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In this blog post, you’ll read:"In this article, you can learn about the channel plug and sifter 2in1 item. This thing is a bath plug and a hair catcher. It prevents water from depleting and is considered one of the most amazing drain stoppers with strainer."

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Are you burnt out cleaning your bath channel after the shower? Then, you need a drain stopper or shower plug 2in1. This item has double capabilities, as you can indeed perceive from its name. Indeed, it is a tub channel plug along with a hair catcher. It has a sifter underneath the plug, which prevents it from stopping because of hair.

In addition, its sleek and beautiful design easily matches the interior of your shower area. This shower plug and catcher 2’in1 can forestall obstructions and save you from enormous pipes that increase bills. It is accessible at any drain pipe supplier.

What makes bathtub drain stopper 2-in-1 a primary choice

The fundamental job of a shower plug and catcher 2in1 is to stop the watercourse through the channel. It also traps solid waste, preventing it from entering the pipe system. This helps prevent blockages that could provoke gushing out over sinks, slow waste, or even line damage. With a hair catcher, the drain stopper has a crucial impact on maintaining your line establishments’ neatness and natural working by getting rubbish, precisely hair.

drain buddy tub
Drain buddy tub

Shapes And Styles

The state of this plug and catcher 2in1 is round. Due to the ongoing interest in shower interiors, different elements, similar shapes, and varieties can likewise be found in this item. Besides, it comes in various varieties, so you can pick the one that best accommodates your tub plan. The most popular type of this 2in1 item is a metallic tone with a round shape and a cover with a handle. Other time-most loved structures are brushed nickel and Chrome wraps up. It is likewise accessible in an oil-rubbed bronze completion.


The typical load of the Channel plug and catcher 2in1 is lighter, which is why it has acquired notoriety. Subsequently, this lightweight trait builds its client requests step by step. It fits the tub channel with a large number of widths. These are the most well-known components of channels utilized in baths these days.

Before creating a buy, you can contact us and get master guidance from our master group at Hofensanitary about your tub channel estimations. These dimensions are engineered by the engineers at the place of a pipe fitting manufacturer.

drain buddy tub ultra flo 2 in 1
Drain buddy tub ultra flo 2 in 1

Material Used for Manufacturing

Material matters greatly when picking a thing, particularly if it is connected to the pipe system. The shower plug and catcher 2in1 item comprises two sections. The upper cover is made of metal, and the catcher bushel underneath is made of plastic. The metal top can support water strain and prevent water from depleting. The plastic catcher collects hair and other obstructing material and works impeccably as a channel.


The Channel Mate 2in1 is exceptionally impervious to rust or erosion. Your channel plugs or sifters should be rust-proof. If not, you should transform them repeatedly because water moves through them. This item is likewise stain-safe, strengthening its durability and unwavering quality as the best drain stopper and strainer.

Financial plan Agreeable

We can, without a doubt, say that this 2-in-1 item is spending plan cordial. Its fair expense is one more justification for its popularity. In addition, its double usefulness likewise reduces the expense of having this 2-in-1 channel pal instead of having two separate practical pipes. It functions as a bath sifter to forestall obstructs and as a plug. You’ll get a similar cost to a plug or a sifter. Many faucet manufacturers also supply this plumbing item.

Region Utilizations

The provider expected and supported the residential use of the double-use item. You can use it in sinks and floor drains other than baths. The strainers and stoppers are beneficial plumbing items for residential drainage systems. These days, the extensive variety of channel plugs and floor sifters will make your shop.

region utilizations
region utilizations

Buyer’s Guide: How to choose the best for your tub

Some points you must keep in mind at the time of purchase. These will help you keep up with your product over the long haul and surely get the best results.

● Types and Sizes

Pick a channel that fits the size and shape of your bathtub shower, bathroom, or outdoor area.

● Seepage

The openings on the grinding top must be according to the space it is introduced in. For inside, you can have an affectionate grinding top. For outside, you want a grinding top with huge openings that can easily deplete trash and other waste.

easy to install drain
easy to install drain

● Material

The drain stopper and strainer 2in1 can be made of hardened steel, plastic, or bronze. Choose a material that complements your stylish inclinations and strength requirements.

● Expected Water Stream Rate and Pressure

Ensure the product you pick can handle the water flow rate for your indoor shower or outdoor shower area.

● Style and configuration

The drain stopper and hair catcher come in different styles and plans, from traditional to current. Pick one that accommodates your restroom’s stylistic layout or the open-air space.

● Establishment Necessities

Consider the installation cycle and whether you have the fundamental apparatuses and abilities to introduce this 2in1 stopper plus strainer yourself. On the other hand, you must consider proficient establishment, which is required.

● Cost and Pricing

The drain stopper and strainer can be expensive, as they provide dual functionality in one place. So consider your spending plan while making your decision. Because of their size, indoor channel covers are generally more affordable than open-air ones.

● Upkeep and Maintenence

Consider the support prerequisites for the product you pick and its sturdiness and protection from consumption or stopping up.

Moreover, it would be best to consider factors like usability, ease of establishment, ease of upkeep, solidness, cost, and appearance. You must consider the elements and capabilities you need or want from your stoppers with hair catchers, such as water protection, temperature control, spill anticipation, obstruction counteraction, and improvement. Given these variables, you can pick the sort and style of plug that best suits your inclinations and requirements.

Why choose a Drain Stopper and Strainer

The shower stopper plus catcher forestalls costly plumbing pipe bills from obstructing both channels. Highlighting a no-establishment arrangement, this drain buddy works as a bath channel stopper and hair catcher to stop garbage before it develops and obstructs your channel. This product keeps water streaming uninhibitedly and forestalls the loss of any expensive jewellery piece. You can check the tub drain stopper by clicking here! Some of the benefits of the tub waste Drain stopper are given below.

● Easy to Clean

It is effortless to clean. Just push the lid and turn it anti-clockwise. The drain stopper comes out. Now, pull it out from the channel and clean the attached basket. The round and hollow plastic basket design with a channel skirt is considered simple cleaning. You must wipe the hair away with a tissue or paper towel. The detachable plastic baskets are also available separately; you can replace the basket with a new one. You can use our bathtub drain kit for easy and effective cleaning.

● Easy to Install

No heavy plumbing tools or complicated strategies are involved in installing this drainer. Remove your previous stopper. Now, place the drain buddy with the open lid when opening the drain or channel. That’s it. It is that simple to install it. Due to this benefit, the drainage supplier must keep this product in the shops.

● Beautiful Design

drains design
drains design

It comes in beautiful designs with many bathrooms in the current era’s interiors. You can eliminate ugly-looking, cloggy stoppers or strainers by having this drain buddy for your bathtubs. The dimensions of drain buddy fit in casually used bathtubs easily.

● Prevent Messy Clogs And Save Dropped Jewelry

Using a 2in1 stopper plus catcher prevents your pipe framework’s messy and heavy clogs. Our drain buddy utilizes a channel skirt to get hair or unfamiliar items to forestall stopping up. Any lost gems can be recuperated rapidly by hauling the plug out of the channel and delivering the container. Not any more costly handyman bills!

Note: Never push the bin down into the channel without the cap.

● Easy Maintenence

This product can go with you long-term if maintained and cleaned regularly. You must clean the basket attached underneath from tangled hair or stopping junk. Cleaning the baskets is a breeze. The better-than-ever bin configuration considers simple cleaning with a separable underlying cleaning bar. On the other hand, never contact the gunk by squeezing the cap’s two buttons and supplanting the recyclable bushels with another one. Substitution containers are accessible for procurement. Our strainer design disposes of muddled stops, bringing about costly handyman bills.

How to remove bathtub drain stopper

There is no complexity involved in removing the bathtub stopper and hair catcher. One of its types has screw lines beneath it. You have to set the stopper in an open position for this type. Now loosen the screws. After some rotations, it will free, and you can pull it out from the drain hole. If you find that the screws are tightened, then you can get help from the wrench.

Most of the time, the stopper is removed by pulling out after being made in an open position. In some cases, two clips tick when installed, so you must hold those clips in an open position at the time of removal. Ta-Da!!! The drain stopper is removed easily.

Common Types of Bathtub Drain Stoppers and Hair Catchers

There are a few distinct styles of Bath drain stoppers with strainers 2in1, each with different benefits. The most widely recognized types are:

common types of bathtub drain stoppers
Common types of bathtub drain stoppers


This sort of stopper has a little handle on the cap that you bend to open and close the channel. It is introduced by screwing a set screw into the focal point of the channel crossbar. It is sturdy, cheap, and simple to utilize, yet it tends to be interesting to eliminate if it stalls out or overtightens.

Push- and -Pull

This plug is like the lift-and-turn but is pushed down to shut and pulled down to open the drain. It is likewise introduced by a set screw under the cap. It is solid, reasonable, and simple to utilize, yet it can likewise be precarious to eliminate if it stalls or overtightens.


This plug has a spring instrument that permits you to open and close the channel by pushing it down with your toe. It is introduced similarly to the lift-and-turn and the push-and-pull. It is easy to use without twisting around, but the spring can wear out over the long run and needs replacement.


This plug has a switch on the cap that you flip from one side to another to open and close the channel. It is introduced by driving it into the channel, where the O-rings make a seal and keep it set up. It is economical and simple to teach, yet the O-rings can wear out over the long run and need substitution.


This sort of plug has a switch on the flood plate that you flip up or down to open or close the channel. It is associated with an unclogger or a rocker arm inside the channel pipe. It doesn’t expect you to arrive down to the channel to change the plug. But it may be interesting to introduce and keep up with, and it can impede some tub cleaners.


This sort of plug has a switch on the flooded plate that you lift or push down to open or close the channel. It is associated with a spring-stacked bar inside the channel pipe that moves the plug up or down. It doesn’t expect you to arrive at the channel to change the plug. However, it very well may be precarious to introduce and keep up with, and it can trap hair and flotsam and jetsam in the channel pipe.


This stopper isn’t connected to the channel but is positioned over it when required. It may be made of elastic, silicone, plastic, or metal and can have different shapes and sizes. It is easy to introduce and eliminate. However, it may only fit some channels and tends to be effectively lost or misplaced.

A Conclusive Approach

The shower stopper with catcher 2in1 item requires no foundation to foster your bath sinks further. Essentially, drop it in! Save the environment by killing brutal channel-manufactured substances with the dual functionality of this drain stopper. It can quickly be cleaned and reused. The bushels, attached to the stoppers, get everything: long hair, short hair, diamonds, pet hair, and toys. Push down the cap to seal and pull up to drain. You will never regret buying this drain stopper with hair catcher 2in1 item.

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