Faucet 101 and Best 8 Faucet Manufacturers

In this blog post, you’ll read:A faucet is an essential and functional component of your sink. It allows you to control and switch running water in your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room on and off. Your kitchen and bathroom faucets may appear alike

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What is Faucet?

A faucet is an essential and functional component of your sink. It allows you to control and switch running water in your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room on and off. Your kitchen and bathroom faucets may appear alike. Yet, their inner workings may differ vastly. It is helpful to understand the inside of a tap to choose a replacement or perform repairs.

Wash basin faucet

How Does a Faucet Work?

The faucet regulates the mechanism of water flow. Within the faucet is a valve that works as a gate. When the valve is in the open position, water can discharge. When it is closed, water flow ceases. A knob or handle can be turned or lifted outside the faucet. The grip that connects to the internal valve. When the handle is turned or raised, the valve is opened. It enables water to flow through the faucet to the supply pipes. Once the valve is opened, water will travel through the spout and exit the nozzle. Separate controls for hot and cold water allow for temperature adjustment.

Additionally, we can adjust a single knob to reach the intended temperature. When we are finished using the faucet, the handle is turned or lowered. This action closes the faucet’s internal valve. It halts the passage of water. This is how the faucet is turned off. 

The mechanism underlying a faucet’s operation is quite simple yet crucial. We can control the faucet’s handle or knob by rotating it. It determines whether or not water can escape. This mechanism provides access to water whenever it is required for tasks.

Types of Faucets

  • Ball Faucets 
Ball Faucets 

Ball faucets were the first washerless faucets and are widely used in kitchen sinks. A single handle distinguishes them. It moves over a ball-shaped cap directly above the faucet spout’s base. The solitary handle of the ball faucet controls a plastic or metal ball inside the body. This ball contains compartments or slots, O-rings, and spring-loaded rubber seals. The ball/lever assembly regulates the faucet’s water flow and mixing temperature depending on the ball’s position.

Although the exterior of the faucet is as durable as that of other faucets, the inner workings may not be as durable. They will require more maintenance than those of other faucets.


• Smooth single handle

•The most prevalent type of kitchen faucet 


Cost: $5-35$

  • Disc Faucet
Disc Faucet

Best for: Ideal for People with Grip Issues in Kitchens and Bathrooms

Ceramic disc faucets reflect the most recent advancement in faucet technology. They are distinguished by a single lever on a wide, cylindrical body. The disk faucet mixes warmed and cold water in a pressure balance cartridge chamber. Two ceramic cylinders at the chamber’s base will rise and fall to regulate water flow volume. The temperature is adjusted by rotating the handle from side to side. These faucets are high quality, extremely dependable, and rarely need repair. Yet, the faucet is more expensive than other types of faucets. It has advanced technology and increased durability.


• Newer and more trustworthy technology

• Superior quality

• Understand extreme temperatures.


• It takes time to become accustomed to the feel of the faucet. • This form of technology is more expensive

  • Cartridge Faucet
Cartridge Faucet

Double-handle cartridge faucets resemble compression washer faucets almost precisely. Yet, the difference can be identified based on how the handles feel when used. To close the water flow on a compression faucet, the washer must be tightened down (compressed).

The action of a cartridge faucet is consistent and fluid. The handle moves from the off to the on position with a half-turn. As with a compression faucet, the faucet shuts off without requiring extra pressure.

Cartridges are durable and straightforward to replace. This faucet may need less maintenance than others. Cartridge replacement may be expensive, depending on the manufacturer and model of the sink.


• Smooth operation

• Generally durable cartridges

• Easy maintenance


• Hard water deposits can clog cartridges 

• Cartridge seals can still fail 

• Replacement cartridges for certain manufacturers can be expensive

  • Compression Washer Faucet
Compression Washer Faucet
Compression Washer Faucet

Since the beginning of on-demand indoor sanitation, compression washers have been utilized. They are found in older houses, and updated versions are used in utility sinks in contemporary residences. These faucets are the least expensive but are not as long-lasting because they often fail and need maintenance. Fortunately, replacement parts are very affordable.

Compression washer faucets are distinguished by their hot and cold water handles and operation. It requires tightening the handles to stop the water flow. These faucets use a compression stem, a pretentious screw with a washer at its end that presses against the valve seat.


· Low cost

· Fits the aesthetics of older-style homes

· Easy to repair even though it’s worn out


· Prone to leaks

· Higher maintenance than other valve types

4. Common Materials for Manufacturing the Faucet

You will have several options when selecting the material for your new faucet. The design you prefer and your budget will also be factors. Here are some of the most common materials used to manufacture faucets.

  • Brass
Brass faucet
Brass faucet

A brass-lead alloy is commonly used because it allows cast. Even though they are attractive and durable, lead-based products contaminate water.

You cannot buy more than 8% lead faucets in the United States. If you choose a brass/lead alloy, running the tap for a few seconds before using it to flush it is sufficient.

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is another durable, high-quality material that can be costly. Some fixtures have a stainless steel appearance but are brass-coated. Always be sure to conduct comprehensive research before purchasing any fixtures.

  • Plastic
Plastic tap

Plastic is a less expensive option. It can be built to resemble other materials but is lighter.

  • Zinc

Like plastic, zinc is inexpensive, making it ideal for those on a budget. They can be designed to appear to be manufactured from costly materials. Always remember that purchasing fewer faucets may save you money in the short term. Yet, you may pay more to replace them in the long run.

Let’s dive into one of our products, the bidet mixer faucet.

What is a Bidet Mixer Faucet?

The bidet mixer is a combination commode seat and bidet. The bidet mixer has two nozzles, one for feminine hygiene and one for anal cleansing. The patented clever self-cleaning nozzles have an integrated self-cleaning system. It prevents clogs and bacteria growth. The bidet mixer is designed to be user-friendly, with an ergonomic handle that can be operated with one hand. At the same time, the other is used to cleanse.

How does the Bidet Mixer Faucet work?

To comprehend how the bidet mixer tap operates, the interior of the tap contains a tiny hole. However, this opening is called a valve or butterfly because of its design. When the faucet is turned, the holes travel from a closed position to a fully or partially open position. However, this depends on the stream velocity and temperature you are attempting to obtain. For example, the frigid handle will be closed when hot water is required. Nonetheless, this indicates that the valve is completely closed, whereas the hot water will open fully or partially.

What are the Advantages of a Bidet Mixer Faucet?

This topic contains two subsections. First, one of the benefits of Bidets and Mixer Faucets is that they are compatible with the bidet. There are numerous advantages to using water instead of paper for cleansing. Water is not as abrasive as paper in the delicate regions of the human body. The paper may contain disruptive odors. Using water is more environmentally friendly (as long as we don’t use too much of it).

Best 8 Faucet Manufacturers in China 

Hofen Sanitary Vendor
Hofen Sanitary Vendor

HOFEN Sanitary

One of the leading faucet manufacturers in China is Hofen. Hofen started their production of sanitary wares in 2004. HOFEN” focuses on faucets, P-traps, drainage, waste basin drains, and bathtub waste drain kits for matching kitchens and bathrooms that meet exact customer requirements. This company has continuously made a mark with quality faucet designs and styles. This has made its consumers more receptive to the product and service locally and abroad. The company aims to promote all-around services for users around the globe.

Key products:

· Faucets

· basin drain

· bath drain

· drain valves

· heavy-duty P-trap

· siphon.

Basin waste stopper installation

China’s JOMOO Faucet Manufacturers

In 1990, Jomoo began as a hardware factory. After only a few years, they expanded into researching and producing bathroom faucets and showers. 2003, the company’s product line was extended to include culinary accessories. It took Jomoo only a few more years to manufacture kitchen cabinets, shower rooms, and bathtubs. The company’s goal is to provide global consumers with comprehensive service.

Major Products

· Bathrooms Showers

· Shower faucets

  • China’s JOYOU Faucet Manufacturers

Joyou Group Building Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 1979 but did not become a group company until 1995. The Quanzhou-based company specializes in producing sanitary ware and accessories and pipe connections. It is one of the leading faucet manufacturers in China. Yet, it has over 50 offices in China and a global marketing network. Currently, Joyou has created over one thousand varieties of sanitary ware.

Major Products

• Bathroom Accessories 

• Sanitary ware 

• Faucets 

• Ceramic Basins 

• Shower mixers

mixer and shower set

Whale Wave SSWW

In 1994, Foshan Royal King Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. began manufacturing sanitary ware for consumers. Its brand, SSWW, stands for Splendid Sanitary Ware World. It is recognized for its research, production, and development of bathroom ceramics. It is also popular in manufacturing bathroom hardware. Additionally, there are six distinct product designs.

Major Products

• Bathtubs 

• Kitchen faucets and shower taps 

• Sauna chambers 

• Steam cabins 

• Ceramics 

• Bathroom fixtures and cabinets 

• Showrooms and enclosures

China’s FAENZA Faucet Manufacturers

FAENZA was founded in 1999 to fuse art and domestic lifestyle. It focuses on incorporating elegance into its products, reflected in its attention to detail. The company has 10 production bases in China and has become a well-known artistic brand. Their products are exported to more than sixty countries worldwide. Faucets by Faenza are of high quality and have attractive designs but are affordable.

Major Products

FAENZA concentrates on the manufacture of sanitary wares.

• Sanitary goods o Intelligent restrooms

o Showers and shower rooms o Bathtubs o Bathroom fixtures and faucets o Bathroom Cabinets o Custom Sanitary goods

• Ceramic and stone tiles


HUAYI is a specialized manufacturer of bathroom sink faucets in China. They provide various products, such as 

  • shower rooms
  • bathroom fixtures
  • cabinets
  • shower heads.
Modern bathroom with shower and washbasin
Modern bathroom with shower and washbasin

The HUAYI brand recognizes that bathroom and kitchen faucets should be functional and pleasing. Furthermore, the taps should promote healthy living. Consequently, the company has assured that its products provide a high-quality water experience.

Major Products

• Bathroom door hardware 

• Stainless steel basins 

• Bathroom fixtures made of ceramic 

• Bathroom and kitchen faucets

Dongpeng Sanitary Ware

The faucet factory of Foshan Dongpeng is located in Shuikou Town. It is a well-known brand among expatriate Chinese who adore kitchen faucets and sanitary fittings. Integrating design, sales, research and development, production, and service, the company manufactures upscale thermostatic faucets. This has rapidly expanded to over 200 sales offices throughout the region. 

The Dongpeng faucet brand has a name with high-quality designs and styles of kitchen faucets. This has made domestic and international consumers more receptive to the company’s products.

Important Products

• Toilets 

• Advanced heated toilet seats 

• Ceramic basins

• Bathtub faucets

• Shower room faucets

• Sanitary products

• Basin faucets • Kitchen faucets

Wrigley ARROW Sanitary Ware

ARROW Sanitary Ware was founded by Lehua Ceramic Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. in 1994. The faucet factory is influential, with high-rise buildings in an area known for its bathroom manufacturing.

It aims to adhere to all quality policies regarding various bathroom and kitchen faucet designs. It has efficient workflow and customer satisfaction by international standards. In addition, the faucet factory uses cutting-edge manufacturing methods to create new products. It has created responsible, comfortable products. This makes it the leading manufacturer of sanitary products in China.

Major Products

  • shower rooms
  • bathroom hardware
  • steam rooms 
  • PVC bathroom vanities
  • all-copper chrome-plated faucets
  • showroom enclosures
  • kitchen faucets

How to Find the Best Faucet Manufacturers?

Waste Drain Manufacturing Process
Waste Drain Manufacturing Process

When searching for the best sanitary ware manufacturer, it is vital to consider many factors. High-quality faucets, selection, and assurance are the best options with stellar reputations.

These manufacturers of faucets have the best kitchen and bathroom solutions. This will increase the appearance of your bathroom design. Almost all the listed faucet manufacturers produce products of good quality. So there would be little difference. Also, other faucet manufacturers emphasize design and technology. These are for consumers who focus on flair and design over technology. Now let’s review these factors:

  • Reliability of Faucet Manufacturers

For a long time, manufacturers of faucets in China have had a more substantial reputation for stability than a new factory. Yet, you must study the popular products of each company before making a final decision. You check problems with kitchen products purchased from a particular industry, such as leakage. You’ll need a drive that responds more to your complaints and questions.

  • Cost-effectiveness of Bathroom Faucets

Quality faucets can be quite pricey. Yet, they are exactly what your bathroom needs to complement other expensive accessories. In any case, reputable manufacturers in China offer their sanitary ware fixtures at suitable prices without compromising on quality. Before looking for a company, it is vital to establish a budget.

  • Certifications

Various certifications are founded on international standards for quality service. In a company’s manufacturing process, environmental friendliness is vital to consider. It is crucial to get certifications for faucets used for drinking water. This is because some faucets may contain harmful substances.

  • Client History 

Client testimonials, even sometimes fabricated, are the way to find the quality of a manufacturer’s faucets. The experience of purchasing and utilizing their products is vital in this condition.

  • Finishes 

The chrome finish is the most enduring and easiest to maintain. Nickel finishes are difficult to maintain. It has a durable but chippable coating. In addition to having a non-metallic layer, bronze faucets are more susceptible to chipping and scratching.

surface Finishes

Uses of Faucet

Here are some common uses of faucets:

Bathroom Sinks:

Faucets in bathroom sinks are used for handwashing and other personal hygiene activities.

Kitchen Sinks:

One of the most common applications of faucets is in kitchen sinks. They are used for washing dishes, filling, and rinsing vegetables and fruits.

Laboratory and Industrial Applications:

It controls the flow of chemicals or other liquids in laboratory and industrial settings.


Shower faucets control the flow of water in showers. It allows users to adjust the temperature and pressure to their preference.

Utility Sinks:

In utility areas, faucets are used for washing clothes and cleaning equipment.


Faucets in bathtubs control the water flow for filling the tub. Some bathtubs may also have hand-held showerheads attached to the faucet for showering.

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