How to remove Bathtub drain stopper effectively

In this blog post, you’ll read: This article guides on effectively removing various types of bathtub drain stoppers, emphasizing the importance of having the right knowledge, tools, and quality equipment. It provides step-by-step instructions for toe-touch, lift-and-turn, push-pull, and flip-it tub stoppers, highlighting the necessity of purchasing from reputable manufacturers to avoid future plumbing issues and ensure system longevity.

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A bathtub drain stopper is a crucial bathroom equipment that serves us in our day-to-day bathroom activities. You are most probably reading this because your bathtub drain stopper is malfunctioning. From clogging to other plumbing problems, bathtub drain stoppers are prone to developing faults like every other plumping equipment; however, it can be worse if the drain stopper is fake or substandard to the market standards. Prevent unnecessary future problems by buying your bathtub drain stopper from the best bathtub drain stopper manufacturer. This article will discuss how to remove bathtub drain stoppers effectively.

Pop up waste unslotted vessel
Pop-up waste unslotted vessel

Things to do before removing a bathtub drain stopper

Since there are different types of bathtub drain stoppers, it is obvious that each drain stopper will require different steps to remove; however, there are general actions that you must take before you remove your bathtub drain stopper. Some of the essential actions include;

Get the knowledge: even though you want to remove your drain stopper, understanding what is needed to carry out the application is important.

You must seek knowledge on different things before taking the bold step. You must understand the type of bathtub drain stopper prevent in your bathtub, how it works, and where to clean it after removing the stopper. Knowledge is power; thus, the cleaning process will be seamless with the right knowledge.

Get the tools: useful tools will help you when removing the drain stopper. Getting tools like a brush, pliers, a wrench, and a pair of gloves will help remove the stopper. Also, it would be best to learn how to use the tools before removing the drain stopper to make everything easy.

Understand the plumbing system: Plumbing layouts can be different from house to house, and you must know how your plumbing system works to prevent you from tampering with the wrong system. Also, get your quality bathtub drain stopper from Hofensanitary. Hofensanitary is known as the best bathtub drain stopper manufacturer because they customize and sell sanitary products, including other bathtub drain materials like the rotary bathtub water device sewer pipe bathtub drain with overflow, tip toe bathtub drain kit, bath waste and overflow, and round clicker bath waste with overflow.

Types of drains
Types of drains

How to effectively remove a Toe-Touch tub stopper

The toe-touch tub stopper is a popular bathtub drain stopper that allows easy flow of water waste. This type of drain stopper also makes bathtubs more attractive because of its circular and flat top. The Toe-Touch tub stopper can easily open and close by touching the top cap with a toe. Follow the following steps to remove your Toe-Touch tub stopper.

toe touch tub stopper
toe touch tub stopper

Shut the water: Removing a Toe-Touch tub stopper while the water is running is almost impossible. You must shut the water system before attempting to remove the device. Shutting the water will make the whole process easy.

Open the stopper: it is compulsory that you put the stopper in an open position to get started. You can easily do this by moving the stopper with two fingers.

Identify the stopper type: Know the kind of your Toe-Touch tub stopper before you proceed because the Toe-Touch tub stopper has different types, sizes, and shapes. Also, some have a functioning top cap that you can easily unscrew from a separate base cylinder, mostly threaded into another crossbar in a strainer. In most cases, a Toe-Touch tub stopper may have a single-unit system that comprises a unit threaded into another crossbar.

Separate the system: the next step is to separate the single unit from the crossbar by moving the top cap in an anticlockwise direction while holding the cylinder base.

Remove the cylinder: separate the cylinder from the top cap by turning in an anticlockwise direction. This should take less than 30 minutes. Also, a screwdriver may be needed to separate the cylinder from the crossbar. 

How to effectively remove a lift and turn a tub stopper

This is another bathtub drain stopper type similar to the push-pull type with a simple work mechanism. You can open or close the lift and turn the tub stopper by just moving the knob in the opposite direction. You can remove this device by following the following steps below;

lift and turn tub stopper
Lift and turn tub stopper

Turn off the water system: this is important to make the process seamless

Open the stopper: You can open it by moving it in the opposite direction, allowing you to hold the device’s body in the right place.

Unscrew the stopper: this is the most tedious part of the process because it can be tricky if the post thread is stripped. Pull upward with caution while turning the stopper.

Check the stopper for screws: your drain stopper can either have an easy-to-find screw on the knob or not. In a situation where there is no clear screw, you should find the screw after lifting the stopper. A screwdriver with a flat head or hex key will remove the screw perfectly.

Drain stopper without screw at the knob: your lift and turn tub stopper may be different from the one discussed above. The stopper may not contain a screw on the stopper or knob. If this is the situation, the stopper is most likely using a pin or channel mechanism.

Rotate: the next step is to rotate the stopper anticlockwise while lifting it. The process of rotating must make the screw align with the strainer pin and the channel base.

Release your drain stopper: the final step is to release the stopper by pulling upward. Be careful when pulling the stopper because too much pressure can damage the drain stopper.

How to effectively remove a Push-Pull stopper

The knob at the top of the Push-Pull stopper makes it unique. Always buy your Push-Pull stopper from the best bathtub drain stopper manufacturer. You can remove the Push-Pull stopper by following these steps;

push pull stopper
push pull stopper

Shut the water system: just like other plumbing applications, you must shut the water system before removing a Push-Pull stopper.

Remove the knob: the next step is to remove the knob located on the stopper. You can remove the knob by holding the stopper and then turning the knob in an anticlockwise direction.

Use a tool: if you are finding it hard to remove the knob, you can make use of a plier. However, you must wrap the knob with a cloth before turning the knob with a plier.

Remove the post: The last step is to remove the post using a screwdriver with a flat head. After using the screwdriver, lift the stopper.

How to effectively remove a Flip-it Tub stopper

This type of drain stopper is unique because of the presence of a toggle or flip tab instead of a knob. To remove a Flip-it Tub stopper, you must hold the body of the drain stopper while twisting it upward after shutting the water system. The whole process should take less than 15 minutes if you carry out the process the right way.

Flip it tub stopper
Flip it tub stopper

What should you do after removing a bathtub drain stopper?

What next after removing the bathtub drain stopper? You should find a way to improve the water flow by looking for debris in the drain. This debris could be a buildup of hair, soap, or other objects blocking the water flow. Remove the debris if you can; however, contact us for help.

Finally, after discussing how to effectively remove and clean some of the common types of bathtub drain stoppers, it is safe to say that getting the proper knowledge and tools is as important as buying a quality bathtub drain stopper; thus, it is better to get your drain stopper from the best bathtub drain stopper manufacturer. Understanding how and when to get this quality sanitary device will save you future expenses. Maintenance is also important because every sanitary device reacts to how we use them. Cleaning your bathtub drain stopper after each use will help in the long run.

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