Why Did Basement Floor Drain Back Up?

In this blog post, you’ll read:Standing water in your basement floor drain could be due to clogs, damaged pipes, or heavy rainfall. Causes include debris accumulation, corrosion, improper installation, or tree roots. Prevent issues by using strainers, avoiding grease disposal, and choosing dissolvable toilet paper. For persistent problems, hydro jetting or pipe replacement may be needed. Regular maintenance and vigilance are key to preventing backups.

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Suppose you notice any unusual signs in your basement floor drain and draining slowly, for instance, unusual smells or oozing out some water drops or any other liquid. In that case, it should not go unnoticed, as it could mean an issue with the basement floor drain backup.

There could be some underlying causes for your basement floor backup.

It could be a clog in the main drain line, and pipes could be damaged and deteriorated or poorly installed, as well as heavy rainfall, broken main drain line or bellies in the drain line, or improper flushing abuse.

What Does A Basement Floor Drain Look Like?

A basement floor drain is somewhat like a usual shower drain. The pipes connecting the basement floor drain to the main drain are called foundation drains. These foundation drains continue with the house’s foundation and join it with the local sewer system.

What Are The Causes Of Drain Backup?

As we discussed previously, there could be some reasons for you facing a basement drain backup. A clog in the foundation lines rarely happens, and if there is a presence of a clog, it is usually in the home main drain line.

Clogged Main Drain Line:

clogged main drain line
Clogged main drain line

If the blockage of your drain is due to clogged pipes, the reason could be the accumulation of dirt, debris, hair, toilet paper, etc.

Damaged Pipelines:

Your drain pipes also have an expiration date! Yes, it is hard to believe, but it is true.

You should properly check and inspect the pipelines, as deteriorated and damaged pipelines could also be a reason for obstructed drains.

If the pipes are made up of cast iron, the rusting will result in a smaller diameter of pipelines, which will affect the flow of water, resulting in an obstructed drain. The rough nature of rust attracts any soft object like paper towels to get caught, resulting in blockage.

Poorly Installed Floor Drain:

If you are facing a continual problem regarding your drain system despite having new pipelines and a drainage system, there could be a possibility that the floor drain is not installed properly and causes uphill, resulting in ineffective water flow and drainage. The only treatment includes an expert reinstating the same drainage lines to eliminate this problem.

Heavy Rainfall:

heavy rainfall
heavy rainfall

Heavy rainfall can also cause flooding of your basement drain as the soil gets saturated when it rains heavily. This causes ground-level flooding, resulting in water seepage through your basement.

The solution to this problem is installing a good quality sump pump that can divert any extra water from your basement, prevent flooding, and provide a floor drain backup.

Improper Flushing:

improper flushing
improper flushing

Another major cause for a clogged drain could be flushing more materials than your drain line can handle. For instance, flushing paper towels, baby wipes, or other feminine hygiene products can significantly obstruct your drain line.

Choose the brand of your toilet paper wisely, as better brands are easily dissolvable in water and don’t cause any obstruction or donate.

Solution For Unclogging Your Drain Pipe:

Once you have found out the reason for your basement drain backup, you can easily focus on the solution.

Hydro Jetting:

hydro jetting
hydro jetting

A hydrojet is a helpful plumbing equipment that uses high-pressure water to eliminate dirt, debris, and blockage in the main drain lines.

After clearing the drain lines through hydro-jetting, a professional plumber can clean the inside of the pipe’s walls using his special piping equipment.

Pipelining and Replacement:

pipelining and replacement
Pipelining and replacement

Pipelining or replacement is the most expensive procedure to solve damaged and broken drain lines.

Usually, if the main drain lines are broken or damaged from one area, the solution requires only that piece. Still, if the drain line is damaged and has deteriorated with time, the solution would require replacing the whole pipelining.

Tips To Prevent Backup Of Your Drain Lines:

  • Observing your drain lines closely now and then can save you from the big hassles, as the treatment and solution for the problem will start immediately. So be vigilant when you notice any unusual signs, such as peeing, oozing, or any water smell from your drains, so don’t forget to pay close attention.
  • Avoid disposing of grease and oil products into your drain lines as they are nonabsorbent and can cause blockage and obstruction.
  • Installing strainers or pads on top of your drains can also be of great help as it will make your cleaning easy and restrict the passage of any obstructive material into the drain lines to avoid obstruction.
  • Make a habit of cleaning your main drain lines with natural cleaning solutions.

One easy recipe for a cleaning solution is using one cup of baking soda with one cup of vinegar as usual, letting it sit for a couple of seconds, then pouring down hot water to remove any dirt, waste, and debris from sitting on the walls of pipelines.

Also, pouring boiling water on top of the drain lines will help the greasy components in the drain lines flow easily without causing any obstruction.

  • Avoid disposing of thick paper towels, baby wipes, or feminine hygiene products, as these are composed of thick material that is unable to pass through the drain lines and cause clogs in your sewer lines.
  • Use toilet papers that are water soluble so they will not cause clogging of your main lines. Use the brand wisely, as some brands of toilet rolls are more easily dissolvable than others.
  • If we can’t find out the exact cause of the backup of your drain lines, call a professional so the root cause can be identified in time, along with the proper solution.

Why Is Choosing the Right Toilet Paper Important?

toilet paper
toilet paper

Realizing that your toilet is not only just a basic necessity but also an important part of the health of your plumbing system is crucial. Have you ever wondered why some brands label themselves the “best toilet paper for plumbing“?” The reasons can be found below.”

  • Some brands mention that they are the fastest-soluble toilet paper, and in this way, they readily dissolve when you flush, resulting in fewer plumbing emergencies.
  • Choosing brands with fewer biodegradable chemicals in their production means you also play a part in protecting the environment by putting fewer chemicals in the air.
  • They also benefit homeowners economically by saving their money in the long run by reducing maintenance costs and having rare plumbing emergencies.
  • When all these factors combine, they provide you with mental peace, avoiding any unnecessary hassles now and then.

What Are 1-Ply, 2-Ply, And 3-Ply Toilet Papers?

Ply is considered as the thickness of sheets of toilet paper. 1-ply or single-ply means that only 1 sheet is needed, providing faster solubility and dissolvability.

  • On the other hand, 2-ply or double-ply means having 2 layers of sheets, which are therefore soft and absorbent but dissolve a little slower than a single-ply toilet sheet.
  • The 3-ply sheet or a triple-ply means ultra soft and plush toilet paper. They are pricey as they are comparatively thick and soft when touched with the body, but according to experts, they don’t perform well in the septic device. If you have the newest plumbing system, it will not be a threat to that.

While we choose a brand, we should keep these points in mind, as well as your plumbing system.

Some Eco-Friendly Brands Of Toilet Paper Along With My Personal Favourite:

eco friendly brands of toilet paper
Eco-friendly brands of toilet paper

After facing a lot of trouble in finding out why my basement floor drain backs up, I realized there were a few factors I wasn’t focusing on, but I don’t have regret as some experiences have good results. Because of such experiences, I am here to share some advice.

I am mentioning here a few brands that do not mislay the information they transfer and prove what they say;

Scott 100:

Scott 100 are 1-ply or single-ply sheet toilet rolls that have the fastest dissolving power as compared to other brands. They rapidly dissolve in water even if using large amounts of sheets and are, therefore, safe for the health of your plumbing system.

Angel Soft:

If you are a fan of using 2-ply or double-ply toilet rolls, Angel Soft would be a good choice as it has a soft touch. It also easily dissolves, giving you the comfort of a soft and gentle touch and readily dissolvable nature.

It has a soft texture and quality that provides you with ultimate comfort. This brand is my favorite as it comes with a PAC that charges a soft and gentle touch and quick-dissolving speed.

Charmin Ultra Soft:

If you do not have old plumbing lines and flushing 3-ply sheet rolls would not be a problem for you and prefer a gentle nature, then Charmin Ultra Soft can be a good choice. They are pricey and might not be ideal for older plumbing systems due to their slower dissolving rate.

They offer a luxurious experience and can be opted for homes with no plumbing issues.

Final words:

I hope this read would greatly help if you were worried about why my basement floor drain backs up. There could be several reasons for this. Also, by following these rituals, you can prevent any future mishap, which will save water and water.

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