Why Do Have Having Standing Water In My Basement Floor Drain?

In this blog post, you’ll read:Standing water in your basement floor drain is a common issue caused by clogged pipes, tree roots, or plumbing leaks. It can lead to mold, property damage, and health hazards. Address the problem quickly by removing the drain cover, cleaning the pipe, and using a plunger. For persistent issues, contact a professional plumber to ensure a thorough solution.

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There could be days when you walk down the basement of your house or office and get shocked to see water standing on the floor drain.

You may get a little worried, but trust me, this is not something only you are going through; many people are going through the same situation as yours. But if you turn a deaf ear to this problem, the case might get worse.

Drains in your basement work the same as drains in any other part of your house. They lead water flow to the main pipeline outside the house into the sewerage system. But sometimes, due to a problem or a particular cause, the flow of the water gets clogged.

However, if this problem arises in the drain of your basement, you need to resolve this problem, and for this, you need to pay attention to detail and get to the root cause of this standing water problem.

drain system
drain system


Probable Reasons For Standing Water In The Basement Drain:

There could be any reason behind this problem like;

  • Backing up washtub basin
  • Clogged washing machine drain
  • Pipe corrosion
  • Tree roots getting in the drain lines
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Heavy rain or ultimate weather conditions of cold weather

There is also a possibility that while cleaning the floor of the basement, dirt and trash might get into the drain. Firstly, it doesn’t get clogged due to the high flow of water, but slowly, when the water drains out of the pipelines, the trash stays there. Events like this happen and become causes of the clog.

water drains trap
Water drains trap

If you are unable to get to the correct cause of the problem you can always contact a professional plumber who can come take a closer look and get the right cause identified so the problem can be fixed.

What Can It Do More?

For any of the above reasons, the standing water in the drain of your basement floor not only looks bad to look at but can also secretly cause more problems like;

  •     Seepage
  •     Mold and mildew
  •     Slip & fall hazards
  •     Bacterial growth and development of poisonous fungus
  •     Damage to walls, floor, and window frames
  •     Damage to property and personal items kept in the basement
  •     A history of clogged basement drains and standing water might also affect the value of the property or house that you own
  •     Attracting pests, mosquitos, flies and rodent
  •     As water conducts electricity, it is highly unsafe as it has the risk of electric shock or short circuit

 How To Get It Solved?

If you are unable to understand or want to get the problem solved urgently, you should always contact a professional plumber to clear your basement. You get the job done right by contacting a professional plumber or plumbing Service Company.

However, if you’re technical enough to handle things on your own, you can try some of the basic unclogging tips and tricks step by step as described below:

remove the cover of the drain
Remove the cover of the drain
  1.   With the help of a screwdriver, remove the cover of the drain
  2.   With the help of a stick or a non-metallic rod, you can try reaching down to the drain pipe, but not too deep
  3.   Pour some hot boiling water down the drain pipe to help clear the dirt that is stuck
  4.   Next, grab a plunger, fit it into the pipe opening, and give it a few hard plunges, but not too hard
  5.   If the clog clears up, it is good to go, hopefully
  6.   But if not, then you probably need a mechanical unclogging machine that most people do not own, and professional plumbers do
  7.   So, if you’re unable to get the job done by contacting a professional plumber, you can always sit in peace and let them do their job.


Keeping a close eye on every corner of your house is extremely important. May it be drains, pipelines, electric wiring, or wooden details. Every part needs to be looked at with precision every few weeks.

There are times when we notice a clogged drain or standing water in the drain. If this issue comes with the basement drain, there might be any reason for it.

After closely examining the reason behind the clog, you need to solve it as soon as possible; otherwise, it might cause more problems, as mentioned in the article above.

You should always contact a professional licensed plumbing service company to get the job done in the first go.

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