Lift-Turn Bath Sink Drain

Lift-Turn Bath Sink Drain

The basin waste drain is installed by screwing the complying of the drain. The screw of compiling installation below of basin waste. Although it’s a traditional and simple design, this is an easy way for removing dirty, used waste, hair

  • About 19 holes with CP
  • 11/2″
  • Media; Water
  • Unslotted and Overflow functions are available
  • Lift-Turn Bath Drain
  • Brass raw materials; Chrome plated
  • Max work temperature; 150℃
  • Thread connection Std: (G,Rc,RP) BSP,BSPT,NPT
  • Lift and turn closure
  • For use in tubs with no overflows
  • Must have underfloor access
  • 6 tailpiece; available in 3 Finishes


Lift-Turn Bath Sink Drain


What’s Lift-Turn Bath Drain

A lift-turn bath drain stopper with a small knob on the top cap is the stopper that can open and close. The lift-turn bath drain is closed if put back the knob until it’s down, and it’s opened if lifting the knob, and the used water is released out to the plumbing system.

The basin waste drain is installed by screwing the complying of the Drain. The screw of compiling installation below of basin waste. Although it’s a traditional and straightforward design, this is an easy way to remove dirty, used water hair…

Lift-Turn Bath Sink Drain is an easy-to-use basin waste that makes it simple to empty your sink without a plunger. The Lift-Turn Bath Sink Drain features a lever that you can easily lift to open and release the water. This basin waste is also made of durable brass to withstand daily use.

A Lift-Turn Bath Sink Drain is a type of drain stopper mechanism commonly found in bathtubs and sinks. As the name suggests, this drain operates by lifting and turning. The drain will open by lifting and turning the stopper in one direction, allowing water to flow out. Turning it in the opposite direction will close it, effectively stopping the flow.

Lift-Turn Bath Sink Drain Guide 101

When it comes to the intricate world of bathroom fittings, selecting the right drain might seem trivial, but it’s of paramount importance. Among the array of drain types available, the Lift-Turn Bath Sink Drain stands out for its functionality and ease of use. But what is it, why might you choose it, and how should you care for it? This guide delves into the essentials of the Lift-Turn Bath Sink Drain.

Why Choose a Lift-Turn Drain?

1. Simplicity: One of the significant advantages of the lift-turn drain is its simplicity. With no complicated levers or internal mechanisms to worry about, users find it intuitive and easy to operate.

2. Durability: Due to its straightforward design, there are fewer components that can wear out or malfunction over time.

3. Versatility: This type of drain is suitable for a wide range of sinks and bathtubs, making it a versatile choice for various bathroom setups.

4. Aesthetic Appeal: Available in various finishes and designs, lift-turn drains can seamlessly blend into any bathroom decor or stand out as a statement piece.

How to Install and Use a Lift-Turn Drain?

Installation: While the specifics may vary based on the manufacturer, the general process involves:

  • Removing the old drain if replacing.
  • Cleaning the area to ensure no residue.
  • Positioning the lift-turn drain in place and screwing it down. Some models might require a plumber’s putty or a rubber gasket to create a watertight seal.
  • Ensuring that it operates smoothly by lifting and turning it.

Operation: Using a left-turn drain is straightforward:

  • Lift and turn the stopper in one direction to open the drain.
  • To close it, lift and turn in the opposite direction.

Maintenance and Care:

  • Cleaning: Regularly clean the drain to prevent hair and debris buildup. Removing the stopper and cleaning underneath can prevent blockages.
  • Check the Seal: Ensure the drain’s seal remains tight. If you notice water leakage, replacing the rubber gasket or adding a plumber’s putty might be time.
  • Regular Operation: Even if you don’t use your sink or bathtub often, it’s a good idea to operate the lift-turn mechanism occasionally to keep it moving smoothly.


The Lift-Turn Bath Sink Drain offers an ideal combination of simplicity, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Understanding its operation and ensuring regular maintenance can serve as a durable and efficient component in any bathroom setup. When choosing your drain, always consider the overall design of your bathroom and the kind of usage the sink or tub will see. With the right care, a Lift-Turn drain can last for years, offering hassle-free service.

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