How to Use a Cable-Driven Drain in Right Way?

In this blog post, you’ll read:The cable-driven drain does a loyal job when you are relaxing in your bathtub. And if you know the right way to use it, it will work even better. We will discuss the proper way to use a cable-driven bathtub drain kit in this article

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The cable-driven drain does a loyal job when you are relaxing in your bathtub. And if you know the right way to use it, it will work even better. We will discuss the proper way to use a cable-driven bathtub drain kit in this article… including its functions and simple installation process. So, stay tuned until the end.

What Is A Cable-Driven Drain?

The cable-driven drain is a bathtub drain kit that is used to drain the wastewater from the tub. To clarify, it is a drain for the bathtubs, powered by a cable, to stop and allow the water to flow from the tub to the main wastewater line. In addition, it will help you to control the overflow of your bathtub.

Cable Driven Drain Components

A cable-driven drain is a combination of two separate sections: the main drain and the overflow. The upper part is the overflow, and the bottom is the main drain. In addition, these two sections consist of some more elements.

In the overflow section, first of all, there is a faceplate. It is also known as a control knob. This is because it is the thing with which you will control the drain kit. In addition, you will see a strainer flange and a rubber gasket underneath the plate. And all these attach with a small rod that will also connect them to the cable.

On the other hand, the main drain section has a pop-up stopper at its face. Moreover, like the overflow part, this section also has a gasket and strainer flange. This time, however, a connecting nut (with a hole inside) connects them. Finally, the stopper goes inside the nut hole and completes the main drain.

After that, these two sections connect with the help of pipes. The connecting pipe also comes in two variations. It could be a Tee with other two pieces of pipe OR only a flexible plastic pipe. In the end, a metal cable runs outside the line and links a knob to the stopper from the overflow

How It Works

The working procedure of a cable-driven drain is easy to understand. You already know that the overflow faceplate acts like a switch in this system. When you twist the plate to the right, it will pull the cable. Since the cable knob is connected to the stopper, it will also pull the stopper down. Therefore, the stopper will seal the drain to stop the water flow. 

On the contrary, when you twist the plate to the left, the cable will push the stopper up to open the drain. As a result, wastewater will flow through it. Also, if anyone forgets to close the faucet or water goes to a certain level… the drain kit will automatically release that extra water from your bathtub.

Cable Driven Drain Installation with Bathtub

You can consider the overall cable-driven drain kit installation process divided into three parts. The steps are 

Overflow Installation

To install the overflow section with your bathtub:

  1. Please pick up the overflow head pipe and attach the gasket to it.
  2. Hold it to the upper tub hole from outside and the strainer from inside of the tub.
  3. Screw up the strainer to make it tight. 

You will see the rod of the overflow head pipe has moved towards the inside of the tub. Also, if you look at the faceplate, you will see a center hole inside and a hole at the bottom. Insert the center hole of the faceplate into the rod and make sure the bottom hole is at the bottom. I hope you got a wrench with the drain kit. Insert that wrench to the bottom hole of the plate and make it hand tight.

Main Drain Installation

Install the main drain head pipe and strainer at the base hole of the tub, following the same way as the overflow installation. After that, insert the connecting nut and make it tight. Then put the stopper in the connecting nut hole, and it will good to go.

Connect Them

After the installation of both sections, you will need to connect them. To do that, measure the pipe pieces accurately with your tub and cut off the extra pipes if necessary. Then connect them with the Tee pipe. Or, if you have the flexible pipe, cut the extra pipe after the measurement and attach it to both ends. 

Do not forget to tighten each joint of the pipes. Also, use some plumber putty or silicone gel (if possible) in the bathtub holes while installing. Hopefully, the cable is already attached to the head pipes of both sections. So, your cable-driven drain is ready for use. You can now test it and start using it. 

How to Use a Cable-Driven Drain

You may have realized the procedure of using a cable-driven bathtub drain kit by now. Let us make it clearer. 

When you want to take a bath or relax in your bathtub… turn the drain kit on by twisting the overflow faceplate and open the faucet. After filling the tub with the desired level of water, turn off the faucet. If you somehow forget to do it, no worries, the drain kit will remove the overflowing water

Further, when you want to take out the wastewater from your bathtub… twist back the faceplate to open the stopper. It will then open the drain to clear away the water from your tub.

How to Choose a Good Quality Drain

To get a good service, you need to buy a good quality cable-driven drain kit. Here is how you can choose a quality drain:

· First of all, the material. Different materials are available for the drain kits, such as brass, steel, and plastic. You can choose the brass material for durable service.

· Body finish can be anything like chrome, nickel, brushed, polished, white plastic, and others. Try to pick something that will match your decor.

· Measure your bathtub before buying the drain. However, most of the drain kits come with more than enough size of pipes.

In conclusion, if you follow all our instructions above, you will use the cable-driven drain kit efficiently. And we are a professional bathtub drain kit maker and supplier. If you are thinking of having some good-quality drain kits, you can contact us anytime.

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