1 ¼” Click-clack Waste

1 ¼” Click-clack Waste

It’s an automatic drain if the water is full of the washbasin or bathtub. Fitting the correct waste drainer is for protecting your floor and home.

  • Brass waste body length 60mm
  •  zinc back nut with chrome-plated
  • White silica seal
  • 11/4″
  • Media; Water
  • Clic Clac Waste with Small Cap
  • Brass body length 60 mm
  • Color/Finish – Polished Chrome



  • Material – Brass Internals
  • Unslotted for use with basins without overflow
  • Click Clack function

The 1 ¼” Click-clack Waste is a basin waste that has a unique and innovative design. The Click-clack Waste can be installed with ease, thanks to its simple click mechanism, which allows it to fit into most basins. The quick-release system also makes it easy to remove the basin waste when necessary. This basin waste has been designed to accommodate P trap pipe sizes from ½” – 2” in diameter. This product is made of brass and comes in a chrome finish.

It is made from die-cast zinc and has a chrome finish. The basin waste features an integrated push-button for easy operation and can be used with most basins. The 1 ¼” click-clack waste is designed in the UK and Ireland but will also fit other European standard basins.

This basin waste is a perfect addition to your bathroom. It has a one ¼” Click-clack for easy installation. This basin waste is made of brass and comes with two mounting screws.

Waste is an essential plumbing fixture that allows water to exit the sink. It is crucial for the proper drainage and the function of your sink. The one ¼” Click-clack Waste by Khombu provides a durable, leak-proof solution. This quality waste features an easy-to-use, push-down lever that easily opens and closes the drain. Khombu’s premium quality waste has a 3/4 inch diameter outlet hole and comes complete with mounting hardware. Available in brushed stainless steel or white finish, this high grade.

1 ¼” Click-clack Waste
The perfect finishing touch for your basin, this 1 ¼” click-clack waste is made from durable brass and chrome plated zinc. Its sleek design provides a fast and easy way to connect and disconnect your waste pipe.

This waste connector is perfect for connecting your basin to the drainage system. Made from brass and chrome plated zinc, it is durable and easy to use.

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Polishing, Chrome plated


Water, Oil





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