Pop-up Swivel Waste Lavatory

Pop-up Swivel Waste Lavatory

There is no need for hands for operating that it’s automatic draining if you touch the lift-rod through an overflow and many new vares designs to match a modern bathroom.

  • Pop-Up Waste Lavatory Drain Assembly
  • With Lift Rod and Overflow
  • Material: This pop-up waste is made of brass which provides strength and durability
  • Connection: It features a 1-1/4 inch Fitting
  • Modern: The chrome finishing gives it a modern look
  • Easy Installation: The included hardware fittings make it very easy to install

Pop-Up Waste basin wastes work using a lever or bar often found on the back of your basin tap. The lever is pulled up to lower the plug stopper and pushed down to pop up the waste.


Pop-Up Waste Lavatory Drain Assembly


Brass materials with a plastic plug
With Lift Rod and Overflow
Chrome-plated of the surface

SS304 Connection rods

A Guide to basin wastes choose?

If you placed a modern washbasin or a nice bath at your home, you should choose a new design drain waster instead of a normal one. Maybe it looks are very similar and functions of all basin waste, but if you deeply check more details, that can be the difference between your drainer functions. If it doesn’t fit your bath, basin, or kitchen sink that it’s a risk of your plumber system and overflow, It means that the basin waste drain will stop working suddenly, leading to floods and flood damage.

Guide Waste Styles?

Many waste drainers exist, from the simple plug on a chain to a few modern styles. Top-rated basin wastes include Pop-up, click-clack, Push the button, Plug and Chain, Flip-top waste, Freeflow waste or Openflow waste, Captive waste, plug waste, and sink strainer are opened or closed of them. It’s especially good with the “push button” wastes are more popular Because of its easy working and installation, Regarding the click-clack waste; it’s hot sales as well, but lift-rod works it to the washbasin and bathtub, No need your hands for operating that it’s automatic draining if you touch the lift-rod through an overflow, There are many new vares designs for matching a modern bathroom.

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Polishing, Chrome plated


Water, Oil





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