Flexible Pipe Connector

Flexible Pipe Connector

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EPDM/PEX inner tube

Stainless steel wire

Brass nut

CW617N insert

Burst pressure ≥10Mpa


Flexible Pipe Connector


A water hose is a kind of flexible hoss used to transfer water. Stainless steel flexible hose has many types, such as stainless steel braided flexible hose, rubberized stainless steel flexible hose, etc.

Stainless steel braided flexible hoses are made by stainless steel wire braid with a polyester or nylon cover layer. It has good anti-oxidation properties and high-temperature resistance; it can be used for high-pressure washing, fire fighting, etc. And the price of this product is higher than that of rubberized stainless steel flexible.

This lightweight, stainless steel hose is excellent for any application that requires a flexible water hose. The stainless steel flexible hose can be used with various liquids, including water, chemicals, and fuel. This product is perfect for use in the home or on the job site. It resists kinks, tangles, and abrasions. The stainless steel flexible hose has a 1/2-inch diameter and comes in adjustable lengths with 3/8 and 1/2-inch female swivel ends.

A hose is a flexible tube that conveys water or fluids from one location to another. In most cases, it is used for conveying liquids. Hoses are commonly made of rubber, plastic, and polyurethane.

Connections from 1/4 thread to 1-inch thread of the ends nut

The stainless steel flexible hose is made of 304 stainless steel, its wall thickness is 0.8mm, and its diameter is 3/4″. The hose can be bent to any shape without kinking or collapsing under pressure. It has a compact structure is easy to use in all places, such as homes, offices, hospitals, factories, etc. Moreover, it is anti-corrosion and anti-aging, making it durable for extended use.

The Ultimate Guide to Flexible Pipe Connectors

Flexible pipe connectors, sometimes called flexible couplings or bellows, are indispensable components in modern plumbing, drainage, and industrial applications. They allow for movement, compensate for misalignment, and connect pipes of different materials. This guide dives deep into understanding these connectors, their types, benefits, and crucial factors to consider while choosing them.

What are Flexible Pipe Connectors?

At its core, a flexible pipe connector is a fitting that connects two pipes, allowing for some degree of movement. Made from flexible materials like rubber or flexible plastic compounds, they are designed to stretch, compress, or adjust to different angles.

Key Benefits

  • Compensate for Misalignment: Not every pipe aligns perfectly, especially in complex systems. Flexible connectors bridge these gaps without the need for intricate pipe cutting.
  • Absorb Vibration and Sound: They help reduce the noise and vibrations transmitted through piping systems.
  • Expansion and Contraction: They accommodate temperature-induced pipe expansion and contraction, preventing potential damage or leaks.
  • Ease of Installation: Their adaptability often simplifies the installation process, saving both time and money.

Common Types

  • Rubber Boot Connectors: They offer a watertight solution used predominantly in drainage and sewage systems.
  • Braided Stainless Steel Connectors: Often found in household applications like water heaters and faucets. They resist corrosion and provide strength.
  • PVC Flex Connectors: Lightweight and corrosion-resistant, suitable for above and below-ground applications.

Choosing the Right Connector

  • Material Compatibility: Ensure the connector is compatible with the materials of the pipes you’re connecting.
  • Temperature and Pressure Ratings: The connector should be rated for the maximum temperature and pressure of the system in which it is being used.
  • Size and Length: It should match the diameter of the pipes you’re connecting. Also, consider the length to ensure it adequately bridges the gap between the pipes.
  • Chemical Resistance: This is especially crucial for industrial applications where the pipes may carry aggressive chemicals.

Maintenance Tips

  • Regular Inspections: Check for signs of wear, corrosion, or damage to ensure timely replacement.
  • Avoid Excessive Stress: While they are designed to absorb stress, excessively sharp bends or continuous heavy loads can lead to premature failure.
  • Clean Regularly: Especially in water lines, mineral deposits can build up. Periodic cleaning can extend the connector’s lifespan.

Flexible pipe connectors play an essential role in a multitude of piping systems. Their versatility, ease of installation, and ability to compensate for various challenges make them a professional favorite. When selecting a connector, always prioritize quality and suitability for the specific application to ensure longevity and optimal performance.


Size F1/2XF1/2
Materials EPDM/PEX inner tube

Stainless Steel wire

Surface Brass nut with nickel plated
Media Water, Oil
Type Waterflow
MOQ 1000
Lead time 40 days
Warranty 24 months


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