Top 5 Kitchen Sink Strainer Suppliers in China

In this blog post, you’ll read:A sink strainer is essential for preventing solid debris from clogging drains, enhancing kitchen hygiene. Leading suppliers in China include Hofen Sanitary, JOMOO, OULIN, Gorlde, and Arrow. These manufacturers offer high-quality, durable products, ensuring efficient waste management. When choosing a supplier, consider customization options, material quality, and manufacturer expertise to ensure reliable performance and long-lasting solutions. Investing in innovative designs is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

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A sink strainer consists of a perforated metal sieve. It prevents the passage of solid debris or large pieces of food, hair, or other similar substances that may otherwise move down into the water drain system of the sink. A sink strainer plays a significant role in preventing large particles from clogging the sinks in your home. However, it reduces the possibility that germs can grow in the drains. It is one of the most effective methods for preventing our drainage systems from becoming clogged with solid waste. The sink strainer is a relatively straightforward plumbing addition with a significant impact and low complexity. It makes life in the kitchen more hygienic.

Top 5 Kitchen Sink Strainer Suppliers in China

1. Hofen Sanitary

  • Established in 2006

Hofen is among the most reputable manufacturers and suppliers of sink strainers. The manufacturer has served the sanitary ware industry for over 17 years. It produces sink strainers, faucets, basin effluent drainers, bottle traps, and siphons. Sink strainers are typically constructed from rust—and corrosion-resistant materials like stainless steel or brass. Hofen’s products are of the highest quality and are simple to use. It exports its products internationally and domestically.

Key products:

Regarding plumbing supplies, nobody accomplishes it better than Hofen. It has an extensive customer base due to its reliability and longevity in the marketplace. It’s standard procedure to provide product guarantees to reassure buyers. Their support team has a good reputation for being quick to respond and helpful overall.



JOMOO, established in the 1990s in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, is also a reliable manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom solutions that integrates scientific research, manufacturing, sales, and service. It has sixteen factories and five production facilities worldwide.

Jomoo has sixteen laboratories, eight R&D centers, and over 2,000 R&D personnel. It has formed strategic alliances with several renowned companies, including IBM, Siemens, Huawei, Giugiaro Design, and Liang Jinghua Designers.

Jomoo currently operates more than 40,000 customized stores and 50,000 online stores worldwide. Its products have been distributed to over 30 countries and regions, and it has developed strong collaborative partnerships with its clientele.



OULIN comes with a luxurious European aesthetic. They founded the company in 1994. Since its inception, OULIN has endeavored to introduce the European concept of high-end kitchens to China. In addition to home furnishings, their primary offerings consist of high-end kitchens, smart aesthetics kitchen electric, health, and quality sinks and water treatment systems.

The continuous innovation of the OULIN International R&D team, coupled with high-tech equipment, design, management, and a stringent quality control system sourced from Germany, contributes to the enhancement of the lives of over 800 million homeowners around the world through fashion. The champion in the Chinese kitchen industry, OULIN has been dubbed the “Benz of the kitchen industry” due to its superior product quality and design.

4. Gorlde


Gorlde is an early adopter in China and manufactures double sinks and sink strainers. Additionally, the company provides multifunctional kitchen and bathroom product solutions. It provides users with a satisfying experience and prioritizes their requirements.

The SUS304 stainless steel kitchen and lavatory, which dominated the market in 1992, was the forerunner of the Jiade brand. It merged with the Kohler Group in 2008 and was subsequently designated a Kohler brand. It has a 50,000-square-meter intelligent industrial park, an annual production capacity of 500,000 sets of sinks, and serves over 2.2 million households as one of Kohler’s principal stainless steel sink manufacturing facilities worldwide.

5. Arrow


Established in 1994, this pioneering bathroom brand was a subsidiary of Arrow Home Furnishing Group, a prominent name in the U.S. bathroom sector. As a major manufacturer of sanitary ceramics and domestic construction materials, its primary objective was to produce bathroom products that are healthy, comfortable, and environmentally sustainable.

ARROW is a product of Wrigley Home Furnishing Group (previously known as Lehua Home Furnishing Group), a well-established Chinese manufacturer of comprehensive kitchen sinks. Their headquarters are in Foshan, Guangdong, one of China’s largest sanitary and construction ceramics manufacturers. In addition to hardware pendants and ceramic sanitary ware, their product line includes acrylic bathtubs, surf tanks, shower rooms, steam rooms, solid wood and PVC bathroom cabinetry, high-quality faucets, and stainless steel basins.

How to Choose the Right Sink Strainer Supplier

Customization Options:

Select a manufacturer with customization options to tailor the sink strainers to your specifications. Customizing the strainer’s material, size, and filtration levels allows you to optimize its efficacy for a specific application.

Quality and Reliability: 

Give preference to manufacturers renowned for manufacturing reliable and superior-quality sink strainers. Inspect the kitchen strainers for consistent performance and the ability to endure harsh industrial environments by verifying their adherence to industry standards and certifications.

Material Selection:

Evaluate the composition of the parts utilized in the fabrication process of the kitchen sink strainers. To ensure longevity and efficient filtration across diverse environments, it is suitable to select corrosion-resistant and long-lasting materials such as stainless steel or exotic alloys.

Expertise and Experience:

Consider manufacturers with significant tenure in designing and producing basket filter strainers. A manufacturer with considerable experience will likely have the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver innovative solutions and tackle complex filtration challenges, instilling confidence in your procurement decision.


Investing in innovative designs is critical for success in the kitchen sink industry. Organizations that consistently participate in these advancements have witnessed the sector progress toward novel designs. Given the increasing competition, enterprises must ensure that their brands maintain a competitive edge and an in-line market position in a rapidly expanding industry.

At Hofen, we have established a reputation for delivering handcrafted kitchen basins of the highest quality. Contact us, and our customer service department will assist you with any inquiries or purchases you may have. Our team responds to each client’s unique requirements and guarantees their complete satisfaction per the training they have received. Provide us with your specifications and recommendations for a kitchen sink, and we will comply.

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