Bath Filler Waste & Overflow

Bath Filler Waste & Overflow

It’s for clean-up effort and extensive damage in the bathroom, preventing used water from splashing onto the floor.

  • Plastic body, SS flange.
  • Zinc alloy handle wheel decorative overflow cover
  • Center distance 55cm
  • Brass waste clamp and big plug
  • Gray and white colors
  • G11/2″
  • 550-700 Length



Bath Filler Waste & Overflow – A basin waste and overflow designed to be installed in a bathtub. A chain and plug operate the waste, and the overflow is connected to the taps to allow water to escape if the bathtub is filled too high. Made from brass with a chrome finish, this bath filler waste and overflow is easy to install and provides a reliable way to keep your bathtub safe.

Bath Filler Waste & Overflow

– Basin waste for baths
– Chrome finish
– Fits standard baths

This bath filler waste and overflow are perfect for quickly and easily fitting a bath waste. The chrome finish is stylish and will complement any bathroom decor. The waste includes most standard Euro baths, making it a versatile option.

A basin waste pipe fitting diverts wastewater from the lavatory basin to a floor drain or soil stack. Basin wastes are available in various shapes and sizes, including round and rectangular versions. A basin waste includes an access cover with a removable plug, which cleans the overflow hole under the sink.

Bath Filler Waste & Overflow is a basin waste and overflows with a chrome finish. It is designed to fit into most baths and basins, providing an easy way to clean the bathwater. The waste features a pop-up plug that can be opened or closed by pressing down on it, making it ideal for use in any bathroom.

Bath Filler Waste & Overflow is an innovative, stylish, and highly effective alternative to traditional basin waste. Our products eliminate the need for a plumber to install a new bath waste system. A simple, screw-in replacement product that anyone in minutes can fit! Bath filler waste and overflow systems are designed to work seamlessly with all types of basins, including freestanding baths and under-mounted baths. The Bath Filler Waste & Overflow range includes different sizes of basin wastes.

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