What Is A Bathtub Drain Kit?

In this blog post, you’ll read:The bathtub is a common thing for luxury. And if you have a bathtub, then a drain kit for the tub is compulsory. But most of us don’t know about its functions. This article covers bathtub drain kit functions, features, installation process, etc...

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In the modern world, the bathtub drain is a common thing for luxury. And if you have a bathtub, then a drain kit for the tub is compulsory. But most of us don’t know about its functions. This article covers bathtub drain kit functions, features, installation process, etc… that’ll help you to know about it. 

Bathtub Drain Kit Information?

bathtub drain kit is exactly what it sounds like. It is a drain for bathtubs attached to a bathtub and helps the tub drain water. In other words, a bathtub drain kit is a device made of several mechanical components to control the water flow of a bathtub. Also, it has the power to control the overflow in a tub.


Bathtub drains can be divided into two types in terms of components. One is the plunger type, and the other is the spring or pop-up type

A bathtub drain has two main sections, the main drain and the overflow. It looks like an ‘L.’ The upper part is the overflow section, and the lower part is the main drain.

Now, if you look at the overflow part, you’ll see a lever, that’s ‘Trip Lever.’ A plate covering the entrance is ‘Overflow Plate,’ which has two screws on either side. In addition, you can see the overflow pipe behind the cover plate. A linkage or rod and a sheet with holes is connected with the lever and gone down through the overflow pipe. You can adjust the height of the inner mechanism with the rod and the sheet.

 If it’s the plunger-type drain, the linkage or rod will meet a small brass cylinder or ‘Plunger.’ This type of drain kit has an empty pipe on its main drain section. The central drain only includes a ‘Grate Disc’ on its opening. After that, the main drain and the overflow part connect with a ‘Tee’ pipe and make the two parts into one

But there’s a simple change in pop-up type drains. The rod from the overflow pipe goes down and meets a ‘Spring.’ And the main drain section has a ‘Stopper’ at its opening. The stopper is connected with the spring through a ‘Rocker Arm,’ which comes through the main drain pipe. And again, both sections are connected with a Tee.

You may see different types of stoppers on a bathtub drain kit. Some popular styles are pop-up, lift-and-turn, push-and-pull, toe-touch, and flip-it. Moreover, the main material of drain kits is brass or ABS plastic or PVC. 

We make bathtub drain kits in the Hofen factory with pure brass to make it more durable for you. Also, you can get any stopper from Hofen Sanitary if your stopper is not working. 

Functions of Bathtub drain 

All a bathtub drain kit connects the tub and water flow pipe… and passes water from the tub to the drain. Also, it helps to keep the water in the tub. Let’s see how.

You know that there are two different assemblies, ‘plunger’ and ‘pop-up.’ Both are working with a lever, but their working principle is slightly different. 

In a plunger assembly, when you press the lever down, it lifts the rod. The rod pulls the plunger up, and the drain opens for water flow. Similarly, if you press the lever up, the plunger will go down and seal the drain. As a result, water cannot flow through the pipe.

The pop-up assembly is similar, but the change is in the main drain section. You can control it by the lever or the stopper. When the lever goes down, it lifts the rod along with the spring. After that, the spring pulls the stopper down with the help of the rocker arm. Therefore, the water flow path is sealed, no water flow happens, and vice-versa. Also, you can push the stopper with your feet to control it.

And the overflow is the same for both assemblies. If the user leaves the faucet open or fills the tub above a certain level, the overflow will remove or drain the excess water.

How To Install A Bathtub Drain Kit

The installation process of a bathtub drain is pretty simple. The whole process is similar for both types of assemblies. So, we will instruct you on the pop-up type drain installation. If you follow this one properly, you can do it for both types.

Required Tools

Make sure to have these tools before starting installation:


2.Silicone Gel

3.Hack Saw Blade

4.Strainer Setting tool

5.Teflon Tape

Installation Process

Follow these steps sequentially to install a bathtub drain kit in your tub:

Step 1: Disassemble

Most of the time, you’ll receive drain kits disassembled. But if you get it assembled you need to open up the parts to install it. Remove the stopper, overflow pipe, main drain pipe, and Tee pipe from the assembly. Also, open rod joins from the overflow pipe, and rocker arm joins from the main drain pipe.

Step 2: Install Overflow and Main Drain Head

Take the back part of the overflow sections’ head and smear some silicone on it. Then put the black rubber gasket on it and again some silicone on the gasket. After that, hold it close to the bathtub hole from outside. Then place the front part of the overflow sections’ head from inside to attach them. Now make it hand tight with the strainer setting tool.

Similarly, install the main drain head without a stopper at the bottom hole of the tub.

Step 3: Measure and Cut the Pipe

You may have two long pipes, one for overflow and the other for the main drain. But you cannot connect them properly with your tub because each tub has different measurements. 

To take measurements:

  1. Put one pipe inside the overflow parts’ head behind the tub and put another in the main drain head.
  2. Place the Tee pipe with them (just how the whole system assembles) and mark where both tubes meet the Tee entrance.
  3. Cut the extra pipe with the hack saw blade.

Step 4: Merge Them Into One

You can see a compression nut and a ferrule on two ends of the Tee pipe, and the other end only has a pipe. Undo the nuts and ferrules from the Tee. After that, place the overflow pipe perfectly with the overflow head part. Now insert one nut followed by the ferrule on the overflow pipe. Then connect the rod and spring mechanism from the upper side of the Tee and screw up the nut to join the Tee and overflow.

Similarly, insert the main drain pipe and connect it with the middle leg of the Tee pipe. The whole assembly is merged into one now.

Step 5: Screw Up

Undo the bottom pipe from the Tee and bend some Teflon tape at its screw part to secure the leakage. Then place it where it was. Now take the wrench and screw up all the nuts and joints of the Tee pipe.

Step 6: Install the Stopper and Test it.

Everything is good to go, but the stopper is left. Place the stopper at the main drain entrance and screw that up to fit. Now you can test the total system, including the stopper. I hope everything’s running well.

That’s how you can install the pop-up drain kits. You can install the plunger types following these steps. There is just one change in plunger-type installationMake sure to place the plunger exactly at the end of the main drain pipe inside the Tee.


In conclusion, bathtub drain kits are not a complex thing. And now that you know its functions, you can easily determine if there’s any problem. Also, you’ll be able to take the decision that you can fix that problem or need to call a plumber.

One last thing, if you’re looking for high-quality and good-looking brass bathtub drain kits… then don’t forget to check Hofen Drain Kits. You can order online or direct contact us to place an order from anywhere. 

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