How to Replace or Maintain a Sink Pop-Up Drain Assembly: Step-by-Step Guide

In this blog post, you’ll read:Is your sink unable to drain? Does it not permit water to be filled to the basin? If so, the pop-up drain assembly in your sink drain may be damaged. A pop-up drain assembly is a type of drain that allows you to seal and release the drain to hold water with a simple press. Pop-up drain assemblies are available in either "with overflow" or "without overflow" openings.

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Is your sink unable to drain? Does it not permit water to be filled to the basin? If so, the pop-up drain assembly in your sink drain may be damaged. A pop-up drain assembly is a type of drain that allows you to seal and release the drain to hold water with a simple press. Pop-up drain assemblies are available in either “with overflow” or “without overflow” openings. If a pop-up drain assembly functions correctly, opening and closing the drain requires little more than applying leverage. The stopper is closed when the lift rod on the back of the sink is pulled upward; it becomes open when the rod is pushed downward. They require minimal effort to install and use.

How A Sink Pop-Up Mechanism Works?

Pop up mechanism works
Pop-up mechanism works.

Figure 2. Pop-up mechanism
Pulling up the lift rod connects it to the pivot rod, which is linked to the drain stopper. An upward pull on the lift rod causes the pivot rod to move up, subsequently causing the drain stopper to pull down. There are several potential causes for this component of your sink to be malfunctioning. For the pivot rod to adequately lower the drain stopper, either the drain stopper or the part of the rod that connects to it has corroded or broken away, or the drain stopper itself is damaged. The leverage between your lift rod and pivot rod may be insufficient. If you can open and close your pop-up mechanism without your sink discharging significantly clogged, an obstruction may require removal from the drain that has adhered to the mechanism.
Before calling a plumber, you can substantially lower the cost by repairing this yourself. Substitute parts are readily available at hardware stores for whatever the issue with your pop-up mechanism. Universal kits are available for purchase for costs ranging from $3.00 to $14.00.
After obtaining the necessary repair parts, the repair process is exceptionally straightforward. Familiar with the assembly components to understand how to finish this DIY task.
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How Do You Install A New Sink Pop-Up Drain Stopper?

install a new sink pop up drain stopper
Install a new sink pop-up drain stopper

Figure 3. Installation of pop-up drain stopper
With the necessary tools and supplies, you are now prepared to start your task. Follow the following instructions to install a pop-up drain stopper in the sink:

Prepare the Area

Before starting, remove any excess water from the sink, as water that falls onto you or the floor after removing the drain trap is unfavorable. Additionally, just in case, you may put a pot or bucket beneath the sink to collect additional water.

Remove the Old Drain

old drain removal
Old drain removal

The pop-up lift mechanism and discharge components are located beneath the sink. To remove the rod, unscrew it. Then, hold and loosen the lock nut near the bottom of the bathroom sink using your pliers. To make the draining of any residual water easier, apply pressure to the drain assembly and adjust it in a circular motion.
Return to the top of the sink and start unscrewing the pop-up ring to eliminate it; performing this will enable the drain assembly to come out from underneath the sink. In some pre-existing installations, the pop-up ring comprises an integrated assembly component and must be lifted via the sink in to function properly.
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Install the Drain Flange

Once the drain hole has been thoroughly cleaned of any remaining caulk or putty, apply the new plumber’s putty to the base of the chrome ring placed on top of the new drain flange. The flange will be screwed on in the next step.

Prepare the Bottom Assembly

Apply putty to the rubber washer placed on the underside of the assembly to ensure a secure seal at the sink’s base. Then, push the assembly through the bottom of the sink until the rubber gasket seems to be completely sealed. At this point, fix the top of the flange to the sticking-up bottom drain assembly via screws. Connect it without thinking about its tightness. Use pliers to apply pressure to the lock nut on the lower assembly. Remove any additional putty from the ring Using a paper towel.

Install Stopper

Ensure the stopper is placed into the drain from the top, with the opening pointing toward the back of the sink. Once you have reached the bottom area again, you will need to insert the nut that contains the ball into the discharge conduit. Continue pushing the rod to ensure the discharge is moving up and down. If the mechanism operates as it should, you should tighten the nut. The stopper must be adjusted to fit properly on the rod in such a case.

Position the Lever

Put the lever through the hole in the sink, attach the horizontal rod to the vertical lever, and turn on the sink. Altering where the extension pin is situated allows the pop-up’s height to be adjusted accordingly.

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Step By Step Guide to Replace or Maintain A Sink Pop-Up Drain Assembly

how to replace a sink pop up drain
how to replace a sink pop-up drain

Preparation of Sink
Before you begin cleaning or repairing your pop-up drain, ensure that the water is turned off, the back of the sink is accessible, and a bucket is placed underneath the drain as a caution. 
Loosen the Spring Clip
Detach the spring clip from the sink discharge of the pop-up drain assembly.
Loosen the spring clip securing the clevis strap to the pivot rod. 
Remove The Clevis Strap and Spring Clip
The clevis rope must be detached from the sink pop-up drain assembly.
Completely detach both the spring clasp and the clevis strap. 
Unscrew the Gasket Holding Pivot Rod
Pull the gasket that secures the pivot rod in the sink drain pop-up mechanism. While leaving the clevis strap hanging, detach the gasket, securing the pivot rod to the drain. 
Remove the Pivot Rod
Remove the pivot rod from the pop-up drain assembly of the sink. Once the drain gasket is removed, an instant white ball will appear on the pivot rod. This seal prevents water from escaping and contaminating the entire bathroom floor. The drain stopper-attaching portion of the pivot rod on the opposite side of the ball may be filthy or broken off.
Clean or Exchange the Pivot Rod
Take a new pivot rod or have the old one thoroughly cleaned. If you are performing maintenance on your pivot rod, use a separate sink to clean it. When replacing a functioning pivot rod, ensure that the seal ball size and pivot rod length specified in the universal repair kit fits the length of the rod and seal. Connect the right seal ball with the proper length of the rod and put it aside.
Clean or Exchange Drain Stopper
Start the sink pop-up drain stopper replacement or cleaning. Clean the drain stopper in a distinct sink when performing maintenance. Additionally, clear your drain at this time. When replacing the stopper, detach the top cap and reattach the bottom cap to the new drain.
Note: Always buy the bathtub drain stoppers from trusted sanitary ware manufacturers.
Replace the Drain Stopper
Place the drain stopper back into the drain’s pop-up drain assembly. Ensure that the opening in the new or cleaned drain stopper is facing away from you. The pivot rod can move the drain stopper’s lower part through this opening, causing it to move up and down.
Replace the Pivot Rod
To fix the pop-up mechanism on the sink, you need to replace the pivot rod. The newly replaced or cleaned pivot rod should be put in the drain. Ensure that the stopper changes position by the pivot rod’s manual upward and downward motion while it is installed. If not, it will be necessary to adjust the drain stopper to ensure that the pivot rod is inserted into the lower portion of the stopper.
Put the Gasket on the Pivot Rod
Pivot rod affixed to the basin. Install the pop-up drain assembly by firmly tightening the gasket. Remember to replace the gasket that secures the pivot rod and tighten it firmly to prevent leakage!
Replace the Spring Clip and Clevis Strap 
In the end, replace the pivot rod with the clevis strap and fix it with a spring clasp. Allocate the clevis strap and pivot rod to a similar opening as before, or enhance the leverage by altering the holes through which the pivot rod passes. Securing the spring clip around the clevis strap can prevent the strap from falling from the pivot rod.
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