How To Install Floor Drain In A Bathroom?

In this blog post, you’ll read:If your new bathroom is not ready to use yet because of no floor drain, your wait is now over. You don't need to hire a plumber to install a floor drain to get your bathroom ready. You can do it yourself and start using your bathroom anytime. Today we're going to explore the guide to install a floor drain in a bathroom

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If your new bathroom is not ready to use yet because of no floor drain, your wait is now over. You don’t need to hire a plumber to install a floor drain to get your bathroom ready. You can do it yourself and start using your bathroom anytime. Today we’re going to explore the guide to install a floor drain in a bathroom. Stay tuned.

Why Does Your Bathroom Need A Floor Drain?

After using the bathroom, you need to clean the wastewater from the basement. Otherwise, the water will flood into your room. Also, it’ll spread bad odors after some time and make the place horrible to use. So, you’ll need a floor drain in your bathroom to drain the wastewater and keep your basement dry and clean

Introduction To The Floor Drain

The floor drain is a waste drain that permits the wastewater to flow away from the basement to the main drain. It is placed on the floor in any place where the wastewater needs to be removed from the basement.

Floor drains mostly come in two shapes, square and rounded. And some have variations in their parts depending on the manufacturer. However, most of the components are also the same.

If you take a look at the components, firstly, the drain base at the bottom. It sits below all the other parts and touches the soil. Just above the drain base, a reversible clamping is placed with some collar bolts. Finally, a grated disc or strainer at the top is followed by a drain barrel to make the drain complete. 

ss floor drain pop up
ss floor drain pop up

How To Install A Floor Drain

To start installing the floor drain in your bathroom, you’ll need these things:

· The Floor Drain

· A Handheld Tiles Or Floor Cutter Machine

· White Cement

· A Hammer

· A Spud Chisel Tool

· A Marker

Don’t be worried. Installing the floor drain is a simple task. And you can do it yourself if you’ve got some basic handyman skills and the required tools. Just follow the steps sequentially, and you can easily do it.

Step 1: Find And Clean The Drain Area

First of all, you’ll need to find the pipe where the drain will be installed. The construction team always leaves a hole in the floor and a pipe inside to install the floor drain. Also, they put a bunch of rags or a pouch to seal the hole to prevent dirt entries and clogging

After finding that, clean at least two square feet around from that area properly. Therefore, there will be no dirt or something that can enter inside the drain and clog it.

Step 2: Cut The Extra Pipe

Sometimes the pipe of the drain hole stays above the basement. You have cut the extra pipe from the basement to proceed. So, pick up the tiles cutter and cut the extra pipe to make the pipe entrance equal to the floor.

Step 3: Mark On The Floor

After cutting the pipe, it’s time to mark the floor to the size of the floor drain. To do that, take the drain base of the floor drain and place it at the top of the hole. Make sure to hold the drain base properly on the floor and in the middle of the hole. After that, if you are sure that you want to install the drain exactly the way you’re holding it now… take the marker on the other hand and mark it around the drain base on the tiles.

Step 4: Cut On The Mark

Hopefully, you’ve got a nice square shape (if your floor drain is square) mark around the drain hole. This is where you will place the drain. But before that, we need to cut the tiles to make room for the components. So, turn on the tiles cutter machine and start cutting following the marks on the tiles. Try to make sure not to cut any extra areaJust follow the mark and cut accordingly.

Step 5: Remove Extra Tiles And Dirt

Let’s assume that you’ve perfectly cut the square shape. But you haven’t removed the cut tiles pieces yet. Use the hammer with the spud chisel here. Place the chisel on the cut edge and gently hammer it. Therefore, the cut pieces will separate from there. Ensure that none of the bits or other dirt falls into the hole and that you don’t damage the other tiles in the process.

After that, pull off the rags or the pouch from the drainpipe hole. Further, clean the area between the pipe and the square cut properly. There should be no dirt particles but the soil. 

nickel bronze cover
nickel bronze cover

Step 6: Spread A White Cement Coating

Make some white cement coating by mixing it with water in a bowl. You can do it using a trowel or with your hands. Don’t worry; white cement will not harm you if you wash your hands before it dries. If the coating is ready, spread it inside the square space on the floor. Cover all the area except the pipe hole. Spread and make the coating almost equal to the floor.

Step 7: Place The Floor Drain

Maybe you’ve got all your floor drain parts loose. If not, you can disassemble them for better flexibility during installation. 

Firstly, place the drain base there and give it a gentle push to fit properly. Secondly, attach the clamping ring with the collar bolts. After that, place the drain barrel followed by the strainer. Everything is placed in their spaces now. Most importantly, keep in mind that the floor drain should stay at the same level as the floor. Otherwise, sometimes you’ll get hurt by it.

Step 8: Give It A Perfect Finish

For your push on the drain base, there must be some coating leftover coming out around the drain. Here’s where you’ll need to add a final touch. To do that, smear the extra coating around the drain edges to fill the edges perfectly. Then you can use a rag or piece of dry cloth to wipe the area properly. 

Now you should leave the drain for a couple of hours to let the coating dry. After that, yes, you can start using your bathroom along with the floor drain instantly. 

In conclusion, just like this floor drain installation, you can do every simple works in your home. All you need is good instruction, and that is what we provide in our blog. Also, you can get all types of high-quality plumbing accessories, including floor drains, from our shop. See you there.

spare parts of floor drain
spare parts of floor drain

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