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Pull down kitchen faucet
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Kitchen Faucet Guide To Choose

Because the kitchen is used so frequently for meal prep and storage, it’s no wonder that your kitchen sink faucet may experience some wear and tear after years of use.

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Fix Guide For Shower Drains

Have you recently wondered why your shower drain smells so bad? If so, this article is for you. The good news is that smelly showers are usually an easily identifiable and fixable issue. We will go over the possible causes of the odor as well as how to unclog drain pipes that cause shower drain smells when showering

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The Best faucets of 2022

A faucet is a device for controlling water flow in a plumbing system. Faucets are generally used to control the flow of water in a sink or bathroom. Many different types and styles of faucets are available on the market today.

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The Top 10 Plumbing Fixture Brands 2023

Making your decision for the best plumbing fixtures or emergency solutions can be tough with all the different brands available today. Some are expensive, while others might not offer great quality.

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The 3 Step Guide to Fixing a Sink Stopper

If you’re trying to remove a bathroom or kitchen sink plug and it’s giving you trouble, don’t worry. You’re not alone. This blog post will cover some of the most common methods for removing a stuck sink plug.

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The top 5 drain cleaners that you can make at home

Don’t be alarmed if you don’t have any Drano on hand and your drains are clogged. Did you know you can make your drain cleaner using kitchen ingredients? This natural drain cleaner is easy to make and a lot cheaper than buying a commercial product.

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Types of Faucets

How are faucets essential for your kitchen? It is vital to understand nature and tap for your kitchen. It acts as a regulator for controlling the flow of the water. Before buying any faucet, you must have the proper guidelines. Yet, it is one of the busiest tools in our kitchen.

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Sanitary Box Drain 101

Our stainless steel floor drainage products are designed for ultimate hygienic and corrosion-resistant performance. This ensures the health & safety of workers, customers and products while allowing clean-in-place functionality.

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How To Choose Shower Drain Cover

A shower drain cover is vital for any shower with an exposed drain. It stops it from going into the drain and subsequently clogging it. When choosing a cover, the best shower type and appropriate drain size should be considered.

tub and shower drain
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Does a Shower Drain Need a Trap? Shower Traps Explained

The U-shaped portion of the drain pipe known as a P-trap, prevents sewage gases from entering your bathroom. It could be hidden under the floor, so you can’t see it, but all restrooms must have it by law. You put your family at risk if your bathroom is unequipped or blocked.

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