Bathroom Accessories Waste Drain

Bathroom Accessories Waste Drain

Push its button, and then the stopper will spring up and let used water and dirty or hair be released out. Push it again, then the plug will be closed and will load more water into the washbasin or kitchen sink

  • Color/Finish – Polished Chrome
  • Material – Brass Internals
  • Unslotted for use with basins without overflow
  • Click Clack function
  • Heavy Duty: Solid brass construction, ensuring quality and longevity
  • Durable solid brass construction & brushed bronze
  • 8″ height with pop up close & 8.5″ height with pop up open
  • To avoid damage or leaking in future use, contact the seller unhesitatingly for replacement at any time
  • Easy to install; hardware & gaskets included
  • Fits sink with 1 1/4″(min) drain holes. With overflow
  • Click Clack function



Bathroom Accessories Waste Drain is a basin waste made of high-quality material. It has been designed to fit all standard basins. Its design makes it easy to install and remove for cleaning. The

This basin waste is designed to keep your bathroom tidy. It has a sleek design and fits most basins. The waste is made from high-quality brass, making it durable and long-lasting.

It also comes with an overflow outlet that prevents water from overflowing into the room when the basin is whole. This makes it ideal for bathrooms with limited floor space as you won’t have to worry about any excess water spilling over onto the floor or carpet.

The Waste Drain is a basin of waste used in any bathroom. It features a 1-inch diameter and has a length of 6 inches. This basin waste is made of stainless steel, which will not rust or corrode over time. It also comes with an integrated overflow for safety purposes, so you do not have to worry about your minor children accidentally falling into the drain. The Bathroom Accessories Drain also includes an adjustable bolt assembly for easy installation, allowing you to install it on any standard floor mount sink, including ceramic, stone, and cast.

Bathroom Accessory Wastes Drain a high-quality basin waste, easy installation, and durable. It is the best choice for your bathroom.

– High Quality: Made of stainless steel 304, it will not rust or corrode in any environment. The surface of the sink drain cover is smooth and shiny, which makes it more beautiful and elegant than others.

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Polishing, Chrome plated


Water, Oil





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