Top 8 Floor Drain Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

In this blog post, you’ll read:the top 8 floor drain manufacturers and suppliers in India and floor drain FAQs. These 8 companies focus on quality, innovation and sustainability in their manufacturing process. Committed to offering a diverse range of products to suit every style and preference.

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Finding a reliable floor drain supplier in today’s Indian market can be a daunting task. To ensure you get the best products and services. You should know sift through the choices of many available options is important. This article explores the top 8 floor drain suppliers in India. It will help you understand the ins and outs of floor drain suppliers in India. Making a decision more quickly.

1. Top 8 floor drain manufacturers and suppliers in India

The following is the list of the top 8 floor drain suppliers in India.

Top 1: Pearlsinks

Pearlsinks logo


Business Type: Kitchen sink manufacturer

Established: 1992


  • Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks
  • Magnolia- Lavatory Pan
  • Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Accessories
  • Others Stainless Steel Products

Pearlsinks is a distinguished manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of an attractive collection of Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks, Lavatory Pan, Kitchen Sink Accessories, and Others, designed in compliance with international standards.

Their stainless steel products are made from corrosion-resistant AISI-304 grade and 18/8 quality steel. High performance, dimensional accuracy, durability, and microdeck, satin, linen, and high gloss finishes are available. Kitchen sinks and wash basins are available in 17 models and in 131 different dimensions to suit the specific requirements of the end users. Under the brand name ‘Image’, these are fitted with an international quality washable choke that prevents waste from blocking the drainpipe.

In addition, Pearlsinks has 3 manufacturing plants, each equipped with advanced production equipment, enabling its monthly output to reach 20,000 pieces. Currently, Pearlsinks’ products have been widely recognized in India, Iran, Latin America, and other places.

Top 2: Hofen Sanitary

Hofen logo


Business Type: Floor Drain Manufacturer

Established: 2004


  • P-trap
  • Drainage
  • Waste basin drain
  • Washbasin drain
  • Bathtub waste drain kits

Hofen has its own complete sets of production facilities, including exploring drawing design, brass casting, forging, stamping, CNC machine, polishing, assembling, and laboratory testing. The product range covers basin drains, bath drains, adaptors, drain valves, heavy-duty P-traps, and siphons. And it can also customize products according to customer requirements, it welcomes customers to customize basin waste or metal parts. Unique colors with PB, CP, SN, VB, ORB, PVD, SNPVD.

Besides, it has 6 engineers and 9 inspectors behind your support, water solution, and house supply, and Rich experienced employees with 145 workers and 13 experts. 5 times inductions from raw materials to CNC machine and finish. So as to ensure the top quality of the products.

Top 3: Lipka

Lipka logo


Business Type: Floor Drain Manufacturer

Established: More than a decade


  • Floor Drains
  • Kitchen Sinks
  • Stylish Faucets
  • Sturdy PTMT Fixtures
  • Bathroom Fittings
  • Kitchen Fixtures

Lipka is a New Delhi-based Indian company with a presence in more than 1000 cities in the country. It was founded as a vision of a dynamic entrepreneur. It started as a modest SSI unit and went out to grow into a large deferential family with a range of over 4000 products being sold by 5000 dealers across the country.

With more than 300 committed members, Team Lipka strives to bring convenience and elegance to their customers. The team works vigorously and ensures compatibility with the diverse choices of its consumers through its versatile products. With ever-changing consumer needs in mind, Team Lipka continues to introduce new products and modify existing ones with creative enhancements throughout the year.

With over a decade of experience, LIPKA is at the top of the list of the most popular floor drains and has gained tremendous traction with its other remarkably designed products, including its practical kitchen sinks, stylish faucets and taps, and sturdy PTMT fixtures. The 100% indigenously manufactured products of Lipka, have the most extensive range of designs in the country for bathroom fittings, kitchen fixtures, and other utility requirements.

Top 4: Ashapura Steel

Ashapura Steel logo


Business Type: Kitchen Sink Manufacturer

Established: 2000


  • Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks
  • Floor Drain

Established in 2000, Ashapura Steel offers a wide range of sizes, styles, and configurations, it also manufactures stainless steel sinks. Ashapura Steel Kitchen Sinks are meticulously crafted using high-quality stainless steel materials, buyers can use them for a long time, and easy to maintain.

With advanced machinery and precision measurements, Ashapura Steel offers a variety of designs, including single or double-bowl sinks, drainboard sinks, under-mount or over-mount sinks, drop-in sinks, and extra-large sinks. These sinks are customizable to meet clients’ specific requirements and are known for their superior quality and affordability. If you want to choose from sleek modern designs to farmhouse and traditional styles, Ashapura Steel is a good choice.

Top 5: TO TO

TO TO logo


Business Type: Residential Equipment Manufacturer

Established: 1917


  • Sanitary ware
  • System toilets
  • Toilet seats
  • Plumbing accessories, etc
  • Bathtub
  • Unit bathrooms
  • Fittings
  • Modular kitchens, bathroom vanity units
  • Marbright artificial marble counters
  • Bathroom ventilation, heating, and drying systems
  • Welfare equipment
  • Green Building Materials

Well, the fifth manufacturer we want to recommend to you is TOTO. Established in 1917. Count it, almost has more than 100 years in the floor drain manufacturing industry. Its headquarters is located in Japan. However, it has opened a large number of overseas groups in Asia, Europe, the United States, and other regions. It provides convenience for customers to purchase. In 2014, TOTO opened a manufacturing factory in India. Installed the most advanced production equipment in the factory. Moreover, it expands its business to Southeast Asia.

TOTO Group wants to play a leading role in the industry. For this, it took a series of actions. These actions include creating added value for society and employment, competing fairly with peers, and continuously contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.

Top 6: Marvel

Marvel logo


Business Type: Bathroom Ceramic Sanitary Ware, Home Decor Sanitaryware Manufacturer

Established: 2010


  • Bathroom Ceramic Sanitary Ware
  • Home Decor Sanitaryware
  • Floor Drain

The sixth manufacturer we will introduce to you is Marvel. It was created in 2010. Since then, it has in serving sanitary & plumbing items of high quality and catchy appeal. After more than 10 years of development, Marvel has become well-known in the market for durable sanitary and plumbing products. For this reason, it has a wide range of customers in many countries around the world.

It has experienced employees and advanced production equipment, the combination of which has enabled Marvel to increase its production. In addition, it also provides OEM services. This means it can customize products according to your requirements. If you are looking for affordable floor drain exporters in India. We recommend Marvel.




Business Type: Channel Drain, Floor Drains, Manhole Cover Manufacturer

Established: 2014


  • Channel Drain
  • Floor Drains
  • Manhole Cover

Well, the seventh manufacturer is “MNC Drain Solution”. It was established in 2014. It is a Proprietorship-based firm. It majors in Channel Drain, Floor Drains, Manhole Covers, and more. It has more than 10 years of manufacturing experience. Why are MNC Drain Solution products in high demand? This is due to its premium quality, seamless finish, different patterns, and affordable prices. Furthermore, MNC Drain Solution ensures the timely delivery of these products to clients. This advantage is the reason why MNC has gained a wide range of clients.

MNC has its own manufacturing plant with a complete production line. It includes multiple departments such as procurement, manufacturing, quality testing, R&D, warehousing, etc. To ensure products can be delivered within customer expectations. These departments work closely together. In addition, you can see 95% of the historical customer feedback on its official website.




Business Type: Valve, Floor Drains, Manufacturer

Established: 2019


  • Industrial Butterfly Valves
  • Braided Hose
  • Single Grooved Drop Anchor
  • Butterfly Gas Valve
  • Brass Insert

Privac Brassworks LLP was established in 2019 and has close to 10 years of manufacturing experience in the floor drain manufacturing industry. It is trusted for obtaining stainless steel and brass industrial components. The Jamnagar, Gujarat, India-based company possesses advanced facilities of production for designing and developing Industrial Butterfly Valves, Braided Hoses, Single Grooved Drop Anchor, Butterfly Gas Valve, Brass Insert, and similar products. These are finely finished and come with promise of excellent quality standards and high durability.

Privac Brassworks LLP is Committed to customers’ total satisfaction and develops aforesaid components in standard as well as customized designs for their application-specific work. truly precision-engineered range of industrial components is most suitable for automobile, scientific, metalworking, piping, electrical, sanitaryware, and other industries.

2. Floor drain FAQs

Here are the questions people often ask when using floor drains.

1. What is the function of the floor drain?

The function of a floor drain is to drain excess water from a room to the outside. In this way, it can ensure the cleanliness of the house. Also, avoid the risk of damage to the building due to frequent flooding.

2. Where is the floor drain installed?

Floor drains are generally installed at the lowest point of a room or space. For this reason, it can create a gentle slope for water flow. This allows it to flow on its own. If the room is large, you may need to place multiple floor drains.

3. How often should I clean my floor drain?

Hair, soap scum, and other debris can easily clog your drain. Therefore, clean it regularly to keep it working properly. Generally, the floor drain is cleaned every 6 months or so. But when you notice a bad smell coming from under your pipes or the water isn’t flowing properly. Then you should get it checked immediately.

4. Can the floor drain be removed?

The floor drain can be removed using a screwdriver or other prying tool.

5. Why does my floor drain smell bad?

If there is an unpleasant smell coming from the floor drain, it may be blocked. At this time, please open the floor drain cover to check the specific situation. Another situation is that the trap has dried up. At this time, just pour some water down and the problem can be solved.

3. Conclusion

From the demand for high-quality, innovative floor drain solutions continues to grow. We can see that the future looks bright for floor drain manufacturing in India. These companies are poised to shape the future of floor drains. They want to offer customers a diverse range of products to suit every style and preference. Of course in the manufacturing process, they focus on quality, innovation, and sustainability.

India floor drain companies are well-positioned to maintain their leadership in the global market. This is because they prioritize customer satisfaction, invest in research and development, and embrace emerging technologies. Well, the above are the top 8 floor drain manufacturers and suppliers in India. Hope this article will be helpful to you. Thank you for reading!

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