Top 10 Bathtub Manufacturers in China

In this blog post, you’ll read:Looking for a high-quality bathtub? Chinese manufacturers offer exceptional products with certified quality. Explore top companies like Kohler, Hofen, and TOTO, known for their diverse designs, modern materials, and advanced manufacturing techniques. Whether you need standard or customized bathtubs, these trusted brands ensure durability and style for your home or commercial space. Discover more in our comprehensive guide.

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Bathtub manufacturers in China are currently certified by organizations worldwide. Chinese bathtubs are becoming popular in the developed market for the production of sanitary products on an annual basis. Additionally, this specialized faucet’s exceptional and admirable quality attracts buyers from all over the world.

Are you in need of a high-quality bathtub manufactured in China? Please refer to our article, which contains data on. We will now explore the top 10 bathtub manufacturers in China that are regarded and can be trusted. Various structures, model modification, extra functions, the best value quality, and production with modern assembling materials (acrylic) distinguish these manufacturers.

Top 1. Kohler


Kohler Co., founded in 1883 and headquartered in Wisconsin, is one of the world’s oldest and largest family-owned enterprises. Over time, Kohler established a presence in Shanghai, China, and by 1995, it had a significant market share in the country.

Kohler operates approximately ten factories, 500 exhibition halls, and more than a dozen flagship stores in China, with offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Nanjing, and Shenzhen. They are, in fact, a distinctive brand.

Key Products

Kohler Co. leads the global market for kitchen and bathroom products. It excels in furniture, home decoration, and hotel service tools. Additionally, Kohler is renowned for its first-class golf equipment. Its bathtub is highly regarded and favored worldwide.

Top 2. Hofen


Hofen is the second reliable bathtub manufacturer we recommend. It was established in Zhejiang, China, in 2004. The company has accumulated more than 17 years of experience in producing bathtubs. Additionally, it is capable of producing products tailored to your specifications. Hofen can offer customers complimentary artwork and drawing design services within seven days. Furthermore, complimentary samples may be furnished for reference.

Hofen offers consumers bathtubs that are quality-assured as they endure five quality examinations from the raw materials to the finished product. When consumers customize products, Hofen’s 6 engineers and 9 inspectors will offer a comprehensive bathtub solution. Hofen is recognized as one of the foremost manufacturers of flexible bathtubs in China due to its exceptional services and superior products.

Key Products: 

The following is a list of Hofen’s common products:

  • Bathtub Drain Kit
  • Faucet
  • Floor drain
  • Bottle P-Trap
  • Flexible hose
  • Pop-Up Drain

Top 3. FAENZA Bathtub Manufacturer in China

faenza bathtub
Faenza bathtub

In 1999, FAENZA entered the Chinese sanitary ware market. It is a bathroom-fitting brand inspired by art and headquartered in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. It is an advanced, large-scale manufacturer of ceramic sanitary ware, bathtubs, and related items. FAENZA integrates design, research and development, and production. It dispatches and produces high-quality sanitary products, ceramic tiles, and related items.

Key Products

  • Bathtubs
  • Polished ceramic sanitary ware
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Bathroom cabinets, faucets
  • Hardware fixtures

Additionally, they offer sophisticated toilets, bathroom vanity cabinets, and Jacuzzi bathtubs. FAENZA is a bathtub manufacturer in China that is regarded and exports its products to numerous countries.

Top 4. ARROW Bathtub Manufacturer in China

arrow bathtub
arrow bathtub

Arrow Home, a prosperous brand, specializes in producing building structures and home furnishing materials. A world-renowned ceramics delivery region in China, Foshan, Guangdong territory, was the site of the company’s establishment in 1994.

Arrow is a reputable bathtub manufacturer in China. It is also famous for being one of the most prominent sanitaryware manufacturers. Also, it is a global provider of construction and bathroom products.

Key Products

The Arrow production line includes surfing chambers and shower rooms. It also offers steam rooms and solid wood restroom vanities. Custom washroom vanities and modern faucets are part of their offerings. They produce tempered steel basins and equipment fixtures. Additionally, acrylic bathtubs and ceramic sanitary products are available.

Top 5.CRW Bathtub Manufacturer in China

crw bathtub
crw bathtub

CRW company was founded in 1996, offering diverse public services. It dominates China’s construction material market with high-end products. CRW’s goods are sold in over 100 countries worldwide. Their sales team operates in numerous large cities globally.

Key Products

CRW offers a variety of sanitary furnishings: bathroom cabinets, ceramic ware, Jacuzzi bathtubs, shower rooms, and plumbing hardware. Their product line includes six main categories of bathroom supplies. This ensures diverse options for constructing or redecorating bathrooms. CRW is recognized as a leading bathtub manufacturer in China.

Top 6. TOTO


In 1917, Kazuchika Okura founded TOTO to produce sanitary ceramics. His goal is to match European and American market standards. TOTO’s first overseas factory opened in Indonesia. Expansion accelerated after the 1923 earthquake and World War.

TOTO started trading with the United States in 1990. It expanded to Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, and other countries. Today, TOTO is a leader in sanitary technology. It’s known for innovation and enhancing product convenience. TOTO develops products that improve the functionality of existing designs.

Key Products

Arrow’s production line produces a diverse array of lavatory fixtures and accessories. These include modern faucets and acrylic bathtubs. It also produces solid wood toilet dressers, ceramic bathroom products, and surf rooms. It also manufactured custom toilet dressers, shower rooms, steam rooms, basins, and fixtures.

Top 7. Manufacturers of Bathtubs in China: HUIDA


The HUIDA Sanitary Ware Company is one of China’s most prominent suppliers of integrated restroom solutions. The business is headquartered in Tangshan Huida Ceramic City, located in Hebei Province.

Huida’s journey commenced in 1982 with the production of antiseptic artistic products. However, it has become a prominent manufacturer and distributor of various essential items. It includes bathroom accessories, restroom fixtures, and astute bathroom apparatus.

Key Products

Huida stands out with 258 patents, 27 of which are inventions. It boasts a diverse product lineup. Its primary offerings are sanitary ceramics, bathroom fittings, bathtubs, heated toilet seats, and basin mixers. This indicates a robust portfolio of intricate products.

Top 8. ORANS


ORANS is a dominant force in the global manufacturing market. Its flourishing business is based on vanities, furniture, showers, bathtubs, and cabinetry. The company is headquartered in Italy and operates globally.

They provide services to over 2000 brands worldwide. It includes retailers, wholesalers, contractors, and project vendors. Their services are available internationally. They have been in business for more than two decades. Their experience renders them a dependable choice for bathtubs.

Key Products

As mentioned, ORANS is a dominant force in the market, providing a wide range of products to its 2000 consumers. It includes ceramics, furniture, bathroom cabinets, faucets, showers, and toilets. The team of designers at ORANS bathtub manufacturer fulfills every order requested by the specifications.

Top 9. SSWW Bathtub Manufacturer in China

ssww bathtub
ssww bathtub

Splendid Sanitary Ware World, or “SSWW,” was founded in 1994 in Foshan, China. It is renowned for its exceptional ceramics. SSWW is a preeminent manufacturer in the sanitary ware and bathroom fixtures industries. Also, it offers consumers unparalleled lavatory solutions.

Clients have been provided with another multifunctional new bathing experience. It combines the fundamental elements of warmth, cleansing, convenience, and recreation.

Key Products

The company’s product line comprises ten categories. It exported to approximately 107 countries. It includes the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, South Korea, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. Also, bathtubs, shower structures, intelligent restrooms, and steam chambers comprised their product line and most frequently exported items. This company’s bathtubs are its most popular products.

Top 10. JOMOO Bathtub Manufacturer in China

jomoo bathtub
Jomoo bathtub

JOMOO Kitchen & Bathroom Co., founded in 1990, is widely regarded as one of China’s most prominent kitchen and bathroom suppliers. The company provides retailers and suppliers with high-quality and popular bathroom items and fixtures.

The organization is prestigious. It has 16 factories and over 60 laboratories. Additionally, it boasts five production bases. It operates 30 global research institutions. This well-established brand is committed to community service.

Key Products

Among the suppliers ensuring high-end kitchen and lavatory solutions, JOMOO’s innovative design product covers sanitary ceramics, bathtub fixtures, and intelligent hardware. There are over 400 design patents, ranking at the forefront of the peer, ahead of Huida, etc. Bathroom mirror cabinets Comfort-height toilets Gold kitchen fixtures Revolutionary technologies for those interested in cutting-edge solutions.

How to Select the Right Bathtub Manufacturers?

Longevity of the Company

The initial aspect of evaluating a manufacturer is its duration of operation. This will determine its level of expertise and capacity to fulfill your order. In other words, a two-year-old organization’s capabilities are insignificant compared to those of a 25-year-old organization.

Quality Management System

Companies that focus on quality control deserve every dollar invested, and you can be assured that your order will appear as advertised. Furthermore, the delivery process must be flawless to prevent any unwelcome delays that result in regret or a request for a refund.

Project Support

All systems involved in manufacturing and delivering your order must operate optimally. This factor ensures that delays are resolved within a reasonable timeframe and that no issues arise during delivery.

Ease of Communication

However, the barrier is common among international manufacturers. A firm that wants to serve multiple countries can make procurement easier. That can be executed by having a bilingual call center. Otherwise, a multi-lingual website does its purpose.

Study Domestic vs. Overseas Manufacturing

The initial step is to investigate local producers. Determine whether they have any products that could be helpful to your organization. For instance, the language barrier can be frustrating when attempting to communicate your desires. There are numerous advantages of ordering your bathtub from China, such as the higher availability of resources and the lower prices.

Analyze their capabilities.

Although a manufacturer’s products may be in your niche, they may not be ideal for you or able to meet your requirements. Each bathtub manufacturer has unique business practices. Their capabilities are tailored to either budget-conscious consumers or those willing to overspend. The most advantageous course of action is to select a manufacturer. Evaluate their products and determine whether they are suitable for application in your building.


Despite a visually enticing website, a company may be deceptive. Reviews might commend the service, yet the reality could differ. It’s crucial to observe past customers of your desired brand. This applies to both in-person and online purchases. Check if their service is truly noteworthy. Before deciding, ask at least three people for input.

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