How to Fix a Leaky Toilet from Base

In this blog post, you’ll read:There is a leakage in your toilet if water accumulates at the bowl's base. It can be terrifying when a toilet starts dripping water around the base. Most plumbing problems can be easily fixed without calling in a professional plumber. The majority of fixes are simple, quick, and cheap. If this issue isn't resolved soon, it could result in a devastating outcome.

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There is a leakage in your toilet if water accumulates at the bowl’s base. It can be terrifying when a toilet starts dripping water around the base. Most plumbing problems can be easily fixed without calling in a professional plumber. The majority of fixes are simple, quick, and cheap. If this issue isn’t resolved soon, it could result in a devastating outcome. Your floors, walls, and even furniture can be ruined by water. Furthermore, it poses a severe threat to human health. In this project, we will discuss why the leakage could happen and how to fix and prevent it.

little boy looks in the toilet
Little boy looks in the toilet.

Why the Toilet Leakage from the Bottom

Here are some reasons why your toilet’s bottom could leak.

  • Tee bolts need tightening.

Two bolts, called tee bolts, connect the base of your toilet to the ground. If these bolts do not tighten properly, the bathroom will likely move, causing the wax ring’s seal to fail. If your tee bolts are loose, drain water may leak from the toilet’s base whenever you flush.

  • The Wax Ring Requires to Replace

Typically, the wax ring must be replaced because the toilet is loose. Another reason a wax ring may require replacement is that it has become fragile. This indicates that the seal has been damaged. As a result, water might seep through the base.

  • Loose Water Supply Line.

If there is a leak in the water supply line, water will seep from the base of the toilet at all times, not only when the toilet is flushed. Check the connection between the supply line and the tank to ensure the tight nut and rubber seal.

  • Water is condensing and dripping from the toilet.

The water in the tank and bowl of a toilet is typically cold, as is the porcelain. A humid area will cause water to drip from the porcelain on the bowl, causing water to pool at the toilet’s base. After detecting the cause of the leak, you can assemble the necessary tools to repair the toilet.

Scrubbing toilet
Scrubbing toilet

Required Tools to Stop the Toilet Leakage from the Base

Here are some essential tools you’ll need to fix a toilet leaking from the base.


Depending on your toilet type, you may require a set of screwdrivers to unscrew various toilet pieces to remove and repair your toilet.


You will need a wrench to remove the nuts and bolts that seal your toilet to the ground. Ensure that the twist has an open end.

Bathroom Cleanser

Using an antibacterial bathroom cleaner is crucial to clean around the base of your toilet. This assures that the leaking toilet water is adequately cleaned.

Gaskets, Washer, Toilet Bolts, Putty Knife, Toilet Wax Ring

You must purchase a toilet repair kit containing all the necessary tools. You can buy washers, toilet bolts, and other items separately.


Some bolts may have been stripped and rusted. When attempting to remove rusted or stripped bolts, having a hacksaw on hand might lessen the amount of frustration you experience. Use the hacksaw to cut through the bolts at the toilet’s base, the plastic bolts on the toilet seat, and other toilet fasteners.

Cleaning Cloths

Ensure that you have many cleaning clothes to perform this task. Terry cloth and microfiber towels are the most effective.

Driver or Cordless Drill

Some nuts and bolts may be difficult to eliminate manually. Make sure you have a power tool, such as a cordless drill, to make it easier to remove tight bolts.

Rubber Gloves

Leaking toilet base repairs are messy. Ensure that you are wearing gloves to protect your hands.

Steps to Stop the Toilet Leakage from the Base

To fix the leak in your toilet, review the following instructions carefully.

  •  Check for condensation
condensation toilet
condensation in the toilet.

Condensation on the outside of the bowl could cause your toilet issues, so check there first. The following solutions may help if condensation is the cause of your toilet’s leaky base:

  • Install a tray.
  • You should insulate your water tank.
  • Confirm whether your flapper is broken.
  • If this isn’t the issue, you’ll need to continue searching.
  • Tighten the Tee Bolts
Tighten the Tee Bolts
Tighten the Tee Bolts

Remove the protective plastic coverings from both sides of the toilet’s base. Tighten the tee bolts with an open-end wrench of different sizes. Tit Compressing the wax ring that seals the toilet drain outlet can be achieved by tightening the toilet down tightly against the floor. A new wax ring and bolts must be installed in the bathroom. However, the toilet must be removed and reinstalled if the tee bolts are already tight or can’t be tightened.

  • Disconnect and Remove the Toilet

Make sure the water supply to the toilet has been turned off before starting the process of disconnecting it. In most toilets, the water supply tube and the water valve tailpiece are on the left side of the bowl, and the water supply shutoff valve is installed.

  • It would be best to flush the toilet to remove any remaining water in the bowl and the tank. Remove additional water from the bowl and tank with a sponge or cloth.
  • Unscrew the nut holding the supply tube to the fill valve tailpiece with a screwdriver.
  • Using the wrench, loosen the tee bolts from the toilet’s base. If the tee bolts are too corroded to turn, you may need a hacksaw to cut them in half.
  • Remove the toilet up and away from the drain on the floor to get rid of it. If you don’t feel up to moving the toilet, asking for assistance may be your best bet.
  • Put the toilet on its side to avoid spills.
  • Eliminate the Wax Ring and Install a new one.
Wax Ring and Install a new one
Wax Ring and Install a new one

Take a putty knife and scrape away the old wax from the drain opening. Make sure to scrape away any leftovers of old wax after the putty has been scraped away, and put in the new wax ring. The ring’s plastic cone should point downwards into the drain after installation. Tee bolts should be firmly inserted into the suitable slots on both flange sides.

  • Reinstall the Toilet

You’ll need to carefully lift the toilet and adjust it over the drain so the tee bolts can fit the corresponding holes in the base. When you lower the toilet onto the wax ring and rock it back, the weight of the toilet will compress the wax and form a watertight seal. With a wrench, tighten the tee bolts and nuts, taking care not to overtighten them and shatter the porcelain.

  • Connect the Water Line.

Turn on the water again and reconnect the water supply pipe to the fill valve. After the tank is filled again, flush the toilet and check for leaks. Seal the bottom of your toilet with caulk once you’ve assured no leaks.

Anyone Can Fix a Leaky Toilet from seejanedrill
  • How to Prevent the Future Toilet Leaks?

Here are five proven methods to keep your toilet from leaking.

  • Repair toilets that are leaking.

Repair a leaking toilet before the problem gets out of hand. Prevent periodic toilet leaks by keeping up with regular maintenance. In addition to reducing your long-term water usage, fixing a leaking toilet quickly can help you save money.

  • The toilet is only for human waste and toilet paper.

Anything other than toilet paper should not be flushed down the toilet, as it will produce a clog and may even damage the pipes. Because of the pressure created by the backlog, water flows from the base of your toilet if pipes clog.

  • Avoid Using Harmful Chemicals on Your Toilet Drain.

You shouldn’t flush chemical drain cleaners since they can damage your pipes. Some of these cleaners can potentially damage old pipes and other plumbing components.

  • Check the toilet’s parts once every six months.

Check the toilet’s parts twice yearly to confirm they are still in good working condition and prevent a leaky urgent situation. Being preventative, you can still fix nominal toilet issues before they become major. For more information, click here.

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