Types of Outdoor Faucets and HS Code

In this blog post, you’ll read:Outdoor fixture varies from the inner faucet as outdoor faucet create cold and hot water. This thing makes it less complicated than the internal faucet. These faucets only joined cold water in the pipeline. The selection of outdoor faucets relies upon what application you need to use them.

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         The outdoor faucet is located on the outer side of your home, where you link a garden hose. It is open every time so that you provide the water. But in winter, homeowners must close the water to their hose bib to control flooding.

Outdoor fixture varies from the inner faucet as outdoor faucet create cold and hot water. This thing makes it less complicated than the internal faucet. These faucets only joined cold water in the pipeline. The selection of outdoor faucets relies upon what application you need to use them. Here is the detail of the most typical outdoor faucet. Let’s dive into the types.


What is the HS Code?

HS code stands for the harmonized system. It is the serial number for any product for trade globally. Yet, it is applied by customer administration worldwide to check the product when levying taxes and duties for collecting data.

Why HS Code Use?

It is vital for the following thing;

  • Gathering the internal duties ad taxes
  • Track and check the controlled goods.
  • Meet the worldwide import and export data
  • To find the Customer tariffs.

HS Code for Some Water Faucets in terms of import

HS CodeDescription
84818020Cocks, taps, and another similar items of non-ferrous metal
8481Cocks, taps, and other similar for tanks, pipes, boiler shells, and vats
7324Sanitary components

HS Code for Some Water Faucets in terms of export

HS CodeDescription
84818020Cocks, taps, and another similar items of non-ferrous metal
8481Cocks, taps, and other similar for tanks, pipes, boiler shells, and vats
7616Articles of the aluminum

Types of Outdoor Faucets

Ball Valve Faucets

Ball valve spigots are famous for outdoor faucets and indoor fixtures. These work in a straightforward way. There is a ball fixed into the valve. The water moves through an opening in the ball. It holds how the water streams out of your outdoor spigot.

The ball permits water to move through when you turn the spigot on. Yet, there is a downside to this technique. Since the ball is turned to open or isn’t, there aren’t many choices regarding strain or stream varieties. It will, in any case, fill the essential need that outdoor fixture links with a hose, for instance, would. Yet, it is important that you could hear these outside fixtures referred to as “shut-off valves,” too.

shutoff ball valve faucet

Hose Bib Faucet

Hose-bib fixtures are referred to as either a sillcock or a spigot. They’re a common fixture choice, too, and you could try and have one outside your home right now!

These are used to join hoses to a water source. Yet, they have a good plan. A significant number of these hose bib spigots depend on a globe valve. It assists with controlling the stream of the water. Yet, it works in much the same way as compression valve fixtures. This can alter if the hose bib spigot is made to be frost-proofed or generally weather-proof.

That is the weakness of a hose-bib spigot. Yet, at the center, they aren’t weather-proof. That is why most home holders who decide on this kind of fixture go a little overboard on extra weather-proof elements. Yet, they pick this choice if they live in a milder environment.

Plumbing construction water supply hose bibb outside spigot and monkey wrench adjustable
Plumbing construction water supply hose bibb outside spigot and monkey wrench adjustable

Frost Proof Outdoor Faucet

I explained before that there is a choice for a frost-proof hose bib, but the typical hose bib is not a strength. These kinds of outside fixtures, like the name propose. It intends to endure colder environments by not being as susceptible to threats like frost.

These are a kind of outdoor spigot if you live in an excellent environment or one inclined to cold conditions. After all, since the fixture is continually outside. Yet, it has little other protection from the components like the temperature. This way, you can assist your outdoor fixture with enduring longer in a colder environment.

One note to make about these fixtures is that you would make sure to disconnect your hose from them when they aren’t used. It is because fixtures are fixed to assist with watering the drain. Yet, it keeps them from freezing in the fixture. A hose will not permit it to drain whenever you’re finished using it.

Frozen faucet in winter
Frozen faucet in winter

Spigot Faucets

A spigot faucet is a traditional selection. Yet, you should also hear it referred to as a compression valve faucet. These operate in most conditions when you require an open outdoor faucet. Unlucky, if you live in a cold environment or an environment with cold winters, you will see a spigot faucet suffer from weather-proofing.   

The way that these spigot fixtures operate is basic as well. You should turn the idea about the fixture into the avoided one. The water from your home will pour concerning the spout. Rotating the handle to the right will close the stream when needed. Typically, for as far back as you can recollect the familiar adage of “lefty loosey, righty tightly,” you’ll experience no difficulty utilizing a faucet.

  • Advantages of Spigot Faucet
  • Simple to repair if found leaks.
  • Easy to handle with outer lawn sprinklers
  • The garden hose is easily connected.
  • It is highly durable as it is made from brass or steel.


  • It may freeze in winter conditions, so it is not weather-proofed.
brass faucet head on white background
brass faucet head on white background

Yard Hydrant

Yard hydrants are a flexible option for outdoor fixtures. Yet, rather than connecting to the water supply of your home. Yet, they are connected to water supply pipes underground. This appears with a couple of distinct benefits. For one, these underground lines are undeniably more protected against cold climates than the lines in a home. This implies that regardless of whether you experience rather cold winters. You will not need to worry as many over your lines are freezing and briefly losing access to water.

The other massive advantage of yard hydrants is that they don’t need to be put near your home if you don’t maintain what they should be. After all, the house doesn’t contain its water source. The ground does. Thus, yard hydrants give you much more space to conclude the situation of the outside spigot type in your yard to fix what you want.

They’re pretty instinctively planned as well. You should pull up on the handle when you want water, and the water will get away from the siphoning. The distance ensures a hole in the piping. So, the further you push up, the more water arises. On the entire, they’re generalized and straightforward to utilize.

frostproof faucet works

Anti-Siphon Faucets

Another safety that you can take with your exterior faucet is to buy an anti-siphon faucet. This fixture only allows the water to flow one way through them. This means there’s no chance of the water flowing backward, introducing contaminants into the supply.

This is a vital feature to consider if your outdoor faucet is connected to your drinking water supply. The last thing you need to perform is allowing contaminants from outdoor faucet use to end up back in your home for your family to drink or wash your dishes.

The good news is that many outdoor faucets come with this feature pre-installed. If not, it’s an easy addition that will save you a lot of worry in the long run. Entire you have to do is buy an anti-siphon valve that matches your faucet. Then, screw it on at the end of the spout to install it.

Plumber in blue uniform is at work in the bathroom
Plumber in blue uniform is at work in the bathroom

What is the Size of the Outdoor faucet?

Generally, the outdoor faucet has two sizes. It is 3/4 and 1/2″.

Faucet Size (cm)Faucet Size (Inches)Relative Pressure
1.9 cm¾Lower
1.27 cm½Higher

Important Factors

Depending upon the many factors, some outdoor fixtures are more versatile than others. You can select the faucet depending on:


When you like to have the option to work the fixture with a fundamental turn of the handle, yet, the compression valve fixture is the best outdoor choice for you. A hose bib spigot is another excellent choice if you need more command over when and how much water is utilized.


Outdoor spigots frequently get exposed to harsh outdoor conditions. Ensure you consider a spigot’s durability before buying it for outdoor use. Pick items that convey a guarantee for substitution in case of harm from corrosion.


Cost can change contingent upon a few variables, like the material utilized and the complexity of the plan. Ensure you consider these elements while settling on your buying choice.


When you live in a dry region, go with a fixture made to resist rusting and corrosion. Pick a fixture that resists rust if you live in a wet region. Most spigots don’t avoid corrosion in wet environments. Yet, they’re intended for use in areas that don’t get wet repeatedly.

A frost-resistant spigot might be more helpful if you live in an excellent environment. You ought to consider picking a bib spigot over a compression valve fixture.

Accessory Options

Numerous outside fixtures come with extra accessories. For example, a hose bib can link your fixture to an outdoor nozzle or hose. These accessories can be helpful too. However, it might be ideal if you remembered that they might influence your spigot’s general functionality and style.


Suppose you need that your outdoor faucet should be pretty much as unnoticeable as could be expected. Yet, you might need to consider a plan mixes in with its environmental elements. You can consider painting your outdoor fixture a variety that integrates with your home’s stylistic theme.

Magic Faucet
Magic Faucet

Essential Parts of Outdoor Faucets

Spindle (Stem)

The stem or spindle is the long part that runs starting from the handle through the housing. It’ll move all over inside the fixture when you turn the handle to direct the stem washer to the valve seat, permitting or limiting the water stream.

Turning the handle right will safely close the opening for water and confine any movement out of the nozzle.

Pivoting the handle to the left will open the valve so water can stream uninhibitedly. Clearly, the more the shaft diverts and mounts from the valve seat, the more space there is for water to go.

Wall Mount

Typically, the wall mount is how the fixture safely links with the home outwardly. Begin with, and it’ll have openings to bore into the house’s outside to keep it in place. Then, it joins the spigot housing to the main line from inside the home.

wall mixer

Fixture Housing and Spigot

Many will refer to the whole fixture housing as a nozzle, yet that is, in fact, wrong. The faucet is the end part of the water spout. Yet, it uses threading to make links to garden hoses and different connections simpler.

The spigot housing contains four main parts that assist with controlling the volume of water running through the unit. These parts incorporate the valve seat, stem washer, shaft, and compression washer.

Stem Washer

The stem washer is simply over the valve seat at the shaft’s base. Turning the handle both ways will move the stem washer on the stem to change the amount you need to permit through the fixture.

Supply Pipe

Yet, the supply pipe is certainly not a direct part of the outside fixture itself. You can’t get water without it. This line appears against the wall mount inside the home. It permits water to stream to the fixture.

Also, the main line will have a shut-off valve to keep pipes from freezing. Yet, its equipment’s repair and maintenance are easy.  

Valve Seat

The valve seat sits inside the spigot lodging underneath the stem. This essential piece controls how the water courses through by the stem washer squeezing toward the valve seat. Full pressure will limit water, while no limitation permits water to stream completely.


The handle is the top piece of an outside fixture. Handle styles can change from a round shape to a long, level handle. They are typically made of metal yet can attend silicone coatings to assist with better hold.

Moving the handle right will close the valve seat keeping any water from streaming. At the same time, going to the left will permit water to come through rapidly.

structures of faucet

Packing Washer

The packing washer sits underneath the packing nut at the highest point of the spigot housing. It’s a little yet fundamental piece of the system.

It ensures that water doesn’t stream and splash out close to the handle when turned on. Also, it makes an air and water-tight seal to stop breaks and erosion.


There are many kinds of outdoor fixtures. A few outdoor fixtures are simpler to fix and keep up with than others, so it’s fundamental to know which type you have. For specific sorts, standard keeping is essential, particularly for fixtures that don’t access an external water source. In any case, you’re fine covering it in the colder time of year and changing the o-ring once every two or three years.

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