Shower Bath Mixer

Shower Bath Mixer

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Single handle bath mixer

Material:brass body, zinc handle

Feature: with 35mm ceramic cartridge

Finished: chromed plated



Hofen Mixer with high-performance orthotic insoles for men is formulated with higher rebound and customized elasticity to provide a comfortable fit for your application. The ideal foam shoe inserts for footwear used in high-impact sporting activities, It’s the right foot support choice for your minimalist footwear. Hofen uses high levels of cushioning in micro-thin layers of foam, Product Description in paragraph form:


The Shower Bath Mixer is the ideal choice for your bathroom. It comes with a chrome finish and can easily be installed without using any tools. This mixer comes with a flow control knob and an anti-scald setting, making it safe to use. The showerhead has two spray settings – massage and aerated, making it easy to choose between. This mixer also features an adjustable arm that allows you to adjust the height of the showerhead according to your preference. “The Shower Bath Mixer is a shower mixer that can be installed in the bathtub. It consists of two nozzles and one handle, which provide a water supply for showering and bathing. The product has an ergonomic design and is easy to use.

Moreover, it is highly durable due to its high-quality brass material.”This is a shower bath mixer that can be used in your daily life. It has two faucet heads and four valves. You can control the water temperature by turning the handle and opening or closing each valve to achieve your desired water temperature. The installation of this product is effortless, and you need to install it on the wall according to its instructions. After installing it, you will have a pleasant bathing experience.



Size 35mm&40mm ceramic cartridge
Materials Brass
Surface Polishing, Chrome plated
Media Water, Oil
Type Water tap
MOQ 200
Lead time 40 days
Warranty 24 months

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