Clic Clac Waste Drain Stopper

Clic Clac Waste Drain Stopper

Push Button Waste, Click Clack Waste, Or Pop-up Waste is the same just named differently.

  • Brass body
  • Zinc back nut
  • Brass waste body length 60mm
  • Chrome plated
  • White silica seal
  • 11/4″



“The Basin Click Clack Waste is a simple and easy to use basin waste that makes it easier for you to install your new basin. The Basin Click Clack Waste also features an integrated clip system which means no more struggling with clips. Just click in and out.”

Brass Basin Click Clack Waste is the right choice for your bathroom sink. Available in brushed nickel or chrome finish, this basin waste features a quick-closing action that prevents water from leaking out of your basin when you are not using it. The full-length rubber gasket ensures no leak, and the flapper valve ensures no overflow while washing your hands or brushing your teeth. You can easily install the Basin Click Clack Waste by following the simple instructions included with every product.

“The Basin Waste is the perfect solution for replacing a worn-out or broken basin waste. It is easy to fit, with no tools required, and comes with a 5-year guarantee. The basin waste can be easily adjusted by rotating the handle to control water flow.

The drain stopper provides a fast, reliable, and straightforward solution to replace the old-fashioned weight-operated waste. The basin click clack wastes are designed with an easy-to-install, hassle-free system and have no tools required for installation. It is made of highly durable materials and comes in various finishes that will complement any home decor. The basin clicks clackwaste’ss innovative design allows it to be used with almost all bathroom basins without additional fixing accessories. This makes it perfect for use in any situation where you may wish to upgrade

There are many benefits of using this product over traditional products. Firstly, there is no need to remove your old basin waste as this one clicks into place and requires no tools at all!

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Polishing, Chrome plated


Water, Oil





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12 months

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