless, hassle-free experience.

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Brass/Stainless steel


Polishing, Golden Plated


12 months


Water, Waste Water, Oil, Sea Water





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40 days



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