Top 10 Stainless Steel Hose Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

In this blog post, you’ll read:the advantages of stainless steel hose and the top 10 stainless steel hose manufacturers and suppliers in China. China accounts for most of the world's stainless steel production, so there are many stainless steel hose manufacturers available. Among the 10 names on the list, most have more than 10 years of hose manufacturing experience, and some are well-known for their unique advantages. I believe they can help you complete your project successfully.

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As we all know, stainless steel is the main raw material for stainless steel hoses. China accounts for 50% of global stainless steel production. For this reason, China has many stainless steel hose manufacturers and suppliers. Many companies import stainless steel hoses from China. In order to allow readers to choose the most suitable one among these many manufacturers. We have selected the following 10 for your reference based on comprehensive strength.

1. Advantages of stainless steel hose

Stainless steel hose combines the characteristics of stainless steel with flexibility. It is the perfect choice for whatever domestic or industrial applications. Let’s have a look at the advantages of stainless steel hoses.

1) Strong adaptability: The stainless steel hose can be used in extremely high or low-temperature conditions, even in some corrosive environments. This is because of its stainless steel material. Of course. Please install it correctly in an adaptable environment to ensure normal operation.

2) Strong flexibility: The stainless steel hose can be stretched longer on the original basis, just like a spring. This is due to the pleated structure on the surface of the flexible hose.

3) Good protection: Compared with plastic or PVC hoses, stainless steel hoses have a hard surface. It can effectively prevent liquid leakage inside and outside the hose. In this way, it will not be contaminated. If you are worried that the transported liquid will be contaminated. Or the transported gas is harmful to the human body. Then stainless steel hoses are the best choice.

4) Good durability: A stainless steel hose is not easily damaged by external forces. It will not break or break at will. In addition, it is stable because it is a metal structure. It can maintain integrity even at a temperature of 1200 °F. Therefore,  it is often used in fire protection systems. What’s more, stainless steel braid wrap the whole metal hose tightly. The stainless steel braid has a single, double, or multi-layer. The goal is to protect the hose from abrasion.

5) Good compatibility: Stainless steel is compatible with a variety of gases and liquids. They are steam, natural gas, water, oil, etc. Otherwise, stainless steel hoses are compatible with a variety of fittings. So, they do not require any handles or collars. This adaptability makes metal hoses have a wide range of applications.

6) Easy to maintain: When stainless steel comes into contact with air, a layer of chromium oxide forms on the surface. This can serve as a protective layer. Therefore, it will not rust. This means that stainless steel hoses do not require much effort in subsequent maintenance.

Of course, stainless steel hoses have many advantages. The above are some common advantages.

2. Top 10 stainless steel hose manufacturers and suppliers in China

The following is the list of the top 10 stainless steel hose manufacturers and suppliers in China.

Top 1:Sinopulse

Sinopulse logo


Business Type: Hydraulic Hose and Industrial Rubber Hose & Hose Fittings Manufacturer

Established Year: 2001

Products: The following is a list of Sinopulse’s common products:

  • Hydraulic Hose
  • Industrial Hose
  • Automotive Hose
  • PVC Hose
  • and more.

The first manufacturer we searched is Sinopulse. It was founded in 2001. It has a more than 7,000 square meters factory. The factory has more than 20 hose production lines. All lines are equipped with high-speed braiding machines. They are from Europe and Italy. There are 120 skilled workers and 6 engineers working here.

In terms of output, it can produce 15,000 meters every day. So, it can provide you with various sizes and types of products to meet you. They include metal hoses, flexible hoses, elastic hoses, and PTFE hoses. In the compliance aspect, All Sinopulse products are ISO, SAE, and MSHA certified.

In the service aspect, Sinopulse can provide customers with customized personalized services and one-stop solutions. This is because of its skilled technical and service team. Please visit its official website to contact them if you have questions. You will be responded to quickly within 10 hours.

Top 2:Comflex Industrial Co., Ltd

Comflex Industrial logo


Business Type: Metal Flexible Hose Manufacturer

Established Year: not specific

Products: Comflex produces a variety of flexible metal hoses and is a leading manufacturer of flexible-related products in China.

  • Corrugated steel hose
  • Composite hose/RTP hose
  • PTFE hose
  • and more.

Comflex Industrial Co., Ltd is the second manufacturer we will introduce to you. Its headquarters is located in Jiangsu, China. It has 25 years of experience in the hose manufacturing industry. It has introduced several high-quality metal hose production equipment. These equipment are mechanical metal hose manufacturing machine: DN6-DN40, spiral metal hose machine: DN8-DN20/DN25-50, pipe welding machine: DN32-DN350, etc.

All of which is to ensure that the produced hoses reach the best quality level. In the application aspect, its products are widely used in various fields. Well, like petroleum, petrochemicals, machinery, energy, refrigeration, construction, aerospace, etc.

Comflex’s goal is to provide customers with high-quality products and satisfactory services. At the same time, to create products of the highest standards in the industry. It is constantly improving and perfecting its products and is committed. In addition, Comflex’s export strength is also very strong. At present, its customers are spread across the United States, South Korea, Turkey, India, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and other countries.

Top 3:Hofen

Hofen logo

Business Type: Stainless Steel Hose Manufacturer

Established Year: 2004

Products: The following is a list of Hofen’s common products:

  • Flexible hose
  • Floor drain
  • Bottle P-Trap
  • Pop-Up Drain
  • Faucet
  • Bathtub Drain Kit
  • and more.

The third manufacturer we want to recommend to you is Hofen. In 2004, it was founded in Zhejiang, China. Count it, already has over 17 years of experience in hose manufacturing. Hofen majors in providing stainless steel hoses in various sizes and materials. Also, it can also provide customized products according to your requirements. Hofen can provide customers with free drawing design and artwork design within 7 days. In addition, free samples can be provided for reference.

Hofen provides customers with quality-assured flexible hoses, which undergo five quality inspections from raw materials to CNC machining and finished products. When customers customize products, Hofen’s 6 engineers and 9 inspectors will provide you with a one-stop hose solution. These excellent services and high-quality products make Hofen one of the leading flexible hose manufacturers in China.

Top 4:IFAN

IFAN logo


Business Type: Hose Manufacturer

Established Year: 1993

Products: IFAN designs and produces all types of plumbing pipes and fittings. Here is a list of its common products:

  • pipe and fitting
  • brass fitting
  • brass ball valve
  • heating system
  • gas system
  • sanitary faucets and hose
  • and more.

Next, let’s talk about IFAN. It was founded in 1993. Count it, almost has more than 30 years of experience. Its produce strength is strong. It has its own production factory. This factory covers an area of ​​about 120,000 square meters. There are 610 experienced employees working here. IFAN majors in designing and producing various types of pipe fittings. They are PVC, PPR, CPVC, PPSU, HDPE, etc. To ensure the quality of the products. All these products are made of high-quality raw materials and high-tech automated production equipment. You can find these products in house decoration, water supply, gas, drainage, engineering, fire protection, and other fields.

IFAN pays attention to the quality of its products. This is not only reflected in the high-quality raw materials but also in transportation. In order to ensure products are safely delivered to the hands of customers, they use customized corrugated boxes made by corrugated box machines to pack the products.

It has more than 1,000 people on the sales team. This means that customers can get fast responses and thoughtful services. In addition, IFAN is actively expanding its global sales network. In this way,  it has sold its products to more than 90 countries and regions around the world.

Top 5:Fluid Tech

Fluid Tech logo


Business Type: Pipes & Fittings Manufacturer and Exporter Supplier

Established Year: 2018

Products: Fluid Tech is committed to manufacturing high-quality, competitive pipeline fluid products. The following is a list of its common products:

  • Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings
  • Grooved Pipe Fittings and Coupling
  • Fire Valves
  • Steel Pipe Fitting
  • Waterworks Valves
  • Fire Accessories
  • and more.

When continued to search for useful hose manufacturers on Google, we found Fluid Tech. It was founded in 2018. It is headquartered in Tianjin, China. It is the first export company in northern China majoring in pipe fittings. These pipe fittings are used for fire protection systems, water systems, pipe systems, etc. In the produce strength aspect, it has five production bases. All these production bases are equipped with the world’s most advanced production equipment to ensure product quality.

To facilitate continuous improvement and innovation of products. Every product of Fluid Tech is strictly controlled and recorded from raw materials to finished products. Fluid Tech has a professional sales and service team that can provide customized solutions for every customer. At present, Fluid Tech has established friendly cooperation with well-known companies such as China Construction, China Water Affairs, China Power, China Gas, Kunlun Lubricants, Shenzhen Gas, etc. We are committed to making every customer a leader in the pipeline fluid industry.

Top 6:Ningbo Acro Fluid Control Co., Ltd (NAFCO)

Ningbo Acro Fluid Control logo


Business Type: professional fluid control manufacturer and supplier in China

Established Year: Over 15 years

Products: NAFCO designs, manufactures, and sells brass valves and related products. The following is a list of its common products:

  • Various valves and accessories
  • Faucet
  • Shower
  • hose
  • and more.

The sixth manufacturer we will recommend to you is NAFCO. Count it, almost has more than 15 years of industry experience. Its annual output can reach 5 million sets. This is because it has a professional production factory and hundreds of experienced employees.

In the products aspect, it can provide you with hundreds of series of faucets, valves, pipes, and accessories. These products are used for water supply, oil, gas, and sanitary fields. NAFCO has a team of experts. They research international standard products and use raw materials that have been tested. In this way, it ensures every product that reaches you is of the highest quality.

In the service aspect, it has always been customer-centric. All its services are for customer satisfaction. Why does NAFCO establish many long-term cooperative relationships? This is because of its high-quality products and excellent technology. It has won more and more world recognition.

Top 7:Hebei Qianli Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

Hebei Qianli Rubber Products logo


Business Type: Stainless Steel Braided Hose and Hydraulic Rubber Hose Manufacturer

Established Year: 1999

Products: Qianli mainly produces two types of hoses: spiral corrugated and annular corrugated. The following is a list of its common products:

  • Ultra-High Pressure Hose
  • High-Pressure Metal Hose
  • Medium-pressure metal hose
  • Low-pressure hose
  • Double-wall corrugated hose
  • Single-walled hose
  • and more.

Hebei Qianli Rubber Products Co., Ltd. is the top seventh manufacturer we advise. It was established in 1999. Count it, already has more than 20 years. Qianli majors in providing customers with stainless steel hoses. To ensure each hose meets customer expectations. These hoses are available in a variety of pressure levels and sizes. In the cooperation aspect, it attaches great importance to the relationship with customers. In this way, it aims to achieve win-win cooperation with customers. For the new hand buyers, professional designers will provide them with reliable advice before purchase.

In these years, Qianli’s hoses have been recognized by customers. These customers are from Singapore, the United States, Russia, and other countries and regions. In the service aspect. It also provides comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services. And ready to answer any questions from customers. Your questions will be replied to within 6 hours.

Top 8:Shanghai Weyer Electric Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Weyer Electric logo


Business Type: cable protection system solution provider

Established Year: 1999

Products: Shanghai Weyer Electric Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that produces cables and pipe fittings. The following is a list of its common products:

  • Cable Gland
  • Flexible Metallic Conduit
  • Metal Conduit Fittings
  • Plastic Tubing
  • Plastic Corrugated Tubing
  • and more.

The eighth manufacturer we will talk about is Shanghai Weyer Electric Co., Ltd. It was founded in 1999. The metal hoses it produces are mainly used to protect cables. They are widely used many industries. Such as new energy vehicles, railways, aerospace equipment, robots, mechanical equipment, engineering machinery, electrical devices, lighting, and more.

Weyer focuses on product quality. For this reason, it has an experienced quality management team and a testing laboratory that meets international standards. Moreover, each product is tested before it is delivered to customers.

In the solution aspect, Weyer has a professional R&D team to help customers design and create reliable solutions. In the service aspect, it also provides comprehensive after-sales services. Also, it provides guidance to customers during installation.




Business Type: plumbing hose manufacturer

Established Year: 1992

Products: BLUE SEA is a manufacturer specializing in the production of faucets, hoses, angle valves, and other sanitary ware. The following is a list of its common products:

  • faucet
  • angle valve
  • plumbing hose
  • floor drain
  • drain
  • and more.

The ninth manufacturer we advise you is FUJIAN BLUE SEA INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. It was established in 1992. Count it, already has 30 years of experience in hose manufacturing. In the production aspect, it has five manufacturing factories. The total area is ​​20,000 square meters. More than 600 employees working here. Including a professional R&D team. In the products aspect, it has more than 500 product categories. In this way, it can meet the needs of most customers.

In the service aspect, it is customer-centric. To serve customers at any time, the leader formed a team with an excellent selling team of more than 20 people. In these 30 years, BLUE SEA has occupied a place in the world export trade. Now, its market covers many countries and regions. Including Europe, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, South Asia, North Africa, and more.

Top 10: Xi’an Changxin Hardware Co., Ltd.

Xi’an Changxin Hardware logo


Business Type: flexible hoses supplier and manufacturer

Established Year: 2010

Products: Changxin is a leading supplier and manufacturer of hoses, pipe fittings, and valves in China. Here is a list of its common products:

  • Braided Hose
  • Shower Hose
  • Pull Out Hose
  • Corrugated Hose
  • Metal Hose
  • Faucet
  • Bathroom Accessories
  • Valve
  • and more.

Xi’an Changxin Hardware Co., Ltd. is the last manufacturer. It was founded in 2010. It majors in high-quality stainless steel hoses, pipe fittings, and valves. Its process includes research, development, manufacturing, sales, and service.

In the application aspect, its products are widely used in many industries. Including construction, plumbing, pipeline systems, chemicals, and others. In the manufacturing process, it has an R&D and design team. And strictly adheres to product quality standards during the process. In the customized aspect, it provides OEM services. This means it can customize products according to your requirements.

Changxin has created its own brand: CXBELIEVING. Many overseas customers favor this brand. In the export aspect, more than 80 countries have been serviced by it. Including the United States, the United Kingdom, and South Korea. It has to say it occupies an important position in the international stainless steel hose industry.

3. Conclusion

That’s it for this guide to the advantages of stainless steel hoses and the top 10 hose manufacturers and suppliers in China. From Sinopulse to Changxin, each supplier offers hoses that have their own advantages. Its products can be applied to different industries. If you are looking for a supplier of stainless steel hoses for bathroom showers. We think Hofen is an option worth considering. Thank you for reading!

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