Clearwater Click-Clack Waste

Clearwater Click-Clack Waste

Push its button, and then the stopper will spring up and let used water and dirty or hair be released. Push it again then the stopper will be closed and will load more water into the washbasin or kitchen sink

  • Brass drain without overflow
  • Brass waste body length 60mm
  • Black silica seal
  • 1-1/4″ with Polished Chrome
  • The Vessel Sink Drain Kit Works with Standard Bathroom Basin with 1.3-Inch to 1.9-Inch Drain Hole, also Comes with a Universal Brass Overflow Cover.
    The Vanity Drain is easily Mounted into your Bathroom Sink. The Thickened Stepped Silicone Gaskets Prevent Leakage and Resist Oxidation.
  • Primary Material: Solid brass
  • Tailpiece Material: Stainless steel
  • Diameter Cap: 2.4 inches (60mm)
  • Tailpiece Dia: 1.2inch (30mm)
  • Fit for sinkhole size: 1.3-Inch to 1.9-Inch (33-48 mm)


Clearwater Click-Clack Waste


Clearwater Click-Clack Bath Waste is a basin waste that easily fits your bathroom. This basin waste features a click-clack feature that allows you to install and uninstall the product quickly. The sturdy metal construction of this product makes it durable, while the sleek design gives it an attractive look. It comes with a plug that helps prevent water from leaking out of the drain when not in use. This bath waste is available in chrome, satin nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze.

Its Waste is a basin waste that makes removing and cleaning your bathtub plug easy. The Click-Clack mechanism ensures a tight seal, while the chrome finish gives your bathroom a touch of luxury. This basin waste is also available in white to match any bathroom decor.

The Bath Waste – A basin waste that is simple to use and easy to install, the Clearwater Click-Clack Bath Waste is perfect for any bathroom. With just a quick click, this waste can be installed in seconds, keeping your bathroom clean and tidy.

The unit comes with two sets of screws, one for mounting the pop-up drain and one for mounting the waste assembly. The pop-up drain can be installed in a single hole or an existing double-hole sink. The Click-Clack basin waste can also be used in a single hole or a current double-hole sink. This standard size fits most sinks and tubs up to 2′ deep by 19″ wide.

Clearwater Click-Clack Waste: Types and Raw Materials

Clearwater, a distinguished brand in bathroom and kitchen products, boasts its exemplary quality offerings. Among these stands the click-clack waste system, which has emerged as a contemporary favorite for basins and bath drainage.


  • Standard Basin Click-Clack Waste: This design caters specifically to basins without an overflow mechanism. It guarantees efficient drainage and lends a sleek finish to any basin setup.
  • Slotted Click-Clack Waste for Basins with Overflow: This variant comes with slots, which play an essential role in allowing any excess water to flow out, proving invaluable for basins equipped with an overflow feature.
  • Bath Click-Clack Waste: A more substantial variant tailored for bathtubs, designed to handle a greater volume of water. Some of these might come integrated with overflow systems for enhanced utility.
  • Extended Click-Clack Waste: Crafted for those unique, thicker basins or bathtubs, the extended length ensures the waste system works flawlessly, even in unconventional designs.
  • Integrated Click-Clack Waste with Overflow: A holistic design that seamlessly merges waste and overflow systems into a singular unit, offering functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Raw Materials:

Clearwater’s reputation for unparalleled quality is deeply rooted in its discerning choice of superior raw materials for crafting its click-clack waste systems. The primary materials include:

  • Brass: A cornerstone material for a majority of click-clack wastes, brass is celebrated for its robustness, anti-corrosion attributes, and its gleaming finish. When accentuated with chrome plating, it bestows a luxurious, glossy look in high demand in modern bathroom setups.
  • Zinc Alloy: An addition to the material palette, zinc alloy is prized for its resistance to corrosion, versatility, and strength. It’s often used in combination with other metals to form robust and long-lasting components.
  • Stainless Steel: Certain models might lean on stainless steel, mainly because of its formidable rust-resistant characteristics and modern charm.
  • Rubber: Essential for sealing mechanisms, rubber ensures the system remains watertight. It stands as a bulwark against leaks and contributes to the waste system’s extended life span.
  • Plastic: Certain internal components, particularly those in the overflow system, might harness high-grade plastics. These offer resistance against corrosion and can be intricately molded to ensure precision in fit. A chrome finish, often layered on, elevates the aesthetic appeal with its shiny, reflective surface, which aligns it with other bathroom fixtures. Beyond aesthetics, chrome offers an added protective layer against routine wear and tear.


Clearwater’s unwavering dedication to excellence is reflected in its meticulous selection of raw materials and the expansive range of click-clack waste types in its portfolio. A deeper understanding of its types and the raw materials employed can guide consumers toward an informed choice, ensuring a blend of durability and visual appeal.

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