Grid Drain Strainer Assembly

Grid Drain Strainer Assembly

Free flow Wastes often look like a Push button drain

SS tube connection;19 holes with unique ORB

11/2 “x6″; Media; Water.Unslotted functions.

High-quality finish – will resist rust and corrosion through everyday use

Construction: solid brass.Inlet connection: G1 ¼”

Push the center of the waste down to allow the basin to fill

About 19 holes with 1 1/2X6″Length



Basin waste guide

A basin waste is residents required to drain used water in the basin to protect the plumbing system at your home. These drainers can stop water and fill up sink tanks for washbasin and kitchen sinks about sink strainer design.

Overflow Guide

The overflow is a slotted design on kinds of basin wastes that function and release water if the washbasin and kitchen sink are too full of water or wastes. This is for protecting against water flooding out if any accidents happen. Please check your washing basin if with an overflow at first, then you can choose if you need to purchase basin waste with a flood and unoverflow.

19 Holes With 11/2X6″ Length Brass Sink Strainer Drain Parts Basin Waste

Grid Drain Strainer Assembly is a type of basin waste with a grid and strainer to keep the sink free from hair, food particles, etc. It reduces the risk of clogging the drain and helps in proper drainage. The filter is made up of stainless steel for long-lasting performance.

The product has received positive reviews on Amazon, with an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars by customers who have used it. It has been rated as high as 4.5 stars by some customers who have used it to clear their drains at home.

The company Grid Drain manufactures the Grid Drain Strainer Assembly. This product is designed to be installed in a basin or sink with an overflow drain. The strainer assembly prevents debris from clogging up your drains, and it also catches any hair that may have fallen down the sink or shower. This can help prevent plumbing problems that could take time and money to fix.


– Easy to install – Attaches easily to existing drain pipe using standard fittings – No tools required for installation – Durable stainless steel construction –

The Grid Drain Strainer Assembly is an ideal basin waste for any bathroom. The Grid Drain Strainer Assembly will prevent clogging in your drain and keep the water flowing freely. This grid strainer assembly comes with a pop-up stopper that can be easily removed by pulling up or down on the chain.

The Grid Drain Strainer Assembly is a simple but effective solution for your basin waste. The assembly comprises a grid strainer, preventing hair and other debris from clogging the drain hole. The grid can be easily removed for cleaning when necessary. A rubber seal is fitted around the basin’s rim to prevent leaking and ensure water drains away quickly and efficiently.

The Grid Drain Strainer Assembly is a product that fits into your sink and allows you to remove water from the basin easily. This product is great for any household with high amounts of water usage. The assembly comes with a strainer basket that can be removed for easy cleaning. There is also a stopper in the drain hole, so no more worries about clogged drains! The Grid Drain Strainer Assembly makes it easier to clean up after yourself or keep your sink looking nice and neat.

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Polishing, Chrome plated


Water, Oil





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24 months

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