7 Things to Consider Before Selecting a TOTO Toilet. Comprehensive TOTO Toilet Guide

In this blog post, you’ll read:TOTO toilets are a new, improved, and innovative form of traditional toilets. They are intelligent washlets that come with highly ingenious features. The TOTO toilet seat has excellent features like seat warming, automatic lid-closing, drying, etc. Besides, they also add to the aesthetics of your bathroom. This article focuses on 7 things to consider before selecting the right TOTO toilet for your bathroom.  

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There has been a lot of innovation in toilets within the past few decades. Toilets are progressing from classy to modern and from basic to advanced. TOTO toilets are one of the latest in their structure. They are not only visually appealing but also have striking features. If you are confused about selecting the right TOTO toilet, then halt on. Here are the 7 things to consider before choosing a TOTO toilet.

What are TOTO Toilets?

These are the most advanced and improved forms of toilets ever introduced. They contain extraordinary features that are missing in regular bathrooms. The TOTO toilet seat comes with new and enhanced features that one could think of. It has an automatic lid-closing option along with the seat warming perk. Some of their types also enable seat drying options. Besides, they also give your bathroom a modern, sleek touch. This article focuses on 7 things to consider before selecting a TOTO toilet for your bathroom.  

Working of TOTO Toilet:

TOTO toilet body has a flush valve, regulated by a handle or push button. Pushing the button activates the opening of the flush valve. It releases water from the tank to the bowl. The pressure of this water is high, forcing the waste to flush away towards the trap way.

Tornado Flush or Double Cyclone technology are the advanced flushing systems of TOTO. They optimize water flow and distribution for thorough waste removal. It uses less water compared to traditional flush mechanisms. When the water rushes into the bowl at the time of flushing, it removes waste and cleans the bowl. The water pressure and toilet design are responsible for this cleaning action. This is how toto toilets works.

Some TOTO toilet’s bidet seats provide personalized cleansing options. They have adjustable water temperature and warm air drying for improved personal hygiene.


Bathroom odors have always been annoying and unpleasant. TOTO toilets offer a deodorizing feature, which eliminates bad smells. Their design contains ionized carbon filters, which catch air and remove foul odors from the bathroom.

Seat Heating:

The seats of toto toilets have a temperature-sensing mechanism. It adjusts and maintains the seat’s temperature and helps eliminate cold toilet seats. You can change the temperature ratings between 82F to 97F. It gives a convenient user experience by maintaining the desired heating level.

Pre-Misted Bowl:

The misting of the bowl enables wetting of the bowl before use. It makes waste elimination more streamlined and reduces the consumption of cleaning. It makes toilet operation way smoother than a dry toilet bowl.

Ultra Cleaning Feature:

 Ultra cleaning is one of the best TOTO toilet features. They are available with both front and rear cleansing options. They allow the user to adjust various settings as per their comfort.


These wash-lets have a particular component: a warm air dryer. It relieves the manual drying as the user no longer requires toilet paper.

7 Things to Consider Before Selecting a TOTO Toilet:

There could be varying factors to determine the suitability of a toilet. But we have enlisted the most demanding and impactful ones. Here is a list of 7 things to consider before selecting a TOTO toilet.

1. Size of the Bathroom:
To give the TOTO toilet a desirable appearance, measure your bathroom space. The space will decide the right size for the toilet. Measure the distance from the wall to the nearest flange. It will help select the right TOTO toilet according to bathroom dimensions.
2. Bathroom Style:
The design you select for the toilet must resonate with the style and vibe of your bathroom. TOTO toilets are usually available in various classic to modern styles.
3. Water Efficiency:
TOTO toilets are famous for consuming significantly less water than usual toilets. They have Water-Sense certification and flush technologies to reduce water usage. You can rely on a Water-Sense label, which is an eco-friendly approach.

4. Flushing Performance:
Never ignore the flushing performance t while selecting a TOTO toilet. These toilets have an efficient built-in flushing mechanism. Features like Tornado Flush or Double Cyclone provide powerful waste removal.
5. Bidet Functionality:
Maintaining the bidet before selecting the proper TOTO toilet would be best. They provide customization to add toilet bidet seats in various models of TOTO. This feature improves cleaning and hygiene standards.
6. Seat Comfort and Features:
Seat comfort is one of the most demanded features. Poor seating dimensions are not only annoying but also unhygienic. TOTO toilet seats are available with soft-close hinges, heated seats, and adjustable water temperature for bidet seats. They can facilitate the selection process by choosing the right one.
7. Installation and Maintenance:
You must have access to a professional plumber for TOTO toilet installation. If you plan to do it yourself, ensure you have the right approach and installation skills.

Specifications of TOTO Toilets:

Here are the specifications of TOTO toilets.

Product NameTOTO 1 piece toilet bowl 
Flush SystemWash Down
Water Pressure 0.5MPa to 0.75MPa
Water Usage4.5L/3L
Rough In220mm (S-Trap)
TOTO specifications

TOTO toilet features include some innovative and ease-bringing options. There are multiple models available, and each one of them offers specific features. Yet, some TOTO toilet features are standard to almost all models. Here are the details on a few of them.

TOTO Toilet Parts:

Here are the main parts of a TOTO toilet:

  1. Bowl
  2. Tank
  3. Flush Valve
  4. Fill Valve
  5. Handle or Button
  6. Trap Way
  7. Wax Ring
  8. Seat and Cover

Bowl: The primary part differentiates TOTO toilets from other toilets. The bowl is the body in which waste deposits. The bowl has many different appearances and features for user convenience.


Tank:  It is that part where water is stored for flushing. The flush button or handle often lies at the top of the tank lid. Many TOTO toilet tanks are concealed in walls to give your bathroom a compact look.

flush tank
flush tank

Flush Valve: The flush valve controls the release and blocking of water into the bowl while flushing. A packed tower or flapper may lie there to assist with the starting and stopping the flushing mechanism. It is one of the most significant TOTO toilet parts.

Fill Valve: Fill valve is responsible for refilling the water into the tank. It maintains the water level and prepares it for the next flush.

Flush Handle or Button: Flushing initiates via a push button or a handle. Either of these parts lies on the top or side of the flush tank. They release the water into the toilet bowl.

Trap way: Trap way connects the toilet bowl with the drain pipe. It is a curved pathway that prevents sewer gases from entering the bathroom.

Wax Ring: The wax ring serves as the sealing mechanism at the base of the toilet bowl and floor flange. It prevents sewer gases and water from causing leakages at the toilet base.

Seat and Cover: The toilet seat is the part you sit on. The cover is the lid that closes when the toilet is not in use.

seat and cover
seat and cover

Bidet Features: The Bidet feature is available in some TOTO toilets. It is a water spray shower that helps clean after using the toilet.

Flush Actuator: The Flush actuator is available in the toilet whose tank is hidden in the wall. It works as an initiator to start the flush.

How TOTO Toilets are Manufactured?

The TOTO was first manufactured in Japan and has been all the rage since then. It is one of the most widely purchased and trusted brands due to its features. Let’s understand how TOTO toilets are manufactured in a series of steps.

Step 1: Extensive Research and Designing.

The manufacturing process of TOTO toilets starts with extensive and in-depth research. The research goes on in collaboration with engineers and designers to create sustainable designs. They focus on user preferences and market demands as per the latest technologies. Their product designs prioritize personal hygiene, user comfort, and water-saving.

Step 2: Material Selection for TOTO Toilet.

The material selection for toto includes a great deal of meticulous listings. They select materials that are robust, sturdy, and aesthetically appealing. A few of them include porcelain and vitreous China for bowls and tanks, giving toilets a long life span. This highly thoughtful manufacturing makes Toto toilets the best brand.

Step 3: Manufacturing of TOTO Components.

After the design and material selection ends, the manufacturing of the toto components begins. It includes the production of tanks, bowls, flush valves, and other internal parts. The manufacturing is collaborated by advanced machinery and in-genius artisans. They ensure durability and sustainability in the product performance.

Step 4: Aligning the Components.

When the toto components are manufactured, it is time to assemble them to form a complete toilet unit. The parts are aligned and fixed at their particular locations. The process is highly automated, aided by efficient robotics. It makes the product super-efficient due to strict quality standards.

Step 5: Testing for Quality Control.

After manufacturing toilets, the next step is to test their performance by running various tests. It includes testing for leakages, waste elimination, and flushing mechanisms. These tests make it credible as the product is only released when it meets all quality standards.

Step 6: Water-Saving Features.

TOTO adds water conservation technologies to its design for more adaptable options. They use less water during the flushing mechanism and eliminate waste. They have a dual flush mechanism, which leads to thorough cleaning and cutting down water costs.

Step 7: Adding Innovation.

In this step, the toto gets innovative approaches inserted into the product. It includes wash-let, sensing systems, etc. It requires critical engineering and tailored strategies.

Step 8: Packaging and Distribution.

After all these critical steps, the product is finally packed to deliver. The packaging is meant to be highly sophisticated for safety purposes during distribution.

Should You Buy a TOTO Toilet?

It can be a productive addition if you consider getting a toilet for your home. You should know before buying whether you need a one-piece or two-piece design. The former has a toilet bowl and tank joined together as one piece. It is compact and can adjust in small spaces. The latter one has two separate parts for the toilet tank and bowl. The best reason you should buy a TOTO toilet is its water-saving efficiency. They consume less water per flush than regular toilets.

If you want an elegant and appealing toilet bowl, you should buy TOTO. Personal hygiene is highly focused on in this product, with no compromise on cleaning. Their standard sizes allow you to choose according to your bathroom ceiling height. For the disabled or physically impaired, TOTO offers unique product models that ease their bathroom experience. These are a few reasons why you should buy TOTO toilets. You can find many other innovative features provided by their different types.

toto toilet
Toto toilet

What kind of Trap Suits Your TOTO Toilet?

The type of trap suitable for a TOTO toilet depends on your bathroom’s plumbing configuration.


S-trap is best if your bathroom has a plumbing drain on the floor.


P-trap is best if your bathroom has a plumbing drain in the wall.

Wrapping Up:

TOTO toilets are a new face of technology, increasing personal convenience. They have proved to be a massive change in traditional toilet arrangements. If you will get a TOTO toilet, you must choose a trusted partner in B2B suppliers. Don’t forget the above 7 things to consider before selecting the right TOTO toilet supplier.

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