7 Bathtub Drain Stopper Types That Won’t Disappoint

In this blog post, you’ll read:Tired of that old drain stopper? Want to find the perfect one for your tub? Let's dive into the 7 Bathtub Drain Stopper Types and See Which Fits Your Style!You probably know about the usual bathtub drain stopper: a basic rubber plug that stops water from draining. But there are many ways to fill your tub for a relaxing soak. Most bathtubs these days have those easy-step stoppers you push with your foot. But guess what? You can swap that out for a drain stopper you LIKE!

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Are you tired of that old drain stopper? Want to find the perfect one for your tub? Let’s dive into the 7 Bathtub Drain Stopper Types and See Which Fits Your Style!

7 Bathtub Drain Stopper Types

So, here are the Top 7 Types of Bathtub Drain Stoppers which will never disappoint you. You can buy any of these from our PLUMBERSTAR Online Store. It will provide enough information about various kinds of Drains.

  1. Push and Pull

The push-and-pull drain stopper looks and works a lot like the lift-and-turn Stopper. It fits most bathtubs and is a cheap choice. The big difference is how it works: you push it down to close and pull it up to open instead of twisting it.

However, one more easy DIY solution is the push-and-pull Stopper. You can install it easily using a set screw found under the Stopper’s cap.

Additionally, This bathtub drain stopper hardly ever needs fixing because of its practical and simple design. Also, You might only need to replace it over time because it gets tired from regular use.

When choosing a push-and-pull drain valve, purchase from a reliable drainage supplier to ensure smooth functioning and long-lasting performance.

Push and Pull drain stopper and spare parts
Push and Pull drain stopper and spare parts.
  1. Lift and Turn

This drain plug is all about the knob! Push it down and turn it to seal the tub for a relaxing bath. When you’re done soaking, lift the knob and twist the other way to let the water drain out. Super simple!

It is cheap, rugged, and barely needs any fussing over. To put it in, there’s a tiny screw in the middle under the cap. You screw that into the drain. Taking it out can be tricky if someone has cranked it in super tight before, but that’s rare.

This Stopper has a rubber ring that keeps water out of the tub until you are ready for a soak. It is just like the push-and-pull Stopper in how to put it in, take it out, and clean it. Easy peasy!

Even though the twist-and-lift Stopper is a trooper, it can wear out over time. All that turning and pulling can make it clunky, and if your bathroom isn’t exactly a spa, the metal parts might rust a little (like the one in the picture). The push-and-pull Stopper has the same problem—using it often can tire it out.

The best part? You pull the knob up and twist it to open and close it. To clean it, pop out the Stopper now and then to clear any hair or gunk. For hassle-free installation and reliable lift and turn stopper performance, trust in renowned bathroom fixture suppliers’ top-notch quality and durability.

Lift and Turn drain with a hand
Lift and Turn drain with a hand
  1. Toe Touch

A toe-touch bathtub drain stopper is the easiest to use out of all the types. Because of its spring-loaded design, you can open and close it just by pushing it down with your toe.

You close the toe touch stopper by pushing it down with your toe, which seals the drain with a rubber seal to keep the bathwater in. Touch it again, and the spring opens, allowing the water to drain after use.

Moreover, This Stopper is also known as a toe-tap or foot-actuated drain stopper. However, It looks similar to the lift-and-turn and push-and-pull designs. Thankfully, it does not need much maintenance.

It requires less maintenance compared to the other two options. As you use it over time, the springs wear out, requiring replacement or installation of new ones. Over time, the rubber seal wears out, necessitating replacement. Installing and cleaning the Touch-Toe Tub and Bath Drain Kit follows the same method as the push-and-pull and lift-and-turn techniques.

  1. Pop Up

One standard pop-up drill stopper is a good choice for most tubs. Also, it has a secret plug like a Flip-Lever Drain Stopper, which you cannot see. It usually has a stopper that pops up and down the drain. When you move the lever, the metal rod in the pipe pushes a little seesaw piece. However, that piece is connected to the pop-up Stopper.

It would help to push the lever down to plug the drain and fill your tub. This moves a rod inside that connects to a little lever arm, slamming the Stopper shut. However, When you want to drain the tub, lift the lever, and whoosh, the water goes down the pipes!

This Basin Pop-Up Waste needs to be more relaxed. If you’re not careful while trying to fix it yourself, you might break that little lever arm and then get stuck, replacing the whole drain. Save yourself the trouble! Also, since this design loves to grab hair and gunk, cleaning it can be a job for a plumber. Also, They will have the tools and know-how to get your drain sparkling clean without any trouble.

So this means cleaning can be a hassle. For most tubs, there are easier drain stoppers to choose from! Invest in a high-quality one from a trusted bathroom accessories manufacturer to optimize the functionality and ease of maintenance of your pop-up drain assembly.

  1. Trip Lever

This bathtub drain is another kind that uses a lever instead of a stopper you pull out. Some folks call it a flip lever, too. It has a lever in the middle with holes on both sides. This fancy bathtub drain stopper has no button to pop up a stopper. You see a grate that catches hair. Think of it like a secret plug you can’t see. However, This hidden piece lives in the overflow pipe and bobs up and down to open and close the drain.

Here’s the downside of this flip lever drain: cleaning it’s a pain. Taking it apart is tricky – you have to unscrew some stuff to get to the parts inside the drain. Forget trying to be your plumber with this flip lever drain. Taking it apart yourself is a recipe for disaster. Call a plumber, and they’ll have it sparkling clean without any broken pieces.

Plus, they can clean out any hair clogs that might be stopping the drain from working right, like preventing you from filling the tub with water. It would be best if you pulled this drain straight up from the plate to clean it. When dealing with trip lever mechanisms, mastering how to remove a bathtub drain stopper removal is essential for hassle-free maintenance and repairs.

  1. Flip It

The flip-it drain stopper is an easy-to-install and affordable option for bathtubs without drain strainers. Installing a flip-it stopper is simple—push it into the drain, and no tools are required.

The Flip-it Drain Stopper is an easy-to-install and affordable option. It is suitable for bathtubs without filters. To Install a Flip-it Stopper, push it to the drain without the help of any tool.

This bathtub drain stopper has a little toggle lever on top that flips back and forth. When you move the lever, it pushes squishy rings up and down inside the drain. Rings block the hole to fill the tub. Then, you can open it back up to let the water drain out.

The only thing that might wear out on this drain is the rubber rings inside. The rings get less springy as they age, so you can replace them with fresh ones when that happens. Luckily, they’re easy to find at most hardware stores.

Pop out the Stopper and the rings with a flathead screwdriver to clean the drain. Easy!

  1. Tip Toe

The Tip Toe bathtub drain stopper works in any tub, whether fiberglass, cast iron, or fancy acrylic. Believe me or not, it can easily replace your regular drain. Moreover, It lets water flow freely, stops splashes, and keeps your bathroom dry.

It is straightforward to clean and maintain your bathtub. However, tip-toe is very helpful when draining the water without any trouble. Whenever we think of buying a new bathtub drain stopper, we see if it is easy to install and replace. Tip-Toe is one of them, and you can trust us.

When installing toe drain plugs, relying on a reliable drain pipe supplier is important to ensure quality and ease of replacement.


how to remove drain stopper from sink

Stuck pulling and nothing’s happening? Try this: twist the Stopper a quarter turn (either way works!) and gently pull it up. That twist should unlock the Stopper from the drain and let you pop it out.

Are you still stuck? Struggling to put in that drain stopper? It’s like trying to wrestle a juice box away from a toddler! If you’ve been fighting with it for a while, it’s time to call a professional for help. Messing with it further could turn your bathtub into a mini-swimming pool!

Don’t worry; plumbers have seen it all (including worse!), and they will get your drain sparkling soon. When removing the drain plug from your sink, seek advice from trusted bathroom faucet suppliers to find an efficient and reliable solution.

Which Drain Stopper is Right for Your Bathtub?

Bathtub drains are not one-size-fits-all, so finding the right Stopper is critical! Good news! Most drain stoppers fit drains of similar sizes. This means you can easily swap out your troublesome Stopper for a brand-new one!

Things You Should Know Before Buying a New Drain Stopper:

  • Easy to put in? No one likes a tricky install.
  • Does it match your tub? You have to look good, too!
  • Simple to use? One touch is all it takes.
  • Easy to clean? It would help if you spent only some of your time scrubbing.

How do you measure a new tub drain stopper?

Not all drain stoppers are one-size-fits-all! Before you grab one, you’ll need to measure your bathtub drain. Most tubs are between 1.5 and 2 inches wide, but some might differ. The key is to find a stopper that exactly matches your drain.

  • Grab a tape measure or ruler. Measure the round part of your current drain stopper (the plunger).
  • Are you feeling brave? Unscrew the drain cover and measure the hole itself.
  • Are you feeling lost? Don’t worry! If measuring isn’t your thing, you can easily find the info you need online. Search for your bathtub brand and see if they have a list of standard drain sizes. Are you still stuck? The manufacturer will be happy to help you- call them!

When measuring your new bathtub drain plug, consider the specifications required by your factory drainage system to ensure compatibility and proper fit.

Final Thoughts

Create Your Perfect Bathing Space with the Top 7 Bathtub Drain Stopper Types! Picking a new bathtub drain stopper can be tricky, but don’t worry! After reading our List of Best 7 Drain Stopper Types, I hope you know exactly what you need. Also, You can easily buy your desired Bathtub Stoppers from HOFENSANITARY! We all want things to be perfect, even small things like drain stoppers. No matter how tiny something is, it should still work well.

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