Bidet Mixer Faucet

Bidet Mixer Faucet

Single handle bidet mixer

Material:brass body, zinc handle

Feature: with 35mm ceramic cartridge

Finished: chromed plated


Bidet Mixer Faucet


The Bidet Mixer Faucet by Aqua Brass is a unique and innovative product that easily adds a bidet function to any bathroom. The Bidet Mixer Faucet is perfect for anyone looking for a more hygienic way to clean themselves after using the toilet. It can also be used for car washes, pet grooming, and more. This Faucet is made of high-quality brass with a chrome finish and includes all the necessary fittings and adapters for easy installation.

The Mixer Faucet – Dual Function with Hot and Cold Water Supply

This Bidet Mixer Faucet is a dual-function tap with hot and cold water supplies. It is perfect for use in the bathroom, kitchen, or any other area that needs a bidet faucet. The Bidet Mixer Faucet has a chrome finish and is made from brass, so it is solid and durable. It also has a long-lasting ceramic disc valve that will not corrode over time.

The Faucet is a brand new faucet for the bidet. It can be used as a replacement for your old or broken faucets, and it also can be applied to new construction projects. Bidet mixer faucet has many benefits, such as easy installation, water-saving, high quality, etc. This product has good performance and looks beautiful in your bathroom. It will bring you more convenience when you use it! If you are interested in this product, please get in touch with us at any time!

The Faucet can be used as a replacement for your old or broken bidet mixer. It lets you quickly and easily switch between the bidet and the standard water supply. The product also has a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing defects. The bidet mixer faucet is an excellent addition to your bathroom. It helps you to clean up and freshen up. The Bidet Mixer Faucet has a unique design that makes it easy to use, and its features are simple but effective. The bidet mixer faucet allows you to control the water’s temperature easily. You can even adjust the speed of water flow with just one hand, making this product very convenient. The Bidet Mixer Faucet is the perfect solution for replacing your old kitchen faucet. The bidet mixer faucet has all the features to make your everyday life more convenient and comfortable. You can easily switch between a standard kitchen faucet or a handheld bidet sprayer with a simple handle turn.

How to Choose the Right Bidet Mixer Faucet Supplier

Choosing the right supplier for your bidet mixer faucet can make a difference in quality, durability, and overall satisfaction. The right supplier will provide high-quality products, excellent customer service, fast delivery, and reasonable prices. Below is a guide outlining the key factors to consider when selecting a supplier for your bidet mixer faucet.


Bidet mixer faucets have become increasingly popular in bathrooms worldwide, offering a more hygienic and comfortable cleansing experience. But with numerous suppliers in the market, making the right choice can be overwhelming. This guide aims to simplify that process.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Supplier

Product Quality and Range

  • Ensure the supplier offers durable, corrosion-resistant products and complies with relevant industry standards.
  • A diverse range of designs and finishes can help you choose a faucet that complements your bathroom’s aesthetic.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

  • Look for suppliers with high ratings and positive reviews from previous customers.
  • If available, read testimonials or case studies to assess the supplier’s credibility and reliability.


  • Consider the pricing structure and ensure no hidden costs are involved.
  • While it may be tempting to choose the cheapest option, remember that you often get what you pay for.

Warranty and After-Sales Service

  • Opt for a supplier who offers a reasonable warranty period on their products.
  • Check if they offer after-sales services like installation guidance, troubleshooting, and replacement parts.

Vendor Research and Evaluation

Online Search

  • Browse through search engine results, specialized directories, and industry-specific online platforms.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions

  • Attend industry-related trade shows to meet suppliers, view product samples, and evaluate their capabilities.

Request for Quotation (RFQ) and Samples

  • Contact shortlisted suppliers for a quotation and, if possible, request product samples for quality assessment.

Finalizing the Supplier

Negotiate Terms and Conditions

  • Finalize the payment terms, delivery schedules, and other contractual details.

Sign Contract

  • Review the contract thoroughly before signing to ensure it covers all discussed terms.

Trial Order

  • Consider placing a small trial order initially to assess the product quality, delivery speed, and customer service.

Choosing the right bidet mixer faucet supplier involves factors such as product quality, customer reviews, pricing, and after-sales support. By considering these elements carefully, you can make an informed decision and find a supplier that meets your specific needs.

When you follow a structured approach to supplier selection, you’re much more likely to find a long-term partner who can provide you with the quality bidet mixer faucets you need for your bathroom projects.




Size 35mm&40mm ceramic cartridge
Materials Brass
Surface Polishing, Chrome plated
Media Water, Oil
Type Bidet Tap
MOQ 200
Lead time 40 days
Warranty 24 months

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