Chrome Plated Waste Plug Drain

Chrome Plated Waste Plug Drain

Easy for removing wastes and dirt from washbasin and kitchen sink even for your bathroom.

  • Brass with unslotted
  • Brass backnut without overflow
  • Brass waste body length 60mm
  • White silica seal
  • 11/4″
  • Media; Water
  • Production Capacity:100000
    Surface Treatment: Chrome Plated
    Brand Name: OEM


Chrome Plated Waste Plug Drain


A plug waste drain is a solution for blocking the sink and washbasin.
It’s easy to place it in your kitchen and fix it tight. The function is to filter waste and dirty; it’s blocked these wastes from going down the plumbing system, plugging holes, and even damaging your home’s plumbing system.
It is designed for easy removing waste and dirt from the washbasin and kitchen sink, even for your bathroom.
Polished finishing like a mirror.

Upgrade your bathroom with this sleek and stylish brass chrome-plated waste plug drain. This basin waste is perfect for any modern bathroom and makes a great addition to any sink. The polished chrome finish gives a luxurious look, making your bathroom even more elegant. With its easy installation, this basin waste is the perfect way to improve your bathroom without doing any major renovations.

Chrome Plated Waste Plug Drain: Overflow Vs. Non-Overflow Type

Modern bathroom and kitchen designs prioritize both functionality and aesthetics. In this context, the choice of sink drain plays an instrumental role. When selecting a drain, homeowners often decide between overflow and non-overflow types. Both have their merits, and your choice may be influenced by your specific needs, the design of your sink, and personal preferences. Here’s a closer look at the two options, especially when considering chrome-plated waste plug drains.

Chrome Plated Waste Plug Drain with Overflow

1. Features & Design:

  • Overflow Channel: This design incorporates an overflow channel, usually a series of holes or a gap near the sink bowl’s top.
  • Aesthetics: The chrome finish offers a polished, sleek appearance, making it a popular choice for modern bathrooms and kitchens.

2. Benefits:

  • Prevents Flooding: The primary function of the overflow channel is to prevent water from spilling over the edge of the sink if the faucet is left running with the drain closed.
  • Air Ventilation: The overflow channel can also act as a vent, allowing air to enter and ensuring smooth drainage, especially when the sink is full.

3. Considerations:

  • Maintenance: The overflow can sometimes trap debris, soap, or hair, requiring periodic cleaning to prevent buildup and odors.

Chrome Plated Waste Plug Drain without Overflow

1. Features & Design:

  • More straightforward Structure: Lacks overflow holes or channel, leading to a more streamlined design.
  • Aesthetics: Maintains the shiny chrome appearance, giving a neat look to the sink.

2. Benefits:

  • Easier Maintenance: Without the overflow channel, there are fewer places for debris and buildup to accumulate.
  • Versatility: Suitable for sinks without an overflow hole, allowing for broader application in various sink designs.

3. Considerations:

  • Risk of Overflow: Without the overflow channel, there’s a potential risk of water spilling over if the sink is filled too high or left unattended.

How to Choose Between the Two?

1. Sink Design: Check if your sink has an overflow hole. If it does, you’ll need a drain with an overflow.

2. Usage: An overflow type might be safer if you tend to fill your sink often or leave the tap running.

3. Maintenance Preference: A non-overflow design might be more appealing if you prefer less cleaning and maintenance.

4. Aesthetics: Some people have a design preference between the two, so consider the look you desire for your bathroom or kitchen.


Overflow and non-overflow chrome-plated waste plug drains have distinct advantages and considerations. The best choice hinges on your sink’s specific requirements, usage habits, and design preferences. Always ensure that the drain type complements your sink design and meets your functional needs for a seamless and efficient experience.

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