Twist Waste Commercial Drain

Twist Waste Commercial Drain

This Twist Waste Commercial Twist Drain Valve with Overflow of 3½” inch,The size is 3.5 inch- 4-3/8 in flange – Inlet/Outlet (In.) 1-1/2′- overflow with cap

Stainless steel drain plunger, strainer, flange and handle

Die-cast brass body – Nickel-plated – with lock nut


Twist Waste Commercial Drain


This rugged, rock-solid valve drains well and snaps open & closed. These sell like hotcakes. Many sold. None returned. They are used for a commercial kitchen basin waste drain system.

The valve is easy to install and comes with a comprehensive installation guide. It is also easy to operate and maintain. The drain valve is made of durable materials resistant to corrosion and rust. It has a smooth finish that makes it easy to clean. The valve is available in different sizes to suit your needs. You can also choose the color that you want. The drain valve is an essential part of your drainage system. Choosing the right size and type of valve for your needs is necessary.

The Twist Waste Commercial Twist Drain Valve is perfect if you are looking for a reliable and durable drain valve. This valve will give you years of trouble-free use.

The Drain Valve is an essential part of your drainage system that is easy to install and operate. Made from durable materials resistant to corrosion, this valve comes in different sizes and colors to fit your needs.

The Twist Drain Valve is a perfect solution for busy restaurants, cafeterias, and food preparation areas. This drain valve allows you to easily and efficiently drain water or other liquids from pots, pans, and other containers. The twist-action design makes it easy to open and close the valve, even with wet hands. It measures 2-1/4 inches in diameter by 5-3/4 inches long.

A drain valve makes it easy to dispose of wastewater. And the twist-and-lock design ensures a tight seal and prevents leaks. The valve is suitable for all sinks, baths, and showers. Installation is simple – twist and lock into place! Make sure your sink or bath drainage is as easy as possible with the Hofen Twist Waste Commercial Drain Valve.


Size 3.5 inch- 4-3/8 in the flange
Materials Brass
Surface Nickel-plated
Media Water, Oil
Type Drains
MOQ 500
Lead time 40 days
Warranty 24months

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