Lift-Turn Bath Drain Stopper

Lift-Turn Bath Drain Stopper

Although it’s a traditional and simple design, this is an easy way for removing dirty, used waster, hair…

  • 11/2″
  • Lift-Turn Bath Drain
  • Brass raw materials
  • Max work temperature; 150℃
  • Special ORB
  • Thread connection Std: (G,Rc,RP) BSP,BSPT,NPT
  • Media; Water
  • Lift and turn closure
  • For use in tubs with no overflows
  • Must have underfloor access
  • 6 tailpiece
  • Available in 3 Finishes
  • Without overflow holes
  • Fits 1-1/2 in. opening with 1-1/4 in. tailpiece


Lift-Turn Bath Drain Stopper


What’s Lift-Turn Bath Drain

A lift-turn bath drain stopper with a small knob on the top cap is the stopper that can open and close. The lift-turn bath drain is closed if put back the knob until it’s down, and it’s opened if lifting the knob, and the used water is released to the plumbing system.

The basin waste drain is installed by screwing the drain complying. The screw of the complying installation below of basin waste. Although it’s a traditional and straightforward design, this is an easy way to remove dirty, used water hair…

The Lift-Turn Bath Drain Stopper is the perfect solution to a clogged drain. The Lift-Turn Bath Drain Stopperautomatically lifts and turns to open, close, and seal to keep water in the sink. Unlike other drain stoppers, the Lift-Turn can be placed directly over any existing drain hole without cutting a giant hole or replacing your existing plumbing.

Most Popular 1 1/2″ Brass Lift And Turn Straight Drain For Tubs Without Overflows

• Lifts & turns for easy use

• Fits all standard drains with a ½” opening (no special tools required)

• Stays closed

“Lift-Turn Bath Drain Stopper is the perfect solution to your drain problems. It installs easily in seconds and is guaranteed to be leak-free. The Lift-Turn design allows you to lift out the stopper for easy cleaning without having to remove the entire unit from under your sink. Our patented design works with all sinks, tubs, and showers.”

It is a basin waste used in both traditional and contemporary sinks. The design of the Lift-Turn provides effortless one-hand operation, making it easy to clean your sink after you are done cleaning. It also features an innovative ball and spring mechanism that allows quick installation, removal, or replacement of the stopper assembly without tools. This makes removing the stopper assembly from the drain possible without removing any plumbing components. This feature also allows easy cleaning of all parts since they are easily accessible.

Lift-Turn Bath Drain Stopper is the best bath drain stopper. It has a patented lift and turns system that quickly removes the plug without removing the entire device from the drain.

Lift-Turn Bath Drain Stopper Repair: A Step-by-Step Guide?

The Lift-Turn bath drain stopper, a critical but often overlooked component in bathrooms, promises a trouble-free bath, ensuring water remains only when desired. But what happens when this indispensable item ceases to perform as expected? Let’s unravel a step-by-step guide to restoring its functionality without dialing a professional.

Understanding the mechanism and potential issues of a Lift-Turn bath drain stopper is imperative for effective troubleshooting and repair, safeguarding your tranquil bath from unwanted disruptions.

Why Does a Lift-Turn Bath Drain Stopper Malfunction?

Even with its relatively simple operation – lift and turn to open or close – a Lift-Turn bath drain stopper is not exempt from potential hiccups. Issues often arise from natural wear and tear, accumulated debris, or mechanical faults within its simplistic yet pivotal mechanisms.

What Are the Initial Steps for Repair?

Assessment and Troubleshooting:

  • Identify the Issue: Is it not holding water or, conversely, not draining?
  • Clean and Inspect: Ensure no hair or debris is obstructing its function.
  • Manual Operation Check: Lift and turn the stopper manually to ensure smooth operation.

Gathering Essential Tools:

  • Wrench or Pliers: For loosening and tightening components.
  • Screwdriver: Often, a flat head is needed to undo screws.
  • Cleaning Tools: A wire or specialized tool to remove obstructions.
  • Replacement Parts: If necessary, ensure exact matches for compatibility.

How to Disassemble and Inspect the Lift-Turn Stopper?

Disassembling the Stopper:

  • Removing the Stopper: Unscrew the top knob, lift, and find the hidden screw beneath. Undo it and lift the stopper out.
  • Visual Inspection: Check for obvious damages or signs of wear.
  • Clean: Remove hair and debris, and try reinstalling to check function.

Assessing the Underlying Mechanism:

  • Inspecting the Drain: Ensure no obstructions are hindering the stopper’s seal.
  • Checking the Seal: Ensure the stopper creates a watertight seal when closed.

How to Repair or Replace the Faulty Components?

Repairing Minor Faults:

  • Adjusting the Height: Alter the screwing depth to ensure a tight seal.
  • Fixing Mechanical Issues: Ensure springs and screws are functioning properly.

Replacing Parts:

  • Identifying the Required Part: Ensure exact specifications for a seamless fit.
  • Installation: Reverse of removal – place the stopper, ensure a tight seal, secure the lower screw, and replace the top knob.

Is Regular Maintenance Essential?

Yes, to avoid repetitive issues:

  • Frequent Cleaning: Regular removal of visible hair and debris.
  • Periodic Checks: Ensuring tight seals and functional operation.
  • Lubrication: Ensuring the smooth movement of moving parts.


The seemingly daunting task of repairing a Lift-Turn bath drain stopper often requires a keen eye, basic tools, and a bit of patience. By familiarizing oneself with the mechanism, conducting regular maintenance, and addressing minor issues promptly, unexpected mishaps can be averted, ensuring a peaceful, uninterrupted bath. Always remember understanding and maintaining these minor components significantly contribute to the overarching tranquility of your sanctuary – the bathroom.

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