How To Clean A Pop-Up Basin Waste?

In this blog post, you’ll read:In modern Homes, nobody wants to see dirty or stuck basins. Basins that look decent and configured with well working pop-up wastes are always favorite to all. But for the mechanism, it is hard to clean the pop-up waste for normal people. I hope after reading this guide, anyone can clean a pop-up basin waste like PRO. Stay tuned.

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What Is A Popup Basin Waste?

A basin waste is a path designed to release water safely from the basin. A popup waste works with a bar or a kind of lever. You may see the lever behind your washbasin. The liver helps the stopper/plug (narrow tube underneath the button or cap) go up or down for each cap tap. That is why this type of waste was named popup basin waste. 

Keeping the basins clean to give them a new look and work with flexibility is important. But before jumping into the cleaning guide, we want to share some extra things with you. This will help you to perform the cleaning task efficiently.

Your bathroom or kitchen sink is a vital utility, and ensuring its optimal functionality is crucial for daily chores. The popup basin waste is one component that plays an indispensable role yet often gets overlooked. Over time, the accumulation of hair, soap residues, and other debris can hinder its operation and lead to slow drainage or blockages. This guide provides a step-by-step approach to cleaning a popup basin waste effectively, ensuring smooth water flow and prolonging its life.

pop up baisn waste drain diagram
Pop basin waste drain diagram

How Does A Popup Basin Waste Work?

We have mentioned before that popup wastes work with a lever. The stopper is installed inside the waste, under the cap. It is connected with a rod called a pivot rod. Similarly, the pivot is connected with another rod, named the lift rod. When the lift rod goes up, it also pulls the pivot rod. Then, the pivot rod, which is attached to the stopper, pulls the stopper down. This is how the mechanism of popup basin wastes works. 

Importance of Cleaning Basin Wastes

Popup wastes are often used in the kitchens or the bathrooms. Food leftovers in the kitchen and hair in the bathrooms are the major problems for popup waste. This type of thing goes inside of waste and gets stuck. As a result, jammed food leftovers into the waste may spread ill smell after some days. 

Most importantly, if you do not clean the plug regularly, it will be stuck after some time. This can be frustrating and often needs to replace the whole waste. So, to be safe, keep them always clean.

Since you learned about the mechanism, now you are ready to go. We will teach you how to clean your popup basin waste well. So, here you go.

Popup Basin Waste Cleaning Guide

Why do you want to clean your waste? Let us guess. The plug is stuck, or the water is not going out well due to the jammed path. Right? Don’t worry. We will give you the perfect solution. So, let’s jump straight to the point.

How to Clean Out a Sink Popup Drain Stopper from HowToWith GEO

Guide To Repair and Clean the Stopper in a Popup Basin Waste

Follow these steps to clean the stopper:

Step 1: Unscrew the Cap

Firstly, you need to unscrew the cap from the head of that waste. To unscrew, grab the cap (if it’s in the open position) with your fingers and rotate it counterclockwise. If you don’t get that grip to turn, use something that grips; kitchen gloves would be suitable.

What If the cap is stuck in the closed position and won’t come out? Don’t worry. Get the gloves once again. Put it straight over the top and put the pressure on the center cap. And try to spin it anti-clockwise. After some spins, it will unscrew. 

Take the cap when it’s free and inspect it. You’ll find some rubber seal around it. Make sure that it’s nice and clean. If there is any problem or crack, then replace it. 

Step 2: Pull the Stopper Up

After taking off the cap, look at the inside of the waste. There is a brass tube; it’s the stopper/plug. It would help if you pulled that thing up. 

You can quickly grab it with your fingers and unscrew it just the way you did for the cap. Sometimes, it is well tight. If so, then use flat pliers (there are edges for pliers at both sides on the stopper’s head) to disconnect it from there. 

Step 3: Disassemble

You have the stopper in your hand now. You have to disassemble it now to have access inside. Else, you cannot fix the internal up-down problem. 

[Note down everything, else you will have trouble assembling the stopper]…

To disassemble it, remove the ring from the bottom of the plug. All you have to do is pop the round-up with a flathead screwdriver, and it will come out. Now, you’ll see a bent shaft and a bent piece of a metal rod attached to it. Again, use that flathead screwdriver, pop that rod up, and pull it out.

[Note: The bent metal rod has two ends. One side is slightly curved, and the other end usually is flat. Remember, the curvy end goes inside, and the flat end goes outside the mechanism.]

Now come to the screw. I need to unscrew that and take the piston off. To undo that screw, take a screwdriver and spin it to the left. But make sure to press the head section of the piston with your thumb… to prevent an accidental fall of that spring. 

You can see the Heart-shaped groove inside the head of the piston. The curvy end of the rod runs on that groove and helps the piston to lock up and lock down.

Step 4: Wash and Wipe

So, you have successfully disassembled all the parts of the stopper. Now, it’s time to clean those parts properly. A cloth, an old toothbrush, and water can help you better. Wash all the details with the use of water and brush. Then wipe with the material. 

All parts now look clean and tidy. Apply grease on the heart-shaped groove area and the bent rod’s curvy side if possible. This will help them to work with great flexibility.

Step 5: Reassemble

Above all, now you need to reassemble the parts. Follow the above steps reversely, or follow the note you’ve taken during disassembly. Or, here is a short direction:

You can see the notch area outside of the piston. A line that notch up with the screw. Once you’ve got that in place, hold both sides of the stopper vertically with your thumb and index finger. Then tighten that screw back up. Check whether the piston is doing up and down work correctly or not. 

To place the bent rod, push and hold the piston downward. Insert the curvy end of the rod inside the stopper and place it.

Finally, put the ring back at the bottom. 

Pop-up waste drainer
Popup waste drainer

Guide To Clean the Path under the Popup Basin Waste

Clean the interior of the popup waste before installing the stopper inside the waste. This is where food leftovers, hair, etc., are stuck. You can do this step before the stopper disassembly step. To clean this area, Rub the area with the old brush. You can use any long, thin stick type if it’s more in-depth. 

Look into the deeper and inspect the inside condition. However, it is darker there; use your mobile flashlight to look at it. 

Finally, throw out some water to clear the path.

Final Step: Make Everything Right

The path is clear, and the stopper is clean. Let’s place the stopper and cap now. To place them:

Insert the backside of the stopper into the waste and rotate to the right side this time. To tighten it, you can use the pliers.

Similarly, place the cap on the upper side of the stopper and rotate to the right. 

After all that, press the cap to ensure the whole mechanism works well. If yes, then congratulations, you have done it correctly.


Popup Stopper
Popup Stopper

Regular Maintenance

It’s a good practice to perform this cleaning routine once a month or whenever you notice the water draining slower than usual. Regular cleaning ensures optimal performance and extends the lifespan of your popup waste mechanism.


The popup basin waste is integral to any sink, and its maintenance shouldn’t be neglected. With this straightforward cleaning method, you can ensure your sink remains clog-free and operates smoothly. Regular attention and care can prevent more significant plumbing issues and provide you with a hassle-free sink experience!

Popup basin waste is a modern technology that spreads the beauty of a basin. To keep that good impression, it is essential to keep them clean. It is a 10-15 minute job to clean the basin wastes.

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