Slotted Basin Strainer Waste

Slotted Basin Strainer Waste

No need for hands for operating that it’s automatic draining if you touch the lift-rod through an overflow, There are many new vares designs for matching modern bathrooms.

  • Brass materials
  • With Lift Rod and Overflow
  • SS304 Connection rods(2pcs)
  • Chrome-plated the surface
  • Pop-Up Waste Lavatory Drain Assembly
  • With Lift Rod and Overflow
  • Material: This bathroom sink assembly has a brass body construction which provides strength
  • Finish Chrome plated of the  surface
  • Durable: This pop-up sink assembly kit is made of thick 20-Gauge brass which provides durability
  • The drain stopper assembly kit resists corrosion



The Slotted Basin Strainer Waste is a basin waste that can be used with any sink. The slotted design allows water to drain from the basin and prevents debris from getting caught in the pipe. This product is brass, chrome-plated brass, stainless steel, and plastic. It comes with a rubber washer for added sealing protection against leaks.

Slotted Basin Strainer Waste is a basin waste with a set of screws and nuts. The product is made from high-quality brass, highly durable, and reliable. It has an adjustable ring that enables the user to adjust it according to the sink’s size. This product fits perfectly into most sinks and can be easily used by anyone.

Slotted Basin Strainer Waste is a basin waste designed to provide an effective and straightforward solution for installing basins in bathrooms, kitchens, and utility rooms. This waste will help you get rid of unwanted water from your basin and protect your home from any leaks by directing all excess water away from the walls and into the connected drainage system. The Slotted Basin Strainer Waste features a slotted design that allows for easy removal of hair, soap scum and other debris which can cause blockages.

The Slotted Basin Strainer Waste is the perfect solution for any basin. It has a stylish, contemporary design that will blend in with most bathroom styles, and it is easy to clean. The slotted basin strainer waste has a simple but effective design that allows water to pass through while preventing hair, soap scum, and other debris from clogging up your drain hole. This means you can keep your sink or basin looking clean and clear of unwanted build-up without having to constantly empty the contents of your bin every time you use it.

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Water, Oil





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