Category: Grid drain strainer

A grid drain strainer is a type of drain that is usually clogged with hair, vegetable parts, and food bits. This filter can be easily rinsed down or removed to clean it. A grid drain strainer may also be a filter grid, angle grating (GG), resonant grate (RG), or mesh/mesh grate. Angle grates may either have vertically oriented bars for height adjustment at the distal end or movable coils to reduce sill depth beneath the splashboard.

The bathroom and kitchen are spaces that see a lot of activity and use in a home, and the sink is an integral part of these spaces. With water constantly flowing down the drains, it’s crucial to ensure that the passageway remains unobstructed. Enter the Grid Drain Strainer – a simple yet effective tool to keep drains clear of debris.

A Grid Drain Strainer, as its name suggests, is a strainer designed with a grid pattern. Unlike pop-up or lift-and-turn drain stoppers, grid strainers do not allow the user to close the drain. Instead, they remain open but effectively block larger debris from passing through.

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