How to Install Bathroom and kitchen sink strainers?

In this blog post, you’ll read:A strainer is a metal, plastic, or silicon sieve that allows undersized particles and fluids.  Thus, it prevents large unwanted particles from moving along. It filters out waste. And pipelines get rid of undesired particles. 

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Man has created millions of products to improve living standards. None of the aspects of human life remained untouched. One of the essential products is Bathroom and kitchen sink strainers.

The product is essential for both domestic and industrial purposes.

What are Strainers?

A strainer is a metal, plastic, or silicon sieve that allows undersized particles and fluids.

Thus, it prevents large unwanted particles from moving along. It filters out waste. And pipelines get rid of undesired particles.

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Why Are Strainers Used? 


Strainers apply to sinks in the bathroom, kitchen, bathtubs, etc. They are a great necessity. We use sinks everywhere, from homes to offices. Kitchen sinks need strainers even more. The reason is organic wastes and food particles. They can block water passage, and it can create many serious troubles.


The use of strainers decreases these risks. Strainers save water from pollution. These are the different types of filters; let’s discuss them.

Types Of Sink Strainers:


Bathroom and kitchen sink filters are available in different sizes and features. They can be silicon, metal, or plastic. Usually, their size ranges from 3.5 to 4.5 inches. Yet, it may vary with the size of the sink drainer. Following are the types of sink strainers.


  1. Double Cup Strainer: This filter contains two cups. One of these is fixed to the bottom while you can remove the other. The upper cup stores the waste. One can take it out to throw scraps by removing the upper cup.
  2. Black Nut Strainer: Black nut strainer comprises a nut, as the name says. This nut holds all the fragments in place. The filter connects to the plumbing system. The rubber between the sink and the strainer prevents water leakage.
  3. Flange Strainer: It uses a rim that connects it with the sink. It holds the corners in place to ensure no water leakage.
  4. Drain Strainer: This filter is like the usual one. It lies above the plumbing hole. Later on, you can remove it quickly and expel the waste.
  5. Stopper Strainer: It works both as a strainer and a stopper. For this dual functioning, it has a switch. You can either convert it to a filter or a plug at times.

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How to Install Bathroom and Kitchen Sink Strainers? 

You can easily install a new filter on your sink with ease. With careful handling of the material, one can get rid of the old filter and set up a new one. We have enlisted the required material with proper instructions for the satisfactory completion of the strainer setup.

Required Material:


  • Bring a new sink strainer to be replaced by the previous one.
  • Wrench.
  • Plumber’s Putty.


You can set up the sink strainers in just seven easy steps, followed in an organized manner. One doesn’t need to be proficient technically to get this done. For removing and installing a sink strainer, one should follow the instructions below thoroughly.

  1. Remove The Drain Pipe.

Take a wrench and lose all the nuts joining the Drainpipe with the filter. It depends upon how firmly the hold is on the nuts. Now, take them out with your fingers.

  1. Remove the Old Sink Strainer. 

Use a wrench concerning the strainer to loosen its nuts. It would help if you moved the twist counter-clockwise. Unscrew the filter with your hand when it gets loose enough. Now, remove the tailpiece from the filter and take it out.

  1. Clean The Sink. 

When the old strainer is successfully removed, clean your sink and plumbing hole with the help of a dishwasher sponge or liquid cleaner. Make sure there is no waste product tucked inside. It can cause pipe blockage later.


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  1. Put the Plumber’s Putty Around the Sink Hole. 

Here comes the time to proceed to action. When the hole is clean, and you have removed the filter, take out a bolus size of Putty in your hand. Now knead it well until it gets warm.

Then roll it into a long and thin string shape and place it around the sinkhole. Ensure that the Putty well adheres to the sink surface.

  1. Fix the New Strainer to the Drainpipe. 

Place the strainer washer from underneath the sink. Keep it as high as possible and fit it with the drain opening. Now, try to thread the ring on the drain tailpiece using your hands. Please keep it in place while hand-tightening.

  1. Re-Attach the Drain Pipes. 

When the strainer fixes in place and doesn’t get detached, it’s time to attach pipes. Take the wrench and tighten the nuts with its help from underneath the sink. Make sure to remove any extra Putty from around the filter. Clean the surroundings of the sink strainer to give it a brighter look

  1. Place the Sink Stopper(if any). 

If you use a filter with an available stopper, then follow the procedure. Place the pin above the strainer. Depending on the stopper type, tighten its nuts to fix it with the base.

By this time, you’ve understood how to install Bathroom and kitchen sink strainers accurately. Now let’s discuss where you can find the best quality sink strainers.

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Where to Buy? 

Here comes a crucial thing to explain. To get the most credible way of buying sustainable sink strainers, the question arises. While buying online, many concerns arise in our minds. It gets challenging to choose an item virtually without even touching and analyzing the quality.

A survey conducted by Search Engine Land revealed that an average of 88% of online shopping customers rely on product reviews. It shows how critical product reviews can be to generate sales.

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We keep superior bathroom and kitchen sink strainers in a wide variety. Initially manufactured by Shanghai Susu Commodity Co., Ltd, each sink strainer costs $0.12 per piece.


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Why CHOOSE our Product? 

The strainers we sell are of brass and silicon with multiple features. They have been trusted worldwide for their features and specifications. We guide the users through buying, applications, and product setup. For this purpose, we avail them of a team of engineers and technicians who guide them through the process. Below are listed reasons why you should choose our sink strainers.

  • Our online products have a 100% On-time Delivery Rate, making them credible and building trust in the buyers.
  • We have an average response rate of fewer than three hours, indicating our focus and diligence toward our customers.
  • Our sink strainers have standard sizes. However, we can provide a variety of sizes and shapes as per customer demand.
  • We have more than enough color ranges for your choice.
  • The sink strainers that we provide are waterproof and fade-proof. They can survive in hard water without losing quality and color.
  • Our sink strainers are lightweight and flexible. They are Non-brittle and last for a very long time than usual strainers.
  • They are durable and do not emit a foul odor in organic waste collection in the kitchen.
  • Silicon sink strainers are easy to wash and do not need much time to maintain. They are budget-friendly for their extensive lifespan as they don’t get rusted.
  • Our company has faced a defection rate of only 0.332%, which is exceptionally good. We aim to provide you with a legacy of high-quality services.
  • Our bathroom and kitchen sink strainers are certified by FDA and LFGB.
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Bathroom and kitchen sink strainers_In a Nutshell:

We use filters on an extensive basis in both houses and industries. Commercial manufacturing industries use them for product separation and contamination removal. You cannot deny the significance of strainers.

Bathroom and kitchen sink filters can be removed and reinstalled easily, even if one knows little about dealing with sanitary items. It follows the removal of the old strainer with the help of a lock nut or thin arm wrench. Then, fix the new one by applying the plumber’s Putty, and drainage pipes are re-connected.

We have provided sanitary products for 17 years, and the users highly recommend our products. The core ingredient of our success is the worth that we provide to our buyers. We will keep serving you with the BEST among the BEST.


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