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Drain Stopper Applications
Client Case

How To Get A Drain Stopper Cooperation

We advise using brass or stainless steel 304 basin waste instead of a plastic drain stopper. It’s cheaper than PVC, PP, or ABS drain waste but is easily damaged and clogged. Then, a new replacement must be purchased, and the energy and cost are much more expensive than buying a quality basin waste initially.

We can manufacture the 100% copy from the customer’s requirements, dimensions, colors, functional features, package and salt spray test, and specifications papers. And we can provide an inspection report as the 3rd party does.

Client Case

How To Get an OEM Drain Strainer Order?

In October 2014, in Mexico, Centro Banamex got a business card from the customer John at EXPO CIHAC. The customer asked if we could customize and manufacture a unique drain strainer. We checked these pictures from the customer’s phone. And asked where we are using the stainless steel drain strainer and got an answer they are applications for the restaurant, so we contacted our technical department at once and confirmed it; we can customize it and prepare a solution for him soon.

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