Best Faucet Manufacturers in 2024

In this blog post, you’ll read:Many faucet manufacturers have been making high-quality, innovative, and cheap faucets in many styles for a long time. These styles can set with any kitchen or bathroom update. Choosing the best faucet manufacturer for your home will require considering the brand's designs, affordability, durability, and even warranty. Explore the list we've compiled of the 5 best bathroom faucet manufacturers.

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What is Faucet?

A faucet is an essential and functional component of your sink. It allows you to control and switch running water in your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room on and off. Your luxury bathroom faucets and kitchen faucets may appear alike. However, their inner workings may differ vastly. It is helpful to understand the inside of a faucet to choose a replacement or perform repairs.

Wash basin faucet

Best Faucet Manufacturers of 2024

We evaluated nearly every best faucet manufacturer according to independent research to determine the top faucet manufacturers and suppliers in 2024. Each manufacturer of faucet’s product is calculated by assessing a multitude of metrics, which include:

  • HOFEN Sanitary
  • Moen
  • Kraus
  • Delta
  • Grohe
Hofen Sanitary Vendor
Hofen Sanitary Vendor

1. HOFEN Sanitary

One of the top faucet manufacturers in China is Hofen. Hofen started their production of sanitary wares in 2004. HOFEN” focuses on faucets, P-traps, drainage, waste basin drains, and bathtub waste drain kits for matching kitchens and bathrooms that meet exact customer requirements. This company has continuously made a mark with quality faucet designs and styles. This has made its consumers more receptive to the product and service locally and abroad. The company aims to promote all-around services for users around the globe.

Key products:

· Faucets

· basin drain

· bath drain

· drain valves

· heavy-duty P-trap

· siphon.

Basin waste stopper installation

2. Moen

After developing single-handle faucets in 1947, Moen started operations, and through consistent innovation, the company has become one of the most reputable shower faucets worldwide. Indeed, for the past six consecutive years, Moen has been conferred the Lifestory Research® America’s Most Trusted® award, designating it as the most trusted faucet manufacturer in the United States. 

While continuing to provide refined design, Moen offers a variety of faucets at various price points. The brand has multiple smart technological features, such as water-saving motion sensor activation. 


  • Smart faucet technology
  • A great mix of high-end products and moderately priced products
  • Motion sensor activation

3. Kraus

Despite being a relative beginner to the faucet industry, the Kraus faucet manufacturer has worked attentively to establish itself among the established companies. The industrial aesthetic of Kraus faucets is familiar, and this manufacturer has earned recognition as an industry leader in commercial faucet design. 

Additionally, the price of Kraus faucets is appealing. The majority of faucets cost below $300. However, a faucet with a more commercial aesthetic may require more space because larger faucets may be taller than anticipated. 


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy installation
  • Intuitive controls

4. Grohe

An industry leader in terms of design, Grohe emerges as a significant manufacturer. Grohe, the best bathroom faucet manufacturer, has garnered over 240 designs. Its innovation honors over the past decade possesses an extensive product line.

Grohe kitchen faucets are typically quite expensive, as these innovations and design excellence come at a cost. Due to the high quality of its materials and construction, Grohe repairs are pretty costly. 

Specific models’ low flow rates have been the subject of customer complaints. Therefore, it is essential to verify the flow rate of those models.


  • Easy installation
  • Highly recognized
    Modern bathroom with shower and washbasin
    Modern bathroom with shower and washbasin

    5. Delta

    Delta has a well-established track record of being the best bathroom faucet manufacturer, incorporating cutting-edge technologies like the Leland Single-Hand Touch. These technologies enable water to be turned on with the forearm while transporting a burden of dirty dishes or an LED light indicating water temperature. Delta kitchen sink is sure to fulfill your needs in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Delta offers customers a diverse range of pricing options as well.

    Occasional leakage has been reported on specific models. Some customers have disliked the plastic components in the faucet. 


    • Several price points
    • Cutting edge technology
    • Different styles

    How to Know Which Faucet Manufacturer Is Best for You

    Waste Drain Manufacturing Process
    Waste Drain Manufacturing Process

    Are you in need of help selecting the best faucet manufacturer? Reputations for quality, variety, and a robust warranty will be well-established for the finest options. They will also provide the aesthetic for your kitchen.

    Certain faucet suppliers emphasize technology and design, whereas many faucet manufacturers have improved the quality of their products, resulting in minimal product differentiation. If aesthetics is more significant to you than advanced technological features such as temperature settings or motion sensors, certain faucet manufacturers may be more appealing.


    Older top faucet suppliers have a better reputation for reliability than newer ones. It is suitable to examine each company’s products before concluding. Over time, faucets may develop leakage. Some faucet manufacturers are more responsive than others to replace faulty components.


    Most faucet manufacturers provide a lifetime or limited lifetime warranty. Analyzing the fine print to determine precisely what each warranty covers is crucial. Over time, faucet components deteriorate, and plumbing services can be costly.


    Consider exploring the available faucet finishes if you place a premium on having a distinctive-looking faucet. Only brass, stainless steel, chromium, or bronze are available. However, one of the 33 possible coatings some faucet manufacturers offer will surely catch the eye.


    While a prestige face is expensive, it is precisely what your upscale kitchen or bathroom requires. However, many options exist for an actual product featuring a robust design.

    Set a cost limit before purchasing to locate your desired items without exceeding your financial resources.

    surface Finishes

    What Are the Different Faucet Types?

    Compression, disc, ball, and cartridge are the four varieties of faucets. Aside from their mechanical configurations, faucets are available in single-handle, pulldown, and two-handle designs. 

    Ball Faucet 

    A single plastic or metal handle is affixed to a ball faucet. It enables the handle to be adjusted to regulate the water’s flow and temperature. Leaks are possible if the spring-loaded rubber seals on these faucets wear out over time.


    • Smooth single handle
    • The most prevalent type of kitchen faucet
    • Affordable

    Cost: $22-35$

    Disc Faucet

    Ceramic disc faucets have a more contemporary appearance due to the side-mounted handle. Ceramic disc faucets combine hot and cold water via a pressure balance cartridge. Two discs within the faucet regulate the flow, while the temperature can be adjusted by swiveling the handle laterally. Ceramic disc faucets are more dependable and less susceptible to leakage than ball faucets.


    • Newer and more trustworthy technology
    • Superior quality
    • Withstands extreme temperatures.


    • It takes time to become accustomed to the feel of the faucet
    • This form of technology is more expensive

    Best for: Ideal for People with Grip Issues in Kitchens and Bathrooms

    Cartridge Faucet

    Cartridge faucets, despite their resemblance to compression faucets in appearance, operate more smoothly and do not need additional force to halt. Cartridge faucets utilize a cartridge secured with O-rings to the faucet base. They are less prone to leakage and are simple to remedy.

    Cartridges are durable and simple to replace. This faucet may need less maintenance than others. Cartridge replacement may be expensive, depending on the best shower faucets and the model of the sink. Sometimes cartridges cost over $100.


    • Smooth operation
    • Generally durable cartridges
    • Easy maintenance


    • Hard water deposits can clog cartridges 
    • Cartridge seals can still fail 
    • Replacement cartridges for certain manufacturers can be expensive

    Compression Faucet

    Because a washer creates a seal to prevent water from streaming when the faucet is in the off position, compression faucets derive their name from this property. When the stem is in the “on” position, it elevates to permit water to run by breaking the seal.

    Compression faucets are relatively inexpensive because they are among the most traditional and prevalent faucets still in use. Although they are simple to repair, their propensity to discharge increases with time due to the deterioration of the washer.


    • Low cost
    • It fits the aesthetics of older-style homes
    • Easy to repair even though it’s worn out


    • Prone to leaks
    • Higher maintenance than other valve types

    Best Bathroom Faucet Manufacturer: What Is The Most Popular Faucet Finish?

    A quality faucet begins with its construction. Finding the ideal finish can be a matter of personal preference, irrespective of the type of faucet one seeks. The following material options are the most prevalent:


    Nickel is ideal for individuals who favor brushed and matte designs with a resilient coating. This exceptionally resilient material retains its appearance for many years with minimal upkeep. 

    Stainless Steel 

    Stainless steel is timeless. It has always been the best option for kitchen faucets due to its enduring design and simplistic aesthetic. Its priced material is very resilient and outlasts numerous faucet design trends.


    Copper faucets are both aesthetically pleasing and radiant. They may initially appear glossy. However, their true beauty emerges as they age and gain consistent use. Copper is best to convert your bathroom or kitchen.


    Chrome is the most widely used material available for faucets. These resilient and versatile components can effortlessly complete several designs, hues, and tones. Additionally, they are among the most economical available. Furthermore, chrome-finished faucets are remarkably resistant to chipping and emit abundant luster.


    These faucet manufacturers are reliable, functional, long-lasting, user-friendly, and simple to install. This article contains information about the best manufacturer in 2024. It makes it simple to determine which faucet manufacturer is superior. Hofen, Delta, and Moen are the finest faucet suppliers for the kitchen and bathroom. All producers produce high-quality faucets. However, your selection depends on specific needs.

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