Why a Funnel drain with a “P” trap is important

In this blog post, you’ll read:This article explores the significance and benefits of using a funnel drain with a "P" trap in plumbing systems. It highlights the importance of choosing high-quality equipment from reputable suppliers, such as Hofensanitary, which also offers a variety of plumbing materials. The article outlines the benefits of a "P" trap, including ease of installation, prevention of water wastage, simple maintenance, and the need for fewer tools during installation. Specifications like the dura-coated funnel, bronze plug, and specific dimensions ensure durability and efficiency. A step-by-step installation guide and maintenance tips, such as regular cleaning, preventing blockages from large objects, and replacing faulty pipes, are provided to enhance the longevity and functionality of the funnel drain system. This comprehensive guide aims to educate readers on the advantages of funnel drains with "P" traps and the importance of proper installation and maintenance for optimal performance.

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Funnel drain is one of the important draining equipment in the plumbing industry that enhances smooth drainage. Funnel drain get water from a surface and directs it to the sewage. The water waste obtained from the surface is channeled into the drain. A funnel drain is so crucial that it can work perfectly for different types of floors. This article will discuss what you need to know about a funnel dream with a “P” trap. Also, we will discuss why buying your equipment from the best funnel drain with a “P” trap supplier is important.

Funnel drain with a “p” trap
Funnel drain with a “p” trap.

Benefits of using a funnel drain with a “P” trap

There are a lot of benefits that come with using a funnel drain with a p trap. Even though funnel drain has several advantages, the P trap features make it more functional. A funnel drain with a “P” trap is the next-level equipment that adds more value to the original funnel drain. To benefit from the numerous advantages that a funnel drain with a “P” trap provides, it is better to buy your funnel drain with a “P” trap from a reliable and best funnel drain with a “P” trap supplier. Some of the benefits of using a funnel drain with a “P” trap for the floor are:

Easy to set up: plumbing materials for plumbing applications can be very difficult and time-consuming. In most cases, you may be required to research the steps needed to install the equipment. Research is always taking time, and in most cases, the effort is wasted. For the funnel drain with a “P” trap, it is very easy and straightforward to install. It can be a DIY process with the right knowledge.

It prevents wastage: in a situation where there is a need to retain water for a short time, a funnel drain with a “P” trap is mostly effective. It slows down the water pressure.

Easy to clean: one benefit of using a funnel drain with a “P” trap is that it separates foreign objects that can lead to clogging from the water. Separating this foreign object from the unwanted water makes it easy to clean. The separation prevents the unnecessary need to hire a plumber regularly. Cleaning does not take time and can be DIY.

Sink strainer drain outlet
Sink strainer drain outlet.

Requires fewer tools: complex plumbing projects require expensive and more tools. For funnel drains with a “P” trap, some of the popular and affordable plumbing tools get the work done. Tools like pliers, chisels, hammers, wrenches, and brushes can be helpful. The quality of your funnel drain with a “P” trap will determine the appropriate tools. Therefore, getting your tools and materials from the best funnel drain with a “P” trap supplier will help. Hofensanitary is considered the best funnel drain with a “P” trap supplier. Hofensanity also sells plumbing materials like bottle P-trap, flip-top drains, pop-up drains, grid drain strainers, etc.

Specifications and features of funnel drain with “P” trap

A funnel drain with a “P” trap comes with many specifications. These specifications and features make it unique in the market. Before purchasing your funnel drain with a “P” trap, you must look out for the following features;

Dura-coated: the funnel part of the funnel train with the “P” trap is dura-coated. The dura-coat comprises zinc and other chemical compounds that protect the funnel from rust. The dura-coated funnel makes it easy to clean.

Bronze plug: the quality of the plug will determine the longevity of a funnel drain with a “P” trap. To ensure longevity, the plug is made of Bonze. The future of the bonze plug makes draining a seamless process.

Height: the funnel train with a “P” trap may come in different heights and widths depending on the floor type and other important factors. However, the standard height is 3 ¾. The top diameter can be 4, and the bottom diameter be 2 ¼. Watch out for the measurement before picking a funnel drain type to avoid future problems.

Installation guide

It would be best if you had a guide to install the funnel drain with the “P” trap perfectly. Follow every step below to make installation easy.

Get the tools ready: you must get all the tools needed to install the funnel drain with the “P” trap available before any other step. Some of the essential tools may include pliers, a wrench, a screwdriver, a hammer, a chisel, and a brush.

Shut the water supply: to make the installation process seamless, you should always shut the water. Turning off water is also applicable to other plumbing applications. Turning off the water will increase efficiency.

Install the funnel drain: the installation process involves placing the funnel drain in the proposed position on the floor where the funnel faces up, and the plug is connected to the drainage system. You will have more illustrations in the manual when you buy from the best funnel train with a “P” trap supplier. This process should take less than an hour and be done with the proper knowledge.

Install the funnel drain
Install the funnel drain.

Return the water: after installation, the final step is to return the water supply. Returning the water supply will identify mistakes. The funnel drain with a “P” trap works perfectly in this case. You are free, but if this does not happen, you will have to repeat all the steps discussed above.

How to maintain a funnel drain with a “P” trap

To increase the longevity of any plumbing application, one must maintain it. To enjoy your funnel drain with the “P” trap, you must prioritize maintenance. Some of the few ways to maintain a funnel drain with a P trap are:

Maintain a funnel drain with a “p” trap
Maintain a funnel drain with a “p” trap



Regular cleaning: The best way to maintain a funnel drain with a P trap is to regularly clean the equipment and its environment. Cleaning will prevent the formation of complex structures like spirogyra. Cleaning prevents clogging since you can remove foreign before causing a blockage. You can clean weekly.

Prevent big objects: allowing big objects to get through the funnel drain can block the P trap part. These big objects will prevent water flow and, in some cases, lead to flooding, bad odor, and damage to the equipment. Prevention is better than cure. Removing that one foreign object can save you a lot of money.

Replace faulty pipes: always look out for faulty pipes in the sewage system. Faulty pipes can directly or indirectly affect your funnel drain with a “P” trap. Identifying a faulty pipe can be simple and complex, depending on the location of the pipe. You may need the expertise of a professional to identify faulty pipes or other damaged plumbing equipment in your house.

Replace faulty pipes
Replace faulty pipes

After discussing the funnel drain with the P trap, it is clear that this equipment is very useful in plumbing. Also, we can deduce that buying other plumbing equipment associated with funnel drains with a “P” trap from a reputable supplier will help.

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