Bathroom Wash Plug Waste Drains

Bathroom Wash Plug Waste Drains

Plug and chain wastes are the most basic wastes available

  • Brass with slotted
  • Brass backnut
  • Chrome-plated finishing
  • White silica seal
  • Media; Water
  • Material Brass. Stainless steel
    Size 1-1/4″
    An application used in basin sink drainage



The plugged drain aims to handle your plumbing drainage system. Functions are the same; Stop water and release used water; “pop-up” and “click-clack” waste drainage plug is easily opened and closed. Pop-up drainage shift plug with a lift rod. There are below in the washbasin and behind mixers. Secondly, The click-clack drainer does not have any lift-rod. Push for closing and push again for draining.

These two plug waste drains are available to make slotted with overflow; it’s easy to let used water drainage from the plug drains. Please could you check your sink washbasin if it overflows at first, then you can choose a basin waste drainage if overflow works for your washroom and bathroom?

Keep your bathroom clean and hygienic with this easy-to-use Basin Waste. The Bathroom Wash Plug Waste Drains are perfect for quickly and efficiently draining away any water from your basin to keep your bathroom looking tidy and clean.

Make your bathroom sparkle with this easy-to-use waste drain! Just plug it in and watch the dirt disappear. The Bathroom Wash Plug Waste Drains are perfect for keeping your basin clean and sparkling.

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Polishing, Chrome plated


Water, Oil





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12 months

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